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  1. Hi Ferit, I will have a look on the plans tomorrow (thursday) and send you a pic thanks for your Kind words Cheerio Max
  2. Hello my friends this is the last entry in my build log "Fregatte Berlin", Corel, 1:40. I finished the work on this wonderful modelship. Most of the time the build was a pleasure. Some words about the kit: The timber is good but I changed the 4/2mm stips for the hull into 7/1mm - this looks better and you can work with this strips better. The prefabbricated parts like decks or frames are not state-of-the-art, but with some work all goes into place The brass parts are quite good. I decided to paint them according to the color-scheme I found in the WWW. I like it but I do see that the colored parts can look a little bit like toys. But I don't mind The plans are somewhere between good and awful. Especially if you want to put sails on to the the ship the rigging plan is difficult to understand. As I did some ships before I got along - but a newbie will have problems. The drawings themselves are good. The model needs some modifications - deck planking, additional parts, but this is whats modelling is for Tricky was to change square bars into masts. I was surprised how good the result was at least. I filled the space between the frames with balsa wood and got all togehther into the correct shape. I was not convinced that a single planking without a strong and stable substructure would work. All in all as a conclusion: Yes, I loved this build (with some doubts as in any relationship ). It's a really nice model, quite impressing an authentic. The price is about 420 - 450 Euros in Europe. That's a lot and not approbiate imo - at least you have to buy some additional items like flags (the ones provided with the kit are not usable) or black yarn for the standing rigging. No - this kit is not suitable for beginners. You have to know a lot (and I do NOT know enogh) about modelling period ships. I would recommend this kit to everyone who wants to have a unique model, has enough expierence and a lot of patience. I enjoyed the 18 months that I spent with the Fregatte Berlin. It will adorn my office. The next project will be Fregatte Friedrich Wilhelm zu Pferde by Euromodel. This will be a real challenge, I expect a building period of at least three years. Just for studying the plans I will need a year... They are so full of details. I have all interpretives that Euromodel offer on their site and I did understand yet that very much of the parts have to be carved and made by myself. And that you can build the ship "out of the box" or cahnge into a museum-like gem. I will decide for a way inbetween this extremes But I will not start with the FW before 2019 or 2020. The next years I want to travel around the world. That's it for the Moment, please enjoy the pics (you can find more in the gallery on NRG) and feel free to tell me what you think about my Fregatte Berlin. I will follow the discussions on the board for sure - infected with the modeller's Virus CHEERIO Max
  3. 18 months, a lot of tricky challenges and much more joy and fun: The "Berlin" is done. Enjoy the pics and don't hesitate if you have any thoughts about it. Cheerio - Max
  4. maggsl_01

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    Shake, Rattle and Roll - Bill Haley & His Comets
  5. Hello my friends it's been a long time since my last entry. Well, I was busy with the sails. The rigging is going on very well, there is no real problem around. The plans could be more clearly, but if you take your time and read the drawings exactly you will have no problem with the sails. I still have to make three sails then the Fregatte Berlin will be fiished. Some coils are necessary and some smaller jobs as always. No more words - just enjoy the pics. They show the status quo (no... not the band :)) Cheerio Max
  6. Hello Julian, sorry for the delay - was not online for some health reasons... I just used an common pencil. I just spotted on the wood - thats all. Nothing special, no filling. Just patience - that is what you really need - but we build period ships, so patience is my second first name Hi mates, just a little update. As I cought me a terrible summer cold with fever and all that stupid stuff I am in delay with the updates. I worked on the standing rigging and finally finished it. I love this work so much and I am quite content with he result. Especially the ratlines make a good impression to me. I used very thin yarn (.25mm) and this looks very nice. At least I fixed the anchors - but they need a lot of work to be done. The provided kit's anchors are nothing more than a useful base for the real anchors. I tried to get them a little bit more realistic, I also build up two buoys and additonal items. The flags are not fixed - I replaced the Corel flags with really good and high detailled ones and I also replaced the lantern with a beautiful one I found at the after-sales market. The Corel lantern is not good. So I will go on with the yards, the sails and the running rigging soon. I think I will have two more months fun with the Fregatte Berlin. Just enjoy the pics - and don't hesitate with critics and praise Cheerio Max
  7. Thank you Jean-Pierre... I will try to Change the Position as I also think it is too much sticking out... just don't know how to manage... but I'll find a solution
  8. Hello again... the Berlin grows and grows. I am still busy with the standing rigging - just do a few things as it's still summer. But it takes good progress. I am very pleased with all and see no difficulties around - but you have to understand the plan. It's a little bit confusing. But it's a challenge - and that's what counts. Some pics as always... Cheerio Max
  9. Hello my friends, I am still alive... and was always working a little bit on my Fregatte Berlin. So it came as far that the masts are all prepared, the yards are shapened and I startet with the challenge I love almost the most - rigging. I attached some pics to show the progress. I decided at least to fix the sails to the model. It will be some fun I think. There are absolutely no complications so far. The plans give you some hints but the most is done with expierence and a good book (Wolfram zu Monfeld). I repeat my opinion: The model of Fregatte Berlin by Corel is not suitable to beginners. You should have built two or three ships before you start this. But it's fun and a very good method to relax and fade away to an other "world". That's it for today - will be back soon(er or later) Cheerio Max Sorry for the wrong queue... I could not sort the pics in the correct way
  10. Hello friends and mates, a little update again. Due to springtime a lot of garden works and dog fun I took down the level of building speed... So I shaped the parts of the masts with a planer (as the featured parts of the Corel kit are quare-shapened timber). I was afraid this challenge would be too heavy to solve - but it is not. After all I am convinced it's more easy than to taper rods. The next steps are to build the masts with all parts. I will do the next weeks so that I will be ready for rigging in autumn. I want to finish the Berlin in wintertime. I am not sure yet if I will use the sails (I bought the accessoires from Corel). See you soon Cheerio Max
  11. Hello again I have finished the hull so far. The decorations are fixed - and hopefully will keep fixed... - all parts are on their place. Only the steps and gunport lids are still missing and I will do this after the rigging. Otherwise it would be too difficult to care for this parts. Next is to build the masts, but as mentioned before I am not sure to start this now. Probably I will wait until autumn when the summer fades away. However, the masts are to been shapen (is this correct grammar??) from square-shapened timber. A challenge But an intersting one. If all goes wrong I can buy some rods and taper them to the right shape. Some pics show the status in which the Fregatte Berlin is at this moment. Enjoy them Cheerio my fellow mates and friends
  12. Hello folks just a few pics from the status quo. I have almost no time for my model. I hope this woll change soon. But the summer is cumming - and so a time where modelling has to step a little bit to the second row. Autumn and winter are better seasons for ships Nevertheless I will always do a lttle bit on the Fregatte Berlin. I am ready with the hull and the guns and I painted the decorations according to historical sources- Hope you like it I will be back soon Best to you all Cheerio Max
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    A Groovy Kind Of Love - Phil Collins
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  15. Hallo mates, just a little update. I varnished the hull and the deck with colorless semi-matte varnish. The timber darkend as I expected it, the surface is very soft and warm and the entire model has a very charming impression. I am very content now. Next will be to finish the deck furniture and some smaller repairs and the cannons. When this is done I will either have a break or start to build the masts and yards. I am not sure, but spring is rising and thats a time I love to be outside with my camera... Well, we will see As usual some pics to show the progress. Cheerio Max

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