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  1. Yes. There's still some hull left 😀 I'm sorry, i've changed from job and have not much time left for my ships. The shipyard is temporarely closed, unfortunatly, but i'm hoping it'll get better soon. I'm missing the building alot though.
  2. This is shipmodelling at it's best! What a wonderful and a heartwarming team project. I've started building a victory in 1/84 scale, what a difference
  3. She's a beauty. You really did a nice job on her Christian. She deserves a center piece in your living space. Hats off.
  4. Congratulations ! Your belle is really a "une belle"!!
  5. Pfeww, quite a while since i've been posting here. I've made a little jig in order to be able to create my masts and spars. The mast has been made with it and it went very smooth. I always start from square stock, reduced to the size of the minimum diameter with the table saw. The result of the bowsprit. Mast and bowsprit fitted to the boat. I've done a bit of metalwork as well. I've started on the bowsprit clamp. Below you'll see how i made the iron cap, for holding the bowsprit jibboom on the bowsprit. First i've bended a strip of brass around my bowsprit. Then i formed an '8' from that. Which i fixed with some silver soldering.
  6. Nice carving! Would it be possible to make a close up of your own made chisels? I'm in awe of your skills.
  7. Wow, i haven't been around for some time now, and what a piece of art you've created again. Your airbrushing skills are superbe!
  8. Thank you all. I'm now in the process of sanding, sanding... and sanding. Pictures will follow soon.
  9. WBlakeny

    R.I.P. Captain Bob

    Sad news, my sincere condolences to his wife and family. I'll miss his advice and nice comments.
  10. Unbelievable that this is made from card. Wow! Those planks are laid so beautiful.
  11. Congratulations Daniel! I was in the same situation 6 years ago where i had to make space for my son. I moved everything to the garage. Now, i've already a second son running around and my oldest son is starting to show some interest in making wooden models. Life is beautiful!!
  12. Indeed, i'm a fan of your work! Beautiful!

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