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  1. SF Gallery 4.jpg

    This looks really good! I have always wanted to build a cross section. Jesse
  2. MSW Sick Bay.

    Praying you have a speedy recovery! Jesse
  3. IMG_4094.jpg

    Very beautiful boat! Jesse
  4. MSW Sick Bay.

    Hope everything goes well for you Jim. I know all about the fishing around trying to get an IV in. I go through it quite often. There are certain nurses that I dread to see if they are going to take blood or something. Yet if the Dr. does it himself, I hardly even know there is a need le in me. Jesse
  5. Pirate Chebec 001.jpg

    Love it! I would like to build one of theses one day, like their look and design. Jesse
  6. IMG_20170531_071548.jpg

    Midwest has very nice models. I wish they would do larger ships too. It would be nice to have a ship model with the quality of Midwest. Jesse
  7. 004.jpg

    Wow! Jesse
  8. 005_01.jpg

    What did you use for the rigging? It looks very good and I like the color of it, looks like the real thing. Jesse
  9. IMG_3300.JPG

    Wow, very nice! Jesse
  10. 46.jpg

    The wood is beautiful! Jesse
  11. 203_1941.jpg

    Love this! I want to do one of these in a bottle sometime.
  12. DSCN0737.JPG

  13. 10.jpg

  14. Pinnaces

    Nice job! Jesse