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  1. turnbuckles

    I have this illustration:
  2. What have you received today?

    Huge THANKS to all for support in these difficult days for me! Things are getting better, slooowly though... Thomas
  3. What have you received today?

    Last Monday I received a new right hip joint, and since Wednesday I am at home. Still with a lot of pain, swelling and stiffness. Wish me well!
  4. Fore and aft rigging questions

    Perhaps L. Petersson "Rigging fore and aft craft" would be helpful?
  5. It probabaly would be easier to build a ropewalk from scratch, rather than modify a pencil sharpener, I think. You need a central axis with a bigger gear (either hand cranked or motorized, and on the periphery of this larger gear you need to mount three (or four) smaller gears which engage the "teeth" of the larger gear. So that everything rotates together and in the same direction when you start spinning this central axis. I suggest, you pay a visit to a local junk (scrap metal) store where they have bits and pieces of old machinery, and start looking for appropriate gears. This is the most difficult task (to find those gears) because buying them new online may be quite expensive, after that everyting is much easier. It is then just a matter of finding some time to assemble everything. I built my ropewalk many years ago and it still serves me well. Here is one pic of this gadget. Regards, Thomas
  6. I took a few pics of the model (with my analog Pentax camera) at the time it was still in the museum.
  7. New Files

    I have identical set of files for many years already and they serve me excellently!
  8. This thread is shaping to be very exciting and educational! I am placing myself deeper in my computer armchair and anxiously awaiting the continuation of Alexander's blog.
  9. Would you, Korablik, show and explain the process of the carving of your small wonders, rather than showing the end products? I have a hard time imagining how you do it! What is the scale of the last figurehead? Regards, Thomas
  10. Photos of furled jibs

    I have these two pics of the schooner America in San Diego
  11. Shipyard Cardboard kits

    Why don't you scan the Polish instructions, indicate parts you don't understand and attach this here and I will try to help you. I do speak Polish, so I might be able to help.

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