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  1. Fantastic work! Great job of making it look aged and worked, such fine detail! Very nice.
  2. You can also buy candle LEDs, they have a chip in the LED that makes them flicker. I've seen them in red and yellow. Check on ebay
  3. Hi Pat Another idea for you - have you tried the large hose clamps with blocks? The clamps would allow more pressure to be applied to the model. Bunnings has ones up to a 152mm diameter but I'd say if you go to a rural supply store / stockfeeds or a plumbing store they would have bigger yet again (think irrigation size!)
  4. Hi Pat, Just to give an idea how small they were, here is the run from last night. The smallest suits a M1 bolt, largest a M3 bolt. Definitely not robust enough. Worth a try thou!
  5. I'm not sure how strong they would be getting that small, once you go under 1mm thick the strength drops a lot... Something that small I'd be looking at pins and rubber bands. In regards to the screw I thought about printing one but don't know if the printer would be able to give a decent thread (resolution of the printer) with enough strength to get pressure on the bulkhead. The end user printers have a few limitations with what can be achieved. My printer is currently fitted with a 0.4mm print nozzle which is about the minimum thickness for most lines/textures. I'll run a job on the printer tonight with M1, M2 and M3 size bolts and see how they come out, with pictures posted tomorrow.
  6. I could do a design for a smaller size. The current version takes a M4 (4mm thread) bolt and is 47.5mm long, 20.5mm wide in the mid section (25.25 on the head cube), tapered to 9.25mm on the tip of the jaws. How small were you looking at?
  7. Hi Gregory, I have temporarily place a plank in place to demonstrate how they work (this is my new build, not up to actually planking yet) If you have any further questions please ask As shown the clamps grip the bulkheads and hold the planks firmly in place so the glue can dry.
  8. I thnik the easier way to spray them would be to get a piece of cardboard / form and push pins (used for sewing) through it then push the deadeyes / blocks on the pins. Paint then flip them over to get the other side. Hope this helps!
  9. Hi Ron, I have sent you the file to you inbox. thanks Jason For everyone else I've now uploaded it to this feed (its a fairly small file, 202kb) Cheers Jason MicoClamp.stl
  10. Hi all, Over the last few days I have been designing and printing a clamp to better hold down the planks for the glue to set. They cost me about AUD$0.60 each to make (print cost of ABS and cost of nut&bolt) with the print taking about 2 1/2 hours per clip. They allow more pressure to be applied then some other methods (such as bulldog clips and pegs) making them suitable where some pressure is needed, and being plastic with largish contact surface on the plank (4mm either side of the surface) will leave minimal to no marking on the planks! Below are images of the clamps in SketchUp and on some scrap to show how they work. If anyone wants the STL file I'm happy to provide it to them! The bolts are a M4 35mm with a hex head and a M4 nut.
  11. An interesting side note on this subject, 3D printers are coming down in price. Earlier this year I read and article about 3D printers that suggests within the next 12 months (I thinks they are a bit optimistic here) they will be down to the price of a quality inkjet printer. You can currently buy a 3D printer for about A$2500 that uses the Objet/Polyjet/Multijet method of printing capable of printing objects up to 200mm x 200mm x 170mm. Something worth watching if you want to make scaled people for your ships, be able to print out the scale you need in what ever pose or rank you need!
  12. I've managed to find some pictures that will hopefully help you with what you need http://www.historicships.com/TALLSHIPS/Latina/Courageux/Courageux.htm http://5500.forumactif.org/t466-le-courageux-canot-a-misaine
  13. Thanks Floyd These cleats are much better then the laser cut ones that come in the kits I've been building. I'll be having a go at making some of these for sure!
  14. Thanks for all the replies and ideas. I found an online jewellery supply store that has a range of silver flux pastes (Hilderbrand), charcoal work surfaces and locking tweezers and placed an order today. Once they arrive the fun can begin I've done a lot of soft soldering and a small amount of oxy-welding (copper refrigeration pipes) before so hopefully it will come to me quickly I've read the tutorial on silver soldering found on here, but does anyone have any tips, tricks or techniques they have found in their experiences?
  15. thanks for the replies guys I did a quick search and I can get the Bernzomatic stuff from Bunnings here. I saw they also produce solder as well. Would this be suitable for our needs? Metal Work Solder - http://www.bernzomatic.com/item.html?id=68 Electrical Solder - http://www.bernzomatic.com/item.html?id=69 thanks for all the assistance here Jason