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    my wife says my hobby is collecting hobbies..... main interests though are iaido, flyfishing, archery, and making stuff for those hobbies. Always made models, but favourites are ships....

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  1. one method I use for blackening iron sword guards is to apply shoe polish then put over a gas ring. I am lucky enough to work in a forge part time, so can use that for larger objects, but would think the best bet would be to use gun blue as a base and work from that?
  2. Chidokan

    Fly Tying Tools

    I find the best thing I use is the spools for leader material... I store my rigging rope on them. The serrated scissors they supply for cutting deer hair seem to cut better when trimming off ends near blocks. The rest of the tools I wouldnt use, although a cheap vice, not the spring type, is useful for holding small detail parts when doing carvings or similar. Best thing I have is actually a spring grip probe from an oscilloscope... brilliant for getting in to pick up the end of short lengths when they are hidden inside other rigging!
  3. Chidokan

    What have you received today?

    just back from Carlisle and my favourite bookshop.... £40 got me 'plank on frame models Vol 1' by harold Underhill, 'building a working model warship, hms warrior' by William Mowll, and 'AOTS Endeavour'! Bargain!!!
  4. Chidokan

    Your favorite saying

    when I have to deal with useless people at work, I always think "yet again you fail to live up to the very low expectation I have of you..." and "its fool proof but not idiot proof."
  5. I fancy building a rope walk.. where did you get the gears from? I certainly would like to see this as it goes along, so keep posting...
  6. Chidokan

    The "What have you done today?" thread.

    Today I worked on repowering a WW2 motor boat that rescued flyers from the english channel... used for SOE operations also , and was at D-day. The three old engines were 550bhp each, so am replacing them with cummins 550 QSB 6.7 litre units, so it should still hit 50 knots. Now for the interesting bit... hull designed by a man called Mitchell at Supermarine, who also made something called a Spitfire, top deck aided and abetted by Laurence (of Arabia ), and the design sent to USA where it was used to make PT boats.... a guy called JF Kennedy had a go in one of these apparently... PT109. Just got some plans so I can work on the engine mounts, and am so tempted to build a model... problem is we have nothing to show what the internals were like, and the top deck varies almost between each boat from what I can see. hull is 10mm mahogany done in a cross ply pattern. The plan is to get it ready for the D-day boat run in 2018, and take some veterans over to France on it.
  7. from my friend in Korea.... Anyways, this is one good website I found: http://xn--v69ass944a3gcpygusa09vqud1t9b.kr/3story/story_01_2.html Also, you have found more useful pictures when using Korean to search on google. Please try this: https://www.google.com.sg/search?q=%EA%B1%B0%EB%B6%81%EC%84%A0&espv=2&biw=1152&bih=592&source=lnms&tbm=isch&sa=X&sqi=2&ved=0ahUKEwiq-NahqNfRAhVMM48KHQG2BHcQ_AUIBigB#tbm=isch&q=%EA%B1%B0%EB%B6%81%EC%84%A0+%EB%8F%84%EB%A9%B4 If this does not work, try copying and pasting this into the search bar: 거북선 도면 It translates as “Geobukseon drawing”, Geobukseon is basically the turtleship. from the links, looks like this ship is the equivalent of the mary rose! If you use google chrome, it will translate into english (badly, but you get the drift!) http://www.geojenews.co.kr/news/articleView.html?idxno=8300 This has internal shots... I like the hats hanging up! Hope it inspires you to get back to the workbench! http://blog.daum.net/_blog/BlogTypeView.do?blogid=03c63&articleno=13225556&categoryId=559478&regdt=20071109213722
  8. The engine is a Cummins VT8-370-M, built at Columbus engine plant on 28th July,1966. (and yes you can still buy parts for it... )
  9. thanks for engine info, can let you know shortly.... I was thinking of doing 3D models of the engines I make in 1/72, as there is a couple of boats in that scale.... I repowered an old MTB a couple of years back and airfix make the kit, so would like to make it for my desk at work.
  10. just walking past a desk at work today and spotted a turtle ship in a case (will send a pic later) that looks like the kit you got... A chat revealed STX, a Korean shipbuilding customer, helped build either a replica or rebuild ( we didnt know which). It may well be the one in pics on internet. I have a couple of contacts there, so will see if I can get some pics of the build.... however unless you intend to copy the modern one exactly, I dont think you need to fit a Cummins K19 engine, which is what they have done to avoid using the oars! (reminds me of the 'Endeavour' copy at Whitby )
  11. are you making the engine? Reason I ask is that I have worked at Cummins in the marine section for over 30 years and am wondering which one it is!
  12. I am a diesel engineer specialising in building marine engines for Cummins... a couple of fun projects I helped out on are two round the world record holders, ( I actually built an engine for the cable and wireless boat without realising it!) Round Britain boat race is coming up, so am hoping to install a couple of engines into the boat that James May had in Top Gear, and repeat the success we had in the classic section last time... I should really make some models of the boats I fit engines in now I think about it...
  13. nice job! Have you decided which kit to do next?
  14. hi Klimi, I bought the book and my kit has very little similarity to it for the upper deck, so I am going to copy the book, and also throw away the stern section as it is not even close to the shape in the book! I think the mast holes in the deck are about correct, but I also have a 'spare hole' that does not relate to a mast or hatch...fortunately the deck planking can cover this. The kit guide does not show enough detail, so thanks for the advice about buying the book.
  15. and you can still buy pease pudding.. as per the nursery rhyme.. Pease pudding hot, Pease pudding cold, Pease pudding in the pot - nine days old. Some like it hot, some like it cold, Some like it in the pot - nine days old.

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