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  1. MMA time ?? You're a cage-fighter nowadays ?!?! Or working at the Maritime Museum ??
  2. Geoff, there were three books which I found very interesting. I read these when building the Model Shipways version of the Bounty Launch: "The Bounty Mutiny" - William Bligh and Edward Christian (brother of Fletcher) "A Narrative of the Mutiny, On Board HMS Bounty" - William Bligh "In Bligh's Hand" - Jennifer Gall You may also find this link of interest, although it has since been pointed out that I was wrong about the castaways having a sextant.
  3. You have an incredible job, Anton. I'm definitely jealous. I visited the Duyfken just recently, too. Curious to know if I missed you that day.
  4. Thanks, Dave. I see you have overtaken me with your own Constitution build. I'm enjoying following that very much. Unfortunately, I haven't made much progress lately, as I am struggling to make the transom line up with the hull properly. I'll post an update soon to show what I mean. It well could be that the problem lies with my limited skills ... or it could be, as I am currently suspecting, that the problem is with the kit itself. O'course, it cannot be ruled out that stubbornness is a part of the problem, as I still intend to light up the Captain's quarters and go for an 1812-style of stern. Thanks for dropping by everyone. I'll get back to building soon ...
  5. Put me down for a dozen packs, Dave.
  6. She's coming along very nicely, Anton. (Also, congrats on the new car)
  7. Ron. I'm going to build a 1:1 model of your avatar. You just became my Hero.
  8. Lovely display, Jack. She looks perfect in that setting. So ... what's the surprise ?? (Impatient ?? Me ??)
  9. Bolt-heads looked fantastic, Dave. More to scale than other methods which I had considered. I'm just hoping, though, that you have left enough room for all the cannon fixings, cleats etc etc ...
  10. Check Plan Sheet 4 from your kit. The planks at 1/8" (3mm) width would be the ones you want.
  11. I've seen another builder doing this boat ... Buck covers building all of the pieces in his build log here. (Yes, that is a compass sitting next to the axe)
  12. I have a simple solution for you, Dupree ... When you are saving photos to store in your own Resource File, just select Save As, and then enter the file-name which you would like to call the picture.
  13. Paul. If you haven't already done so, then check out the work done by JerseyCityFrankie. This brief log is mostly devoted to sails.