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  1. Hello folks, a view at the Frgatee Berlin at the moment. I just finished standing rigging, fixed the anchors and the lantern (got a nwe one as the kit's lantern does not look good) The flags are also not the flags provided with the kit, I purchased some substitutes that look 100 times better... Next will be the job with the yards and sails - hopefully I will finish the Berlin in about two months Cheerio Max
  2. HMB Endeavour - Occre

    My Interpretation of Mr Cooks famous vessel Endeavour - Occre, 1:54
  3. DSC 0242

    Wonderful made... like this build very much ! Cheerio Max
  4. HMY Royal Caroline

    This are the pics of my finished model Royal Caroline by Panart 1:47. I was close to the instructions and changed just a few things (descirbed in my build log http://modelshipworld.com/index.php/topic/6726-hmy-royal-caroline-by-maggsl-01-panart-147/ Have fun and enjoy the pics. Comments are welcome... there is NO special order at the pics. Cheerio Max
  5. HMS Bounty

    Hi Mike, nice to see you made up a gallery from this wonderful model. Cheerio Max
  6. This Album Shows my first wooden model ship - the Half Moon by Corel.
  7. Friedrich Wilhelm 001

    This ship is just a dream... and perfect build some far away day I will try to get the Friedrich Wilhelm alive... hope I can reach your level then Cheerio Max
  8. php7jtxHOAM

    WOW - perfect built of a very impressive ship take it on my wishlist - how was the work? cheerio Max
  9. alert Hdr 03

    Not only the ship is first-class... the pics are just GREAT... I love this monochrome hdr cheerio Max
  10. Starboard

    Hi Vivian very nics pics from a very nice model Congratulations... Max
  11. Endeav 09

    perfect built! Chapeau... I will do the CC endeavour some day... not so far away