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  1. What have you received today?

    A new addition to my growing library of modelling books. I see many hours of reading, plus many, many more of practicing, in my future. This is the 2nd edition of Model Building With Brass. The author, Ken Foran (aka MSW member, XKen), has included a chapter which should be of particular interest to we ship-modellers. In that chapter, he covers much of the detail from his USS Constitution build.
  2. The "What have you done today?" thread.

    You didn't ever wonder about having a pet cow named Dindin, Lou ?? (PS In Tasmania, my parents had a lamb they'd named Dinner.)
  3. While it's not really "painting to look like wood", one builder sliced up cigarette papers to simulate clinker planking on his ship's boats. See Nenad M's build here.
  4. What have you received today?

    I also picked up a pack of Chuck's English cannon emblems. I think there's something like 60 pieces in the pack. They are miniscule !!! The BIG ones are only 3mm (1/8") long, but they all look to be perfectly formed !! They are flexible, and will easily form to the shape of any gun barrel. Some moons back, I read Theodore Roosevelt's book on the War of 1812. He made numerous mentions to guns being captured and re-deployed by both sides. So I figured that I might add a few scattered "English" guns around my Connie's deck. Mr Frolich, Mr Tripp. Feel free to tear my argument apart. (But, mayhaps, in another thread)
  5. What have you received today?

    A non-descript white box arrived at work today. Opened it up to find .... ... one Royal Barge kit, by some guy calling himself Chuck Passaro (anybody ever heard of him ??). Since I've already got one stalled build underway, this one is for my Dad to build.
  6. OcCre kits

    I built OcCre's Apostol Felipe some ten years back. They had translations in four languages, but the information was quite scant. Seeing Heronguy's posting above, it looks like they have improved their game. For the most part, I followed the photographic guide, ticking off each step as I went. All in all, it was a great kit that turned out to be a great model. I'd definitely recommend them.
  7. The "What have you done today?" thread.

    My deepest condolences, Wayne. If it's any consolation at all, 19 years is an incredible life for a doggie.
  8. Happy Birthday, celebrate it with gusto.:cheers:

  9. Do you have a green bottom?

    This thread might be a good place to start ... ... in particular, see the photos on pg2 by Dafi.
  10. Therapy for Shipaholics

    The man sounds in dire need of your help, Dr Per. Can you prescribe out of state ??
  11. Song Title Game

    Green Door - Shakin' Stevens
  12. My mistake, John. Where I typed "Select Edit Title", I SHOULD have typed "Select Edit Profile".
  13. John. If you mean like the "Apprentice Wood-Hacker 3rd Class" in my description, then go to your Profile (click on your picture). Select Edit Title (approx 1/4 page down on right). Then just edit your own Member Title (under Basic Info) to read what you want. Hope that answers your question.
  14. DRINK CAN RING-PULLS After the above entries, taken from USS Constitution builds that I follow on MSW, this one comes from my own build. I had noticed some iron-works marked on the plans. As this hull will eventually be copper-plated, I wanted to replicate these hull braces as an added detail. To my eye, the horseshoe-shaped front brace looked a lot like a drink can ring-pull … … so I salvaged a few for a trial. Holes were drilled to simulate the bolt-heads. The ring-pull ends were trimmed off. … shaping the bow hull-brace around a pencil-tip. Braces for the stern were cut from the rim of the drink can, annealed and straightened. … grooving out a seat for the stern braces. The horseshoe-shaped bow brace fitted into position ... …. and the stern braces also placed. The surface of the braces sits slightly proud of the keel. Since I am still a long way from planking and copper-plating my hull, a test was done to see how the braces would appear, once plated … ... NOTE TO SELF: Be more careful when coppering-over the holes.
  15. SHOELACES Browsing some of the logs that I follow recently, and I stumbled upon this idea by one of my favourite USS Constitution builders. Thanks to Tom (UsedToSail) for this idea to reproduce more realistic slings for the boats on his build. Over to Tom … “I have been doing some thinking about how to stack the two cutters on the waist rails. The plans show only the large cutter with cradles underneath and strong backs over the tops to hold it down. I could use the same method and use cradles on the small cutter to sit on the strong backs, but I thought they might stick up too high. In the AOS book, they show the small cutter inside the large cutter, with fenders between them. I liked this method better, but was struggling how to make fenders until one day, as I was tying my shoes, it hit me to try pieces of shoe laces. I bought some white oval laces and after cutting the pieces, I browned them using brown shoe polish. I was quite happy with the look.” Tom says that he first tried this with round laces, but it didn't look as good: Better success was had using a flatter lace … And a later pic from Tom’s build, showing the boats positioned on-deck …

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