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  1. Danny, Thank you for that Awsome Tip on turning the plank over, I have always been to proud to admit I almost always slip and destroy my plank!. Especially when someone is watching me plank, now all I have to do is flip my plank and magic! It's gone. However I well not admit I slipped (lol)
  2. Michael, you are defenitly 100% right I must agree MSW has the most talented people. at times I feel like I am there STALKER! (lol) Jay
  3. Simply Said Amazing!!! This is my new screen saver
  4. Tools I can't live without 1 digital calipers, 2 long arm adjustable magnifying lamp, 3 stand for holding plans the calipers I use are not expensive ones as used for fine machining so I don't have to worry about dropping them and losing there fine calibration so I just use a simple Harbor Fright brand the magnifying lamp I use has a long adjustable spring loaded arm (4 feet long) with a bright neon circular light that has a 6 x magnifying glass in the center (5") simply clamps to work bench. the stand I use for holding the planes and notes is a aluminum I . V stand (as the ones used in hospitals) with the 3 rolling wheels, modified with simple wood dowels that adjust to size with simple small spring loaded clamps. Jay
  5. I must say that thank's to Chuck I have saved a bunch of money and avoided getting burned a few time's , once I was offered a great deal on a model ship kit from a new member , I then sent a money order to the new member ($450.00 + $30.00 shiping) ended up with nothing!. another Time a new member Said he know's Chuck and every one on MSW, turns out when I asked a few of the members who know's him the answer was "NEVER HEARD OF HIM" I now check with Chuck (aka big brother) before I make any moves!. as most of us here on MSW we look out for each other and most of us are happy when one of our member's get's a great Deal, actually we brag about it LOL.
  6. Hello Eddie Welcome Back! , looking Forward to your Build, may I ask if you had any build log's Prier to 2.0 ?
  7. Hello colorplash, what's the price of the following , mantua 738 victory mantua 007 san felipe mamoli mv 27 victory mamoli mv41 flying cloud Please let me know Thank you Jay
  8. cristiano, as we all know its hard to raise the bare on a corel kit. and evidently you have accomplished this hard task. with this fine example i belive your work and effort is shown, congradulation's on a work well done. Jay
  9. I am not a reseller I am a privet party that is looking to buy wood model ship kit(s) for my personal hobby addiction, collection. I buy parts, fittings, started projects, open box's , new, used , even bashed kits, wood, tools , plans, Ect. sorry I dont have any thing to trade or sell I keep all I have. Please let me know what you may have available along with price thank you . ( jaymills702@icloud.com ) Jay
  10. christiano, welcome back abored Might you care to give some more details on your Endeavor build , Model maker, scale, ect
  11. anja, lol does this mean I have to give up my old sleeping Log!?.lol
  12. stevieshrek, I am compleetly in agreements with B.E. to say the least!. considering I have build both .
  13. floyd, thank you for the update as well as some very usefull information. I myself have used those clamps for all kinds of work and I have found makeing them with brass and fileing the 3rd (holding or presseing tab) flat I have avoided denting as well as discoloration in the wood (used to have a picture)
  14. Just when I was getting used to the old forum here comes a new one lol, I am happy to see some of my old friends here I wonder what happens to our old rateings ?...(I hope my old ratings are gone because thay were not much lol) I belive this is the second time we lost our old site !? not shure. however I really think Chuck did a great Job here. and not leaveing us homeless thank you Chuck , and all the other's who have bailed us out of a bad crash!... Jay