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    being a dad, being a hubby. Naval architecture, shipbuilding (modern and historical, have worked for first and second tier US shipyards), marine operations (in the business with a international oil & gas E&P company), ship and boat models.

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  1. Hi justsarow,


    This is Donald Harris,  I see in your listed builds that you built the Constructo " Elidir.  I have an Elidir kit ......with no assembly manual ..... just the plans ....... I have missing parts ( I bought on auction).   Got with OEM ..... Diset  " Louise"  should be the same.     They changed materials list numbers plans and list.  So it's a wash.  Wondering if your have a copy of materials list and plans to help a fellow  Texan  out?  I live in San Antonio now;  but live in Houston over 30 yrs.   Came to S.A.  for better Medical Care ...... I'm a Disabled Vietnam Combat Veteran,  and got feed up with Houston V.A.     Thank you for your time, patience and consideration.

    1. Poppa Ace

      Poppa Ace

      Justarow wrote:   


      Hey Donald,

      I’m afraid I don’t have the material/parts list or the instruction manual. 


      All I have is the main plan sheet. 





      I appreciate your feedback and thanks for your plans ......  I guess I'm going to  "Wing It"    which ....  with my messing-up along the way .....  I should learn something new.  My grandpa used to say to me:  " If your not messing up your, not learning anything ".    Thought I might the easy way...... but I think that's one of the reasons I like ship modeling ....  because it's not easy at times ..... and you learn to create methods of construction, jigs, and use to learn different techniques.  Thanks again for your time and consideration.


      Donald W. Harris          " Only The Lead Dog Sees a Different View "    circa 2001  by  DWH


    2. justsayrow


      Good luck!  Start a build log and you’ll get all the help you need. 

  2. justsayrow

    Build burnout

    I build in bursts. 4-6 months I'm at the bench up to 10 hours a week. And then I can't drag myself into the model room. It passes. Not sure the trigger but it passes. Then I get back at it!
  3. Don, A/L's Swift is the model that planking really "clicked" for me. The lines are straight forward with a little challenge on the stern. It's also a fairly quick rig so the sense of accomplishment timeline is short. And it's a nice scale so you can scratch build a lot of details if you choose. Plenty of build logs here for guidance. Good luck!
  4. justsayrow

    Help me decide which to build next

    The cross section will give you a new set of skills: a square rig. Also it's a quick build. Out of the box it's pretty inaccurate though.
  5. A ship manager I worked with liked to say it's a 3D business: Dirty, Difficult and Dangerous.
  6. justsayrow

    Word Recognition game

  7. Frank, Happy 2 year anniversary of your build log. I love following along!
  8. justsayrow

    Word Recognition game

  9. justsayrow

    Has Anyone else's models taken over your house?

    Kinda reminds me of the joke to which the punchline is "heck Padre, I ain't even Catholic but I HAD to tell someone!"! :) And yes, the admiral accuses me of this regularly. But I say one word of her croucheted afghans...........l
  10. It's a shame that one can only click "Like This" once! Beautiful work.
  11. justsayrow

    Song Title Game

    Walking on sunshine. Katrina and the waves.
  12. justsayrow

    Keep a word drop a word...

    Outward bound
  13. justsayrow

    Word Recognition game

  14. justsayrow

    Word Recognition game

  15. justsayrow

    Keep a word drop a word...

    Funky monkey

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