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  1. Vasa builders FYI

    That is possible indeed, BUT it it is a new kit for this ship not a re-packaging from an other manufacturer - that is the important fact for builders who might be of interest in building a Vasa, Below is from Dr. Fred Hocker responding to a question at the Vasa specific site Swedish Warship Vasa "I was involved in the development of the kit, and so I am curious how it is to build. I am receiving a copy, but will not start building it until I have all of the parts (I have received installment 108 of 136 at this point)."
  2. Vasa builders FYI

    Mark. This is a new kit. It is being produced with full cooperation from the Vasa Museum. Along with Fred Hocker's full involvement It is the most accurate of the three other Vasa kits that have been available for years. PS: the kit demo photos are actually of the Museum's 1/10th, not the kit - not too "ok" as a sales demo IMO
  3. DeAgostini Model Space is now offering their Vasa monthly build in USA - I assume Canada is also included? Alsost wish that I had not seen that after spending 5 years on my Corel kit haha https://www.model-space.com/us/model-ships.html
  4. At 7 minutes it gets VERY messy indeed. Those last ships that are run aground, must be for demolition I would think.
  5. Is this a MSW banned kit?

    Chuck, THANKS, I was thinking as much but wanted to be sure - now I am - Will absolutely not go forward with this. Appreciate your time in responding, and I just removed the link to their site from my post above. Sincerely,
  6. Chuck, Awesome the Admiral and I so loved Rome !!! Great - thanks for remembering
  7. I was thinking of putting this one on my shipyard door. I don't see this particular company on the banned list. I absolutely do not want to buy suspect product. Any help will be appreciated. I do like the concept - I just removed the link after Chuck's responce to my questtion Regards,
  8. Denis, Thanks for the head's up for E&T's build log - brilliant work. I had no idea about the poss. OcCre theft of his research - SO glad that he resolved all the issues to his complete satisfaction. Re: GØT actors - Nice had not thought about this. Yes also looking forward to 019 -inhaled all 5 books Martin is such a great writer whose words just flow off of the pages.
  9. RE; HMS Terror

    OcCre will release this new kit http://buildingterror.blogspot.com/2018/04/building-your-own-hms-terror.html direct to OcCre website; http://www.occre.com/hms-terror.html
  10. Update on Santisima cross-section; Added ballast rocks, will add lighting, then work on next deck - intend on leaving out many planks.
  11. Mark: Thanks I have indeed tried looking through all of those vender's sites. No luck beyond stern lamps Michiel: Thanks as well. Yes indeed 3D printing will become a very big part of ship modeling. The improvements are spectacular. I have seen stern ship sections that were rendered using 3D printing. Regarding my small needs, apart from creating a 3d file that is beyond my skills, I will try to fashion these lanterns as you did. I already have some ideas in mind. Waiting for the lights to arrive first. Thanks mates for your advice.... Regards,
  12. I may just play round and try Again Thanks indeed.

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