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  1. The interior details, and lighting are also very nice.
  2. Interesting thread indeed, nice to know that I am not alone spending sometimes only an hour (or less) on any given day. Then there are rare days when I will spend, in the aggregate, seven hours that day. Then there are also consecutive days when the shipyard is unemployed. It also depends on the needed tasks at hand. If I think that certain "bits" are a chore then time lapses indeed. Then if I work on bits that really "get me going" I can last several daily sessions in a row. I did make a New Year's resolution to actually finish this build in 017. Then I remembered how many N Yr's resolutions I have broken over the decades - ha ha PS: I do love this hobby, it indeed fills a very nice niche in my life. I have no intentions of not always having a second career in my shipyard. I may not be a responsibly consistent employee however. !! Cheers,
  3. Brian, Better late than NEVER. Yes, having Ned stark beheaded at the end of season one - I was OMG Nooooo. Immediately Googled it - then realized that I had been living in a cave. Had never heard of George RR Martin. Loved the first season, so added the book to my iPad through Amazon. So loved reading it. It was as if I were seeing the first season again through the book. So well written. That was, of course, was a few years ago. Have since read all five books and, AND of course cannot wait until July 16, 2017 (:-) Along with many of millions of fans world-wide. According to data when streaming services are added the- per episode -views in the USA are about 23 million per episode. Glad that you are (finally) experiencing this amazing television series. Indeed enjoy the other seasons as well. Cheers,
  4. Hi Mates, Just got the Billings Oseberg 720 kit. Oh My is this a BIG kit!!; poor shopping on my part.. No idea it would be SO big- it’s just a Viking boat ha ha. I also “assumed” that (at least) the sailcloth would be pre-printed with red stripes. Not! Bit disappointed with my poor shopping skills for this kit. I was just not paying attention. After 4 seasons of The Vikings on History Channel I really wanted to build a Viking boat. Especially after seeing Jack Panzeca’s and Von Kossa’s brilliant logs for this Billings kit. My brain still did not "see" the size. …. I think that I will have to “pass on it”. Just add it to the garage stuff… I don’t have the right tools to build something in this scale - at the level of detail that I try to achieve. Note the actual size on that profile sheet (Corel Wasa for perspective). Admiral can never see this monster ha ha.. As usual, Cheers…..
  5. Hi Mates, No I'm not a Titanic "nut case" these just show up on youtube based on my previous viewings. Clever indeed - apparently a one-of scratch built.
  6. PS: the videos that load right after are also Titanic related if you are interested Cheers,
  7. Awesome indeed. Loved the movie as well
  8. I've noticed in "Shore Leave" a couple of members are now posting logs of their other hobby builds. I remember an aircraft and now a stagecoach!. Great idea for "shore Leave". It would be interesting to see and follow other hobby projects that our members also enjoy. One yes vote from me (-))))) - not that votes have been asked for ha ha... Cheers,
  9. Many of these photos are well known, but this is a nice story in anycase PS: Third class meal is certainly better than many bus. class airlines offerings today ha ha Cheers,
  10. Hi Mates. TROND Gooseneck 6000K LED light with three brightness settings. Excellent indeed!! - Just repeated touches on outer cover (circle) sets just the brightness needed. There is another version available that has three diff Kelvin light settings; daylight, reading, relaxing – (all dimmable as well)– almost got that one instead, but new that I only really needed the “daylight “ settings. PS: I have no connection to Amazon – just really like this product. Cheers,
  11. Bjønar Welcome. As a member you will enjoy many more benefits. And YES nice of you to be aware of, and discussing with your members the problem of pirated/banned kits (:-) Cheers,
  12. Pollex, Sorry I don't know. I did overhear a tour guide who said that the cannons were brought to the fort in the mid 1700s. here is some further info Also this photo may help you determine more about these cannons.
  13. Hi Mates, Took a great trip to Cartagena colombia - thought to share these specific pics (:-) Text from Wikipedia (thank You) The castle is located on the Hill of San Lázaro in a strategic location, dominating approaches to the city by land or sea. The Spanish built it during the colonial era. Construction began in the year 1536. It was expanded in 1657. The fortification consists of a series of walls, wide at the base and narrow toward the parapet, forming a formidable pattern of bunkers. The batteries and parapets protect one another, so making it practically impossible to take a battery without taking the whole defense system. FIrst pic found at Google images. All others from my iPhone. Cheers,
  14. Vince, Thanks I sorta thought as much - given that the rat lines need to support the "same" weight whatever mast is being climbed. Just wanted to be sure.