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  1. Bedford

    Twelve inch to the foot dinghy

    Wow Joe, that kit is very interesting. Just a side thought on the ship itself, she has tiller steering and having had the helm on the Bark Endeavour which is a 6ft diameter wheel that acts on the tiller I have to say she would have taken a strong man or two to steer because with two on the wheel of Endeavour she was hard work at times!
  2. Bedford

    Twelve inch to the foot dinghy

    Thanks so much Joe, I'll have a look at both. The Caroline is going to be bit of a challenge as I need to be in the right place physically and emotionally to undertake that build but one day I'll do it. I've always planned to have a portrait of my girl hanging in the Kings cabin.
  3. Michael, I think most of us with the best aptitude for this kind of work don't have the aptitude for standard education techniques, I certainly didn't do anything stunning at school with the exception of anything that involved mind and hand, in which case I did quite well.
  4. Bedford

    Twelve inch to the foot dinghy

    She's going to be in Wooden Boat Magazine in March under "Launchings" but I haven't written much in that. I'll have to check out this "offspring" It has been a joy to build and very rewarding, every time I take her out someone always comes up to me and comments or wants to talk about her. If you have the desire and the skills, do it!
  5. Bedford

    Twelve inch to the foot dinghy

    Another day in the workshop has resulted in the boom now having a yoke and reefing sheave fitted. This sheave axle required no fancy machining as it is captive once the yoke is attached. The first pic is for anyone who wonders how you get two parallel flats either side of a spar. It's simple really, the sides of the bench plane are perpendicular to the sole therefore if you clamp the spar securely so it can't move at all then lay the plane on its side and plane the first flat you can then swap to the other side to plane the second flat, even if the blade is out of square with the sole the flats will be parallel because the error is repeated equally on the other side.
  6. Bedford

    Twelve inch to the foot dinghy

    Thanks geoffs, I've seen the ones tied up under cover outside the Wooden Boat Centre next door to LBT They're just a nice boat that looks right aren't they.
  7. Bedford

    Twelve inch to the foot dinghy

    I'd be lost without the lathe, it's been so useful in so many ways in this build, the latest is the sheave axle in the mast. It's easy to put a bit of 6mm brass rod through the mast but how to secure it? Solution, start with 20mm brass offset in the 4 jaw chuck. Turn down to 5.95mm then part off with 2mm of the original stock then a little bit of hacksaw and a touch of file and wet&dry and it's sorted.
  8. Bedford

    Twelve inch to the foot dinghy

    Yeah Mark that's what I was thinking. Today I finished the sanding and stepped the mast head to accept the mast band, I had to go with this size, 32mm I.D. because the next size up was 51mm I.D. which is the O.D. of the mast at that point. When I set it up I'll see if I need to put a more gentle taper on the shoulder. So armed with a nice sharp chisel and a compass I was able to come to the end result shown, the mast band fits on very nicely. The next step is to decide if I will use 40mm diameter sheaves in the mast for the halyards or turn up some 50mm ones in brass. I'll do the 40mm first and see how it all feels.
  9. Interesting detail there and it may be useful for me too
  10. Bedford

    Twelve inch to the foot dinghy

    Work is proceeding on the rig, the sails are ordered and should be available mid January while the hardware is in the garage and the spars are slowly taking shape. I've planed enough shavings off the spars in rounding them to fill a 240ltr bin! I've been sanding for a few days and now only have the 240 grit to go on the mast and they're done. I came to the realisation that I could either have three near round spars or three perfectly round toothpicks! I opted for the near round spars.
  11. Mark, it's interesting how the old boat builders knew how to make them that way but we don't today. The Waratah is the same, 160 tons, 33mtrs long and no wake to speak of. Granted she's going slow in these pics but she never makes much more wake
  12. Just found this, exceptional craftsmanship here. I'll have to follow along
  13. Bedford

    Twelve inch to the foot dinghy

    Yeah space is an issue for most of us, you'll note the bandsaw is on wheels so it can be put away. When the boat and car are in the garage everything fits in like a jigsaw puzzle but thankfully I have the room to do that.
  14. Bedford

    Twelve inch to the foot dinghy

    Time to build the rig. I went and bought a lump of Sitka Spruce 75x150x5100 from which I can get all three components:- Mast is 4100x70 diam Boom is 2530x52 diam Yard is 2580x50 diam Obviously they all taper but those are the max dimensions. It took some planning to physically cut it all due to the size.

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