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  1. Ferit, Thanks so much you have always been so kind with your words. BUT where is your Berlin??? When I first joined MSW you were one of my teachers
  2. Peter, Your plates came out brilliantly. Those thousands of bits are such a chore that cannot exist with any errors along the way. Your shot racks look excellent as well. Great work all around. PS and to think that I was so "full of myself" with my small x-section coppering haha Cheers,
  3. Patrick Right indeed Decided that middle gun deck will include hammocks, tables and one gun at the back. This will keep views more open - I think. Added a sponge pole and a bucket. Sponge pole is super easy - cut a strip on facial tissue, bit of wood glue and then just rolled it up.
  4. Friday afternoon looking towards Malibu from Santa Monica,
  5. Mark, Indeed you have had your share of too many fires fires up in your area. You will feel rain much sooner than we - we are so parched especially in So Cal. Yes rain please come !!!
  6. B.E., Somehow missed this one. Grabbed my ladder an binocks. adding my name to your shipyard guest list. As always brilliant work. Cheers,
  7. Hi mates, Finished up the lower gun deck. Rigging was time consuming, but looks to be worth the effort. Need to do a bit of black touch-painting, add a few treenails here and there, add knees, sponge poles, buckets, etc.. Now on to mid gun deck need to; Add lanterns, block and tackle for the cannon doors…. Not sure what to do with this deck?? Thinking of just leaving it more-or-less as is – (not adding four more fully rigged guns and carriages along with extra planking). My intensions were to leave as much visible as poss. with this cross section. Will install the stairs. May add just one gun to that deck towards the aft. ======================= Here are some updated photos. As always thanks so much for following, visiting, and helping Cheers,
  8. Bit of a mess here. For us and our son he lives in SF. Brother almost lost his condo in Thousand Oaks yesterday.
  9. E.J, Nice choice ! PS: Did Hobyzone remove the 23% VAT at checkout? Grabbed a chair for this one as well - I do like that framing jig.
  10. Doris, I can't believe that I have missed your updates since May. Just caught up (need to re-set settings) As Mtaylor just said "This is like watching Da Vinci or Raphael at work. The more one looks, the more one sees in the details." Indeed it is And then, I widen fingers on my trackpad to enlarge your photos and become even more astonished !!! PS: As I have said before - Yes indeed your SOS is beyond mere superlative descriptions - as well as this superb log. Cheers,
  11. Art, Nice start - this kit has more depth than most cross-sections that I have seen Nice indeed. Regards,
  12. One last bit -- found this one that loaded right after - super interesting indeed.
  13. Paul, Frank, Thanks for your advice - this is new territory for me - so the help is much appreciated. You are both certainly correct and as Frank thought - the chafing would also become an issue. I just did a search of the USS Constitution, and the ropes are also indeed pulled from above. Easy fix - in that the middle gun deck has not been installed, I can add the ropes/blocks to the upper beams before installation. Thanks Guys Cheers
  14. Patrick, Thanks for the post. I had not thought to looking at the Vasa museum photos, but given that these two ships were separated by a century or so - I did not..(Santisima 1769 Victory launched 1765) Yes diff. countries 😊..... This lead me to do a Goole 17/18th cent gun deck images search. I also looked at the HMS Victory - so many actual photos available, and same vintage as Santisima. Below is the Victory photo. That is the one design that I ignored because it would have added details that would have been almost out of view. But it got me thinking of using blocks for the leverage potential. Then found photos of a kit one of which used two blocks, and one that used only one. Yes the Vasa solution is indeed an even simpler solution. In fact that was my thought in the first place even before doing any searches. But I think that I will stay with the single pulley/block idea "just because" (In American english) that means one does not have an actual reason for something, but will do it anyway I would imagine that every language has a similar phrase. As always thanks for the help, posts and likes !!! PS: Almost all images of gun decks excluded the gun door ropes. Regards,

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