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  1. Hi mates, I am pretty busy with the standing rigging of my Fregatte Berlin by Corel. I have a lot of fun - and that's what a hobby is here for... cu - Max
  2. Hi folks had so little time the past weeks to build up my Fregatte Berlin. But the last week I finished the hull and installed the guns. Next will be to color the decorations and fix them. After this I will start to create the masts. They are not rods but square-shaped timber and I have to shape them. Not sure if I like this, we will see. Cheerio Max
  3. Song Title Game

    A Groovy Kind Of Love - Phil Collins
  4. Song Title Game

    Shine On You Crazy Diamond - Pink Floyd
  5. Song Title Game

    Sitting On Top Of The World - The uncomparable CREAM (Clapton-Bruce-Baker)
  6. Song Title Game

    Light My Fire - the immortal DOORS
  7. Song Title Game

    If Paradise Is Half As Nice - Amen Corner
  8. Song Title Game

    What a Day for a Daydream - Lovin Spoonful
  9. Song Title Game

    Let The Sunshine In - Fifth Dimension (from the Musical Hair )
  10. Song Title Game

    Just A Perfect Day - Lou Reed
  11. Song Title Game

    Love Is Just A Four-Letter-Word - Joan Baez
  12. Song Title Game

    Wild World - Yussuf Islam aka Cat Stevens
  13. Song Title Game

    The Girl From Ipanema - Stan Getz - but my favorite version: Amy Whinehouse, the GREAT Amy... (may she rest in peace...)
  14. Song Title Game

    Diamonds Are A Girl's Best Friend - Norma Jean Baker aka Marilyn Monroe
  15. Song Title Game

    Lucy In The Sky With Diamonds - guess who ... yupp The Fab4 from Liverpool