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  1. You just stick with us mate, we won't lead you astray, fair dinkum!
  2. I'll be interested to see how you make some of those parts
  3. Very nice thinking outside the square, I would never thought of a knurling tool, I have one but it's diagonal, guess it would make nice helical gears
  4. I agree that the launch would be a beautiful model, even better in full size!
  5. I've just found this build and have to say it's very impressive. You've got a very nice machine and tooling setup too I'll be keeping this build for further reference.
  6. Bedford

    Twelve inch to the foot dinghy

    The tiller is large enough that used with the outrigger stowed my hand will rest over the top and sides without really touching the device.
  7. Bedford

    Twelve inch to the foot dinghy

    I still haven't found buoyancy that I'm happy with but I reckon since I'll be sailing her single handed most of the time I'll need a third hand, a way of holding the tiller for a few minutes now and then. I milled a piece of scrap brass left over from turning another part to make up a sliding jamb, I'll run a line across the boat via the tiller "lock" The mill in the first pic is 10mm diam with a 2mm external radius, I used it for the edges of the brass and the fair leads in the though block Simple 3 piece brass assy and you can see the fair lead in the right hand block Fitted to the tiller, I mounted it on the boat and it seems to work well, the only concern is that the wedge may slide back accidentally causing friction while steering but if that happens I'll slip a couple of magnets into the woodwork to hold it in place.
  8. Bedford

    Twelve inch to the foot dinghy

    Finally she's a sail boat, almost, still fine tuning to do and buoyancy to organise. It's getting crowded on the centre board case
  9. It's looking very nicely jury rigged, well done and good luck!
  10. Valeriy I've just caught up several pages of this build and all I can do is repeat the praise so many have given. As for soldering, I'm always trying to convince people that it is not the demon they think it is. I've been doing it for years. I must admit that I thought my 1/8 scale bullbar was pretty good but you're making me look very amateur. This was all done with 40/60 resin cored solder and a 40 Watt soldering iron and a small gas torch.
  11. Bedford

    Twelve inch to the foot dinghy

    Mark the tack and clew are made off to each end of the boom leaving the foot free while the head is secured along the full length of the gaff. In the pic above you can see the two empty holes in the gaff yoke and there is a hole through the other end of the spar to tie it off to, the boom is the same.
  12. Bedford

    Now I Feel Old

    Guilty as charged my friend but hey, what good is a union black ban if you can't sneak around it?
  13. That's an interesting challenge Mark Just a thought, perhaps set the sails in front of a fan and spray with dilute PVA or perhaps even spray starch, I know it's available, not sure if it would hold.

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