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  1. Nice job! Jesse
  2. Recovery is going much slower than expected. Been lurking around reading others logs. Did get my workbench cleaned up and reorganized for getting back to the build. Hopefully my health and real life will let me get back to it soon. Looking over things, getting re-familiar with where I will be starting back at. Jesse
  3. Just lovely! Makes me want to run my fingers along it and feel it. Jesse
  4. Denis, my wife took me to Hobby Lobby the other day. I went down a few of the jewelry making aisles and immediately thought of you and this build. There really are a lot of things made for something else that can be used for what we do if you put your imagination to it! Jesse
  5. That is a great find Frank! Philo, I had that Flying Fortress model when I was a teenager. had it hanging from the ceiling with the bombs dropping out hung from fishing line. Jesse
  6. "Rigging must be attached to the carriage and cannon before attempting to install." ......Now you tell me lol! Good idea for the jig to keep them all the same length. Jesse
  7. Ron and John, my sympathies to you both. I just had to have one of my dogs put too sleep recently. These things are never easy. It is amazing how much animals can touch our hearts. Jesse
  8. Wow Dave, what a great birthday present!!!!!!!!!!!!! Jesse
  9. Trying to get well enough to get back to the build. Fighting a mighty war with my health. Was beginning to get some better until last night, now in another fierce battle again. I do have some minor updates to come when things get better. Got most of the deck fittings made and ready to start rigging the carronades. Hope to post updates soon. Jesse
  10. We had to have my best little buddy Buster put down today. He had an aggressive growing Mast Cell cancer growing all over his back side and internally. He was always in my lap anytime I was in my chair. I am going to miss him so much.
  11. Love it! Jesse