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  1. DRINK CAN RING-PULLS After the above entries, taken from USS Constitution builds that I follow on MSW, this one comes from my own build. I had noticed some iron-works marked on the plans. As this hull will eventually be copper-plated, I wanted to replicate these hull braces as an added detail. To my eye, the horseshoe-shaped front brace looked a lot like a drink can ring-pull … … so I salvaged a few for a trial. Holes were drilled to simulate the bolt-heads. The ring-pull ends were trimmed off. … shaping the bow hull-brace around a pencil-tip. Braces for the stern were cut from the rim of the drink can, annealed and straightened. … grooving out a seat for the stern braces. The horseshoe-shaped bow brace fitted into position ... …. and the stern braces also placed. The surface of the braces sits slightly proud of the keel. Since I am still a long way from planking and copper-plating my hull, a test was done to see how the braces would appear, once plated … ... NOTE TO SELF: Be more careful when coppering-over the holes.
  2. SHOELACES Browsing some of the logs that I follow recently, and I stumbled upon this idea by one of my favourite USS Constitution builders. Thanks to Tom (UsedToSail) for this idea to reproduce more realistic slings for the boats on his build. Over to Tom … “I have been doing some thinking about how to stack the two cutters on the waist rails. The plans show only the large cutter with cradles underneath and strong backs over the tops to hold it down. I could use the same method and use cradles on the small cutter to sit on the strong backs, but I thought they might stick up too high. In the AOS book, they show the small cutter inside the large cutter, with fenders between them. I liked this method better, but was struggling how to make fenders until one day, as I was tying my shoes, it hit me to try pieces of shoe laces. I bought some white oval laces and after cutting the pieces, I browned them using brown shoe polish. I was quite happy with the look.” Tom says that he first tried this with round laces, but it didn't look as good: Better success was had using a flatter lace … And a later pic from Tom’s build, showing the boats positioned on-deck …
  3. Let's see if we can get this thread back on track ... CHALK Perhaps the best method of recreating small, carved details can be found in XKen’s USS Constitution build log. Wood carving is a skill-set that can take years to master. One slip-up can mean having to re-do hours of work. But Ken has found an easier way. Here, he shows us how to use a piece of ordinary black-board chalk to carve the detail ends for his catheads. With Ken’s permission, I have lifted a few pictures from his log. I’m sure that his explanations speak for themselves … And here's the final result, in position on Ken's Constitution build.
  4. Hello from Perth, Western Australia

    Welcome to MSW, Peter ... there are a few of us Perth-ites here.
  5. You piqued my interest with this, Slog. Notwithstanding the plethora of guests mysteriously viewing the "So Where Do You Do Yours" thread, after having a brief read thru of just 16 pages of guest log-ins, another question crosses my mind. We're a model ship-building site. We've got pages and pages of photographs of some of the world's best craftsmanship. You wanna Google "old ship", you will be led to MSW (it's how I first found this place ... okay, so I had to add a few Boolean arguments). So why is it that hardly any guests are reading any of the build logs ?? THAT seems odd to me !!!
  6. CaptainSteve's Bathtub - Vol3

    This is a heavily-bashed build of the MS kit of the Bounty Launch (scale 1:16). This boat sails under the watchful eye of my mate, CaptainAndrew.
  7. Airship

    Unique !!! I love it !!
  8. Arr !!! CaptainSteve 'ere. Recently promoted to Apprentice Wood-Hacker (3rdClass), aboard the USS Constitution (under Cap'n 'ull, 'is ownself, no less). Most all of us as ship-modellers, I suspect, strive to create as much realism as we possibly can with our models. Whether you class yourself as a kit-builder, scratch-builder (seriously, you guys truly are the Jedi-Masters of the model-ship universe!!), or something in-between; surely we look to make our models correct - aesthetically, technically and historically. Myself, I have discovered that I am a kit-basher ... a term I had never heard of prior to my discovering MSW. I unashamedly accept the title. As such, I often find myself looking at everyday objects through the eyes of a modeller. Fortunately, my job often sees me waiting in stores and various businesses, giving me golden opportunities to browse through their display stocks, whilst considering how some items could be trimmed/chopped/painted to become the perfect capstan/smoke-stack/cannon-ball or whatever. As such, I would like to start a new forum based upon everyday items which could be tailored into ship parts to enhance our models. [Please note that, with the recent change of name for this forum, I am familiar with the works of Douglas Adams AND have read his entire, brilliant "HHGTTG: A Trilogy in Four Parts"]
  9. slow sailing

    Arrr !!! Three Patches !!!
  10. phpu3JwWPAM.jpg

    A truly stunning model of a beautiful ship. With thanks to you, I think I'll add this ship to my wish-list.
  11. CaptainSteve's BathTub - Vol2

    My second build, the Apostol Felipe by Occre (1/60 scale), was also done prior to my finding MSW. Commisioned Sept 2006, she was launched March 2010 and sails under the capable command of my brother, CaptainPaul.
  12. CaptainSteve's BathTub - Vol1

    HMS Victory sails under the watchful eye of my brother, CaptainPete. Her keel was laid 2002, and she was launched June 2006. Nearly five years to complete. This was my first attempt at a wooden ship kit. Please bear in mind that this was at a time prior to my discovering MSW. This is the Constructo kit (1/93 scale).