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  1. CDW, I'm about 20-30 miles north of Fayetteville. I am in Harnett County but near the Lee County line very near Sanford NC.
  2. After having 80F Thursday and mid-upper 70sF yesterday it is supposed to get down to 25F tonight. Sanford NC Jesse
  3. It is supposed to get 80F in Fayetteville NC today, then a cold front is coming through and it will drop into the 50s. In the last 2 weeks it was in the 30s then in the 60s. The weather does it's own thing here Jesse
  4. I always like to learn the history revealed from the research done on these kind of details. Jesse
  5. This month I started shaping the stuns'l booms and began making the boom irons. I started with the brass tubing supplied in the kit. Found it harder to cut out and drill than I expected. Looked around in my stuff and found some aluminum tubing I got at Hobby Lobby a few years ago. This was much easier to cut out and drill and made the process much faster than with the brass. I don't have proper soldering equipment so I am having to settle with using CA glue instead. Not really how I wanted it but you gotta work with what you have. Have now got all the irons and booms formed, ready to start adding them to the yards. Jesse
  6. I painted the footropes with diluted PVA glue. Hung these mini clips on them and hung them up to dry to form the proper hanging shapes. Jesse
  7. I have been slowly working on things a little at a time during the short spells i feel like it enough. I started shaping and constructing the yards back in December. Got them all made and started adding all the blocks, stirrups and footropes. The blocks seemed like they took me forever to rig. I did order a bunch of them from Syren Model Co. so they would look better. Jesse
  8. Oh wow! I don't know how you all in these colder places do it. That's just too darn cold for this southern boy! Jesse
  9. Always good to hear from you Piet!
  10. JesseLee

    What have you received today?

    I had the Flying Fortress when I was about 12 or 13. Had it hanging from the ceiling with fishing line with the bombs dropping out Jesse
  11. I haven't quit. Been slowly working on making the yards and rigging blocks on them a little at a time. It's taking me a very long time. Hopefully I can get some pictures up soon when things get back to normal around here. Hope everyone had a wonderful Christmas! Jesse

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