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  1. I bought the 3000 series a couple of years ago ... but I don't recall it being THAT cheap !!!
  2. Check Plan Sheet 4 from your kit. The planks at 1/8" (3mm) width would be the ones you want.
  3. I've seen another builder doing this boat ... Buck covers building all of the pieces in his build log here. (Yes, that is a compass sitting next to the axe)
  4. I have a simple solution for you, Dupree ... When you are saving photos to store in your own Resource File, just select Save As, and then enter the file-name which you would like to call the picture.
  5. Not really, John. Though, I'd guess Fremantle, as that was where the replica was built. I just happened to be at Elizabeth Quay on Friday night and spotted some masting above the buildings. Naturally, I had to investigate ... and so I returned on the Saturday to snap off some pics for my MSW family. According to the tour guide I briefly spoke with, she will remain in Perth until mid-March, before heading up to Dirk Hartog Island. In truth, "return" visit is probably not completely accurate ... as the original never actually sailed up the Swan river (though they would've sailed past Fremantle).
  6. In 1606, the small Dutch ship, Duyfken, sailed from the Indonesian island of Banda in search of gold and trade opportunities on the fabled island of Nova Guinea. Under the command of Willem Janszoon, Duyfken and her crew ventured south-east. They sailed beyond Os Papuas (Papua New Guinea) and explored and chartered part of the coast of Nova Guinea. They did not find gold - but they did find the northern coast of a huge continent: Australia. Captain Janszoon was the first European to map and record Australia, so Duyfken's voyage marks the beginning of Australia's recorded history. In 2017, a full-size, ocean-going replica of the Duyfken returned to visit Elizabeth Quay, Perth, Western Australia. These are some photographs taken of that exhibition:
  7. Wild guess: Brig Niagara
  8. Copied and pasted straight to my Constitution folder. Thanks, Tom.