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  1. Your Images for our Facebook Page :-)

    Dirk, Current - almost finished Corel kit Wasa (Vasa)- build. PS: Facebook Good Idea!!
  2. yamato2.jpg

    Super impressive weathering details !!
  3. Intense situation indeed. Much sadness today for many. Winds will continue for two more days - pushing 50-60 mph. Fires at Zero % containment at this hour.
  4. Finally installed all of the yards and sails. Now working from the bow to stern will locate shroud pin holes, adjust and correctly set the sails. Should be a wrap!
  5. This project is so awesome!! I hope that it also results in a great book with many photos. So appreciate the updates (;-)
  6. Another Dodger record in 2017

    The previous temperature record for a World Series baseball game was set on October 27, 2001, when the New York Yankees took on the Arizona Diamondbacks in Phoenix. At the hottest point of that day, the temperature reached 98º F but the weather had cooled to the mid 90s by game time. SO - Dodgers tonight; In addition to making baseball historyin 2017, Tuesday and Wednesday’s temperatures could also be the hottest ever recorded in Los Angeles on those particular dates. Temperature is expected to be 102º at game time. PS: I know that MSW is a worldwide forum, and 95% (Ok 98%) of members don’t care about these data regarding game temperatures --- But I do --- haha Cheers Everyone,
  7. Excellent work. Brilliant ideas for details.
  8. I did visit her in 094. Must say that the museum seems to have improved its display, since my visit - or so I remember? Hopefully they can "fix" this. it also appears as if the Vasa is also having stability issues. http://www.dailymail.co.uk/sciencetech/article-4940578/Wreck-Mary-Rose-started-collapse-itself.html
  9. http://www.dailymail.co.uk/sciencetech/article-4898204/Experts-graveyard-60-preserved-ancient-shipwrecks.html
  10. Hello Slidways, THANKS for asking members at MSW - We need to support legitimate legal suppliers. (:-) PS: I did not know, but glad that other members did Regards,
  11. Revenge, low bow view

    H, Really excellent work. Congrats indeed.
  12. IMG 1800 (1)

    URO, Nice indeed. Build log ???? (:-) that would be very nice to see. Michael
  13. Heroine4sm

    VERY VERY cool. What a great idea for a diorama. Your work is also spectacular. Now, there must be a way of creating tiny air bubbles (:-) Michael

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