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  1. JesseLee

    What have you received today?

    I've always wanted to build a cross section
  2. I am fine, did not even lose power (so far at least). The rivers are rising to record levels so we have to watch out for that the next several days. Rain is still coming down. SawdustDave is a county or 2 south of me. Has anyone heard from him? There might be no power there. Jesse
  3. Fortunately we have not lost power even though a lot of people around me have. Good time to work in the shipyard. Hearing the driving rain and howling winds makes me imagine what it was like to be at sea on way back then in such a violent storm. Anyway, made the Gaff and the Boom. I have done as much pre-rigging as I can before they are attached. The instructions said you can paint them or not- your choice. I was going to leave them with a light golden oak stain but had to do some patch-up work on the Gaff where it got some wood marred and gouged from an accidental drop on the floor and got stepped on. At this point I saw that the paint would completely hide this so black they now are. This also hid where I had to re-glue both jaws because of the very poor wood supplied in the kit. I wish I had made them from better wood to start with. Completed all the rigging for these two. Found it much more difficult to get into the tight places to tie off to the belaying pins than it used to be for me. My kit was missing the beads for the parrels but I had plenty from earlier builds. Jesse
  4. JesseLee

    The "What have you done today?" thread.

    Can't "Like" that Dave. We have had a lot of stuff like that happen to us too. The water heater was leaking all over the floor the other day. We are blessed to have a church to help us out with major things like this we can't afford but after this most recent thing it seems something is broken inside me too. Life will not stop throwing these major things at us all. Growing very weary of it. I pray you have some kind of break from all this mess and some kind of financial way out of it all. Jesse
  5. Thanks everybody. Hopefully the worst of it will be no power for a while. Jesse
  6. Mid 90's and very humid around here in the central part of North Carolina.. Getting very worried about the hurricane coming in. They are showing it coming inland straight towards me. They say 100 mph winds here Friday morning. We live in a mobile home and there is really nowhere to go to. Our dog is acting nervous as if she can sense what it coming. Jesse
  7. I used to be a bench jeweler when I could work. I used to use the stuff at work but realized how well it would work on tiny rigging knots.
  8. Did something a little different for the cleats. I have had glued on cleats come off in the past so I wanted them more secure. I measured and marked where they are and drilled small starter holes for them with a small twist drill. I then used these small drill/reamer tools I got many years ago. They twist i and open the hole. Then you can use them like a mini file or rasp to remove wood. I slowly did this form one hole to another to open up a slot through the boom and gaff. I pre-shaped the cleats out of scrap I have. When all is shaped and ready I put glue in the open slot and push the cleat all the way through so it is sticking out of both sides then shape them up down to proper size. Don't know when I will get back to the shipyard. One of my Aunts died and I will be going out of town for a few days, leaving there and going straight to a Dr. appointment. I will most likely be very sick from the travelling and my body will crash on me for a few days when I get back. Jesse
  9. I have tapered shaped the boom and gaff. The laser cut jaws supplied have split several times in the process of gluing them. I'm going to try to see if CA glue will soak into them and strengthen them after they are lightly stained. Will probably have to tear them off and re-make them with better wood.
  10. Here are the pics of the belaying pins area for the inhauls and the Hypo cement I promised.
  11. JesseLee

    How Realistic Can One Make Sails?

    I have been told that if you use baking soda with your tea washes it neutralizes the acids. Anyone know if this is true? I have used this process on a model or two. Jesse
  12. For the netting that goes on the Bowsprit horses and battens I decided to make a jig and pre-rig most of it off ship to make it easier to tie on after. I tied two threads to four wire pegs spaced the same as the Bowsprit horse lines. I laid a piece of netting down over them and carefully glued the it to the threads where the overlaid. I glued the battens down onto all of this (pre-measuring the spacing). When that dried I used a curved sewing needle to help me thread and tie the edges. Removed it all from the jig and trimmed the edges. This made it much easier to tie the netting to the horses. I used G-S Hypo Cement made for gluing watch crystals to glue these tiny spots. It has a very tiny needle applicator end that works very well for tiny rigging knots. (forgot to take a picture - will have to add one in later, my camera died and is recharging). Jesse
  13. More progress on the Standing rigging. Have added the Main royal stay, Fore topgallant stay, Fore royal backstays, Fore royal stay, Jib stay, Jib stay traveler inhaul, Flying jib stay, Flying jib stay traveler inhaul and the Bowsprit horses. It is difficult to show each of these lines individually. I found it very difficult to rig the inhauls and tie to the belaying pins on each side of the Bowsprit. There is so little room to reach into in this area - I'm glad I'm past that now. Forgot to photograph this, will have to add a picture in on an upcoming posting. Jesse

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