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  1. Excellent work. Brilliant ideas for details.
  2. I did visit her in 094. Must say that the museum seems to have improved its display, since my visit - or so I remember? Hopefully they can "fix" this. it also appears as if the Vasa is also having stability issues. http://www.dailymail.co.uk/sciencetech/article-4940578/Wreck-Mary-Rose-started-collapse-itself.html
  3. http://www.dailymail.co.uk/sciencetech/article-4898204/Experts-graveyard-60-preserved-ancient-shipwrecks.html
  4. Hello Slidways, THANKS for asking members at MSW - We need to support legitimate legal suppliers. (:-) PS: I did not know, but glad that other members did Regards,
  5. Hi Mates, Continuing with installing sails. All lower sails will be furled including the mizzen. Thanks as always for the likes. Regards,
  6. Revenge, low bow view

    H, Really excellent work. Congrats indeed.
  7. IMG 1800 (1)

    URO, Nice indeed. Build log ???? (:-) that would be very nice to see. Michael
  8. Heroine4sm

    VERY VERY cool. What a great idea for a diorama. Your work is also spectacular. Now, there must be a way of creating tiny air bubbles (:-) Michael
  9. My first build, some 40 years ago. It has held up pretty well. It did survive an earthquake in 1994 (:-)
  10. 27 DSC 3243

    Beautiful work. Spectacular art. Well done.
  11. stern3

    Mike, Your Victory is STUNNING.!! Love the aged copper. You Victory guys always make me realize what level of artistry it takes. Congrats Regards Michael (md1400cs)
  12. Smit Rotterdam 6

    Well done Beautiful !! love the aging Michael
  13. Wasa1

    Beautiful build on this Billings Wasa. Congrats!! Regards, Michael D
  14. barcos 009

    barcos 009, Absolutely beautiful. Also love the opened hull- Whoa. Nice....Superbly well done details. MJD