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    Ship modeling, my favorite period is 1650-1850. Photography, fine art, and vintage cars, mine is a 1989 BMW E30 M3. I also love WW I aircraft, and might sneak around to build a "Brisfit" someday. I am also a book hound, primarily on ships and ship modeling. I am the past President and Secretary of the Nautical Society of Oregon Model Shipwrights, 2004 - 2015. Member of the Oregon Maritime Museum since 1990, and an NRG member since like... 1991 or so. Seems I don't have time to work on my own projects, being inundated with a constant flow of repairs and restorations of client's antique ship models since 1996.

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  1. rericadams

    Young guy from the pacific northwest

    Hello, Michael... I will correct John's post... the October meeting is tomorrow, October 20th, and then on November 17th at 7:00pm, aboard the sternwheeler "Portland", tied up along the Willamette River seawall in downtown Portland, along the Waterfront Park. We do not meet in December due to the Holidays. You can e-mail me at: rericadams@comcast.net Sincerely, Eric Adams Beautiful North Portland, Oregon Member, NRG Member, Oregon Maritime Museum Past President and Secretary, Nautical Society of Oregon Model Shipwrights, 2004-2015
  2. Hello, everyone... Most of my time is spent repairing and restoring other people's models, mostly made in the past by the client's family patriarch. Some are fine models, others are just sentimental junk. Currently, I am tasked to clean and restore a bone model of an Inuit kayak from Western Greenland, which I estimate is at least 100+ years old. It is carved from the solid, I am assuming from either Walrus, Whale, or Elk bone, a few pieces are missing. Where or from what sources could I obtain a close match in bone to replicate the missing parts? Any ideas? Thanks!!! Eric Adams Portland, Oregon
  3. Does anybody know if Loyalhanna Dockyard is still in business? Last Saturday, 03/14/15, I ordered online from their website, a set of plans for USCG 180' Iris Class Buoy Tender, from the Taubmans plans service, along with a USCG decal set, and paid via a usual credit card. As of this date, no charge has yet occurred at the bank, on the (debit) card, nor have I received any kind of "order confirmation" that usually occurs. I have called to Don and Renee, and left several voice messages. I have not heard anything back from them yet. Has anyone else experienced this with Loyalhanna? THANKS!!!! Eric Adams Portland, Oregon
  4. Um... gee, Chuck, just WHERE in the data base is the article? I have searched and searched for it and found nothing. I am about to spin up some line on a Jim Byrnes ropewalk, using 100% linen line. Yes... there IS a domestic source of 100% Linen line, at... www.threadneedlestreet.com which I have all five sizes. So, it would be great to read Pat's article on thread. Thanks, Eric
  5. rericadams


    I have found a couple of cheap sources for beeswax. In the summer, we have a variety of Farmer's Market's all over town, and invariably, there's the stand selling honey, and of course a huge variety of beeswax. Some are round discs of 6-7" in diameter and about 2" thick, for about $10. A lifetime supply. Also I have found at Ace Hardware, Home Depot, Lowes, or any plumbing department, the lowly wax toilet ring seal that goes on the floor under the toilet to be an excellent wax for rigging, all for about $2.50 - $3.00 bucks. Woodcrafters also sells a jar of pre-moistened beeswax for about $16.00. All of these are much better forms of beeswax, in my opinion, than what is commonly found in hobby shops, sewing and fabric stores, or online hobby suppliers. And they're right in my own neighborhood.
  6. As the President and Secretary of the Nautical Society of Oregon Model Shipwrights since 2005, I would like the opportunity of posting our monthly newsletter here on the MSW forum for all to see. I am hoping Chuck will offer his blessings and tell me how to post them in a .pdf format. Eric Adams Portland, Oregon

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