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    my wife says my hobby is collecting hobbies..... main interests though are iaido, flyfishing, archery, and making stuff for those hobbies. Always made models, but favourites are ships....

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  1. What have you received today?

    just back from Carlisle and my favourite bookshop.... £40 got me 'plank on frame models Vol 1' by harold Underhill, 'building a working model warship, hms warrior' by William Mowll, and 'AOTS Endeavour'! Bargain!!!
  2. Where do you come from

    Darlington UK, born and bred... I live about 1/2 mile from the worlds first public railway station. My side of the family has no naval connection other than the fact I make boat engines, but my wife's side of the family are related to that Cook family that had a captain in it.... because of this, I am tempted to do the Endeavour at some point for my grandkids. Maybe thats why her two brothers were in the Navy, something in the genes perhaps...