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  1. Hi Clare I began my build after the new year last January. I soon found out that some of the cardboard formers were very fragile. You can see my poor efforts in my signature. I put the ship away because my daughter gave me a new grandson and my working table became a nursery. But things have steadied down now and I am getting the 'itch' again. Nice to see your build coming along. Looking good.
  2. Have you tried Alibaba? Be sure to tick the boxes Gold Supplier and Onsite Check. You can also state the minimum quantities you need. Unfortunately it doesn't give you a price guide.
  3. Sorry I asked. I will be sure to post in the right thread next time.
  4. I live near Haydock and I forgot about this show. Such a pity. I know you posted the date earlier in the year here. Do you know of any pictures that were taken?
  5. HMS Enterprise 1774

    Hi again. I have opened a build log so you can follow me there.
  6. HMS Enterprise 1774

    Thanks for the encouragement Mark I don't get to open the kit till Christmas...Grrr!
  7. HMS Enterprise 1774

    Thanks for the reply....eating an elephant...lol.
  8. HMS Enterprise 1774

    Hello everyone Unfortunately my shed isn't set up with electricity or lighting and I have to use an electrical extension across my garden to my shed to do any work. With the onset of winter this isn't really am option. The shed can be is quite dark and cold and I do not like the idea of an electrical cable lying on the wet grass. I really want to build a wooden ship but I mentioned to my wife that I did not think this was feasible at the moment and I ended up looking at plastic and paper mediums. Perhaps build from the comfort of my home? So, I looked in the links here and I ended up on the Polish site Shipyard. And my wife has gone and bought me HMS Enterprise 1774 for Christmas. Yikes!! I was only really looking at something easy to build to help me learn. I have not done anything like this at all. But now that she has gone and bought the kit she will be expecting great things. Being optimistic I am looking forwards to the challenge and hopefully you guys/gals will be able to assist me. Lord knows I will need it.
  9. Mine arrived today. Beautiful photography. Thank you.
  10. Here is a link to Olivier Bello's site showing how he makes his lanterns. http://www.arsenal-modelist.com/index.php?page=accessories∂=17ℑ=5
  11. I'm sure you have seen this before, but I think it's worth looking at again. http://www.willard-wigan.com/gallery.aspx These figures are within the eye of a needle and can only be seen properly under a magnifying glass.
  12. I knew I had seen these figurines before. I am sure that the link has been shared here before but just incase anyone missed it. http://www.guzmanshipmodels.com/page19.html
  13. Wood overlay

    Ok, thanks for all the replies. I guess as I want to build a wooden ship I should save up the pennies.
  14. Wood overlay

    Thanks for the advice Brian. Appreciated.