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  1. Don't put too much oil or it will start dripping down the sides!
  2. Yes, that skipjack has certainly matured enough to get some frames and planks and the engine installed and running and...
  3. Michael, what are your plans for dust extraction/filtration?
  4. The sewing machine oil arrived and I put a few drops (may overdid it a bit) in the spindle. Very thin oil that gets sucked through the very small opening. The sound of the drill changed, it def needed the oil.
  5. it has ball bearings but they are not accessible. At the top of the spindle there is an opening that you pour oil through. I am not sure though if this is supposed to lubricate the bearings or the rest of the moving parts. I suspect the latter.
  6. Well, I did a bit more research on the net. It appears that indeed 3 in 1 has been traditionally used but there seems to be some disadvantages. Sewing machine oil on the other hand seems to be a very fluid oil, some times fully synthetic, specially formulated for such purposes. I just ordered a bottle
  7. One of my favourite tools is the small proxxon drill press. The manual suggests every 10 hours of operation to lubricate the bearings but does not specify what oil to use. I emailed Proxxon and this was the reply: The TBM 220 drill press may be lubricated with a wide range oils, so we do not recommend any specific lubricant. Sewing machine oil is absolutely suitable. Maybe this will be of help to others. I am not sure what I will use, I think probably what ever car motor oil I can get my hands on. Vaddoc
  8. We are Moving

    Oh dear! Michael I have 27 years left till retirement and I ve always thought that it would be the time for quiet reflection and working on hobbies. Still, not having your very broad set of skills, most of us might get away with an empty stare and repetition of the sentence "what do you mean?" Good luck with the rest of your journey. Vaddoc
  9. What have you received today?

    We recently moved so now I have moved my shipyard to a detached single garage. There is no ceiling though, no insulation and an up and over non insulated door. With the British weather very near, I looked into heating the place. I got a couple of quotes to install a ceiling in the roof and they were around £2000. Adding a new door etc the cost would be very high. However, as I now can work for very short periods and rather infrequently, it does not make sense to go down this road. Better to just heat the place taking on the losses. I thought of just getting many electric heaters but there is not enough power supply in the garage. So I got a Butane gas heater which should heat the place very quickly despite the lack of insulation. With all the combustibles and chemicals though, precautions are needed. So I got a foam and a CO2 extinguisher, as well as a fire blanket. Another concern is a possible oxygen depletion and CO poisoning. The heater has a low oxygen sensor and I got also a CO detector. The heater is very good quality and Calor sells it as a package with a 15 Kg bottle for just £100 which is a very good deal. Excellent customer service as well. I think now even in low temperatures I could pop in and work my weekly one hour allowance!
  10. Which model? Need help

    Ever thought of scratch building something POF? In the long run I think much more expensive than kits but very satisfying. Also this way you can build anything you like. Victory as your first model and actually completed, now this is impressive! Regards
  11. A Modeler does a TED Talk on making miniatures

    Thanks for sharing Bill. Your skills are truly incredible. It is as you said it, why do we invest so much in building models that very few will see and much less will appreciate, what is this itchiness in our hands, either you get it or you don't.
  12. You can start building boats with only a few very basic hand tools. This is how I scratch built my first model, in the living room table out of some old simple plans I found on the internet. Then again you can have a vast workshop and still miss some specialised tools. As you start building, the project will tell you what you need to get and gradually you will see what works for you. Additional tools though, especially power tools, are expensive, need space, are noisy, produce dust, etc and you need to consider these as well. It depends a lot I think whether you scratch build or go for kits and maybe the scale you ll work at. For me power tools make model building much more enjoyable and I have a very long list of things I want/need. I am still coping though with what I have! Start simple I would say, as there is a lot to learn, sanding, gluing, painting, drilling, choosing wood etc. Maybe scratch build a small simple boat and take it from there. Regards
  13. What have you received today?

    I received the first quote to have a ceiling in my single garage for insulations purposes: £1500!
  14. What grit for disc sander?

    I just use 120. If something needs care I move towards the centre where it spins slowly. If I need to take a lot of material towards the edge. The aluminium oxide paper lasts ages and although with use the grit increases to maybe something like 150, it continues to sand well. 80 is so rough it leaves scratches and 180 and above is just not aggressive enough, these are more finishing grades. All finishing is done by hand, 400 is silky smooth
  15. "Submarine" in a bottle

    Just brilliant!