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  1. Hello from a noob :)

    Oh wow, small world Well I'll keep my eye out on finding some plans for the Britannia in the mean time I start searching for a nice and easy first ship
  2. Hello from a noob :)

    awesome stuff hey? now to find a kit or plans for this bad boy.
  3. Hello from a noob :)

    I'm a born and raised central coast kid I have done some extensive reasearch on my family history and my 5th great grandmother was a convict who was sent to life beyond the seas. She was 1 of 96 female convicts that departed england in early 1798 aboard the whaler ship 'Britannia' I'm not sure if there are kits avaiable for this ship, if not I would like to scratch build it one day, once I learn some skills that is. What do people think?
  4. Hello from a noob :)

    Thanks for all the warm welcomes, its good to see some fellow Aussies here. I haven't come to a decision on which model to do first. Any suggestions for a beginner would be great as I have a tendacey to jump into things way above my skill level.
  5. Hello from a noob :)

    Hey guys, my name is Corey and I'm from NSW Australia. I'm a design student and ever since I was young I have loved modelling. I have always had a love for tall ships and have always wanted to build my own wooden model. I stumbled across this site while searching for information and I am amazed at the sheer quality and detail put into your works. I'm a detail freak also. Anywho. I look forward to starting my first models and contributing to the site somehow. I have 'alot' to learn Peace Corey