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  1. I be a-wishin' to say that a choice hath been made, and a kit hath been selected and purchased. Certain MSW members may be aware o' which kit that may be-eth, but those members be sworn to secrecy. Fer now at least, it shall remain unopened ... and unannounced. Some time back, I didst purchase a Chuck kit (Syren's Queen Anne Barge) wi' the intention that my Father 'twouldst build-eth it. However, that kit be now back in my possession ... and currently occupies my build table where Connie didst recently lie.
  2. They'd be a very nice feature, Jon ... if they were period correct. I think UTS added cloth gun-port coverings to the stern-most gun-deck gun-ports. As I recall, he had done some research to show that these were appropriate to his 1812-era build.
  3. That's going to be one very nice work-space when you get it all set-up, Tom. You've even got the makings of a bar in the back corner.
  4. Alde (and others). I'll add a link here just as soon as I'm ready to start a new build-log.
  5. That's exactly what the problem was, Jon. I think my plans were a few steps ahead of my capabilities. I did (eventually) get the windows done, but then decided that the counter block needed to be re-done. I have been checking out available models for my next build. I started with two on the list, but after looking thru the build-logs, that has now ballooned to approximately 15 possibilities. More whittling down required.
  6. Arrrr …. 'Tis with a heavy heart that CaptainSteve wishes to announce that he has abandoned this project. Our Hero explains … "Whilst I may one day purchase another USS Constitution kit to build, I am currently looking for another model."
  7. Michael. Some time back I found these little lanterns, as produced by MSW member Timbers_B_Shiverin. He has made his to 1:64 scale, but I am sure you could scale them to suit your own size. I have made some rudimentary attempts to produce a lantern at 1:76 scale for my Constitution (still working on that little side project). I used the plastic sleeve from the tip of a paintbrush, pushing the LED down inside of the sleeve.
  8. Your prototype carronade looks pretty good, LSMan. If you can get hold of some form of blackening agent then you will find it easier to colour the metal bits. These are chemical reagents which actually change the colour of the metal. Some commonly used ones are Liver of Sulphur and Brass Black. You will need to find one that will work on the white-metal pieces supplied in the MS kit. Casey's Brass Black works well on - you guessed it - brass, but not so well on these pieces. I'm currently looking for an agent that will work on these, myself.
  9. CaptainSteve

    What have you received today?

    A new addition to my growing library of modelling books. I see many hours of reading, plus many, many more of practicing, in my future. This is the 2nd edition of Model Building With Brass. The author, Ken Foran (aka MSW member, XKen), has included a chapter which should be of particular interest to we ship-modellers. In that chapter, he covers much of the detail from his USS Constitution build.
  10. CaptainSteve

    The "What have you done today?" thread.

    You didn't ever wonder about having a pet cow named Dindin, Lou ?? (PS In Tasmania, my parents had a lamb they'd named Dinner.)
  11. While it's not really "painting to look like wood", one builder sliced up cigarette papers to simulate clinker planking on his ship's boats. See Nenad M's build here.

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