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  1. Love it! I would like to build one of theses one day, like their look and design. Jesse
  2. That's great news Dave!
  3. So thankful it wasn't worse for you Mark. praying for a full recovery soon! Jesse
  4. Midwest has very nice models. I wish they would do larger ships too. It would be nice to have a ship model with the quality of Midwest. Jesse
  5. Tornado yesterday in the counties just south of us. Today they are popping up all over. Very scary weather here in central NC today. The cat and the dogs are very nervous. Jesse
  6. Where did you get the tweezers from Dave? Jesse
  7. Wow! Jesse
  8. What did you use for the rigging? It looks very good and I like the color of it, looks like the real thing. Jesse
  9. Wow, very nice! Jesse
  10. The wood is beautiful! Jesse
  11. Love this! I want to do one of these in a bottle sometime.
  12. Nice!
  13. Wow!
  14. Nice job! Jesse
  15. That is a great find Frank! Philo, I had that Flying Fortress model when I was a teenager. had it hanging from the ceiling with the bombs dropping out hung from fishing line. Jesse