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  1. Chuck, no probs here everything works Great keeping in mind this program is extremely designed to be used as a IPad friendly technology. Thank's Chuck Jay
  2. A Lesson Learned, Bass vs Box

    Harley, Chuck S is always correct he is in wonderful San Diego I am in the ugly Desert! Lol. in my old lost builds the topic of to blacken or not to blacken connons always ended with the words "bright and shiny natural brass connons only exist on models only and not real ships" and in order to be historically correct that gave me the will powered to blacken. however I have found that (depending on the build) to me there is nothing more fancy then a bright and shiny properly riged connon. your the Captain and your in control. Jay
  3. A Lesson Learned, Bass vs Box

    Chuck, Bill, sounds like you guys "Been there and done that" .lol Sorry to say one must really take caution when scratch building there own tools and making there own JIM BYRNES saw there's just no turning back lol Jay
  4. James h, There is the IPS Default theme for a no-frills option. I like it going with it thank you Jay
  5. Carl, at first i thought it was just me however I talked to Mary(nrg) about these issues hopefully Chuck has things under control as always for now I'll just say "I LIKE THIS POST" lol
  6. P1010870.JPG

    Simply Said Amazing!!! This is my new screen saver