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  1. Building ships is not about speed but the journey. Everything is a special build in itself. What a great hobby we have.
  2. timjina

    Bow quarter

    Beautiful work , by a master......well done. from Jim in Australia
  3. Thanks Chris ,sorry about the wrong name ....All the best....Jim
  4. Hi, just wondering,(and it may sound quite absurd as I know there are some master ship modelers amongst you ) are there places that sell scale Coming in sheets so a modeler can cut out to size and frame it. Thank you for not laughing as I was just wondering. I have made some over the years but to be able to buy direct and to scale would be amazing. Good health to you all......Jim Cleland.....Australia
  5. Beautiful work Gary. The Benjamin w. is a nice looking craft. I have it on the shelf here in the workshop. Currently building The Scottish Maid but very much looking forward to opening the Benjamin W. box. Retirement is a wonderful time ,I feel sorry for people who don't have hobbies,every dy I wake with new dreams to conquer. Well done once again.....Jim Cleland
  6. If anyone comes across this problem and the paint is unusable or hard to use . I make some color swatches from the original paint purchase then, go to the hardware store where they will scan the color on their computer and supply the exact colors in sample pots. In Australia the sample pots have enough paint for many ships and their cost is minimal .....around $7.00....... Hope this helps someone.
  7. I realise it's probably of little use now, but someone might like my advice. I agree with Bob ,sailing vessels of older vintage like Bluenose etc would have always been painted in flat paints ( although even so called flat paint will sometimes have a 5-10% sheen) I just think like Bob flat paints give a more realistic look.
  8. Beautiful work Jim. It doesn't matter how long it takes . Building ships is food for the soul .......well done once again. What ship is next, I've always got something in the cupboard to keep the dream alive and it's good to have a purpose other than gardening , house maintenance and enjoying good wine. All the best....Jim Cleland ......Aldinga Beach South Australia
  9. Every picture is a work of art Tim. You should be very pleased. I don't know what your occupation is but you should make models for museums etc. Once again well done.
  10. Beautiful work Tim, I'm half way through the Scottish Maid and your work is exceptional.....well done. My next build will be either the Benjamin W, Latham or Bluenose 11 . I like the shape of the cutters . Once again well done and good to see other Aussies on this fantastic site . I have no friends who are into modelling so when I found this site I was really excited.
  11. timjina

    Seine Boat From Benjamin W. Latham

    Nice work Vincent , Have you started the Benjamin W. Latham yet? With what you've done to the seine ,the bigger boat should look good...All the best.
  12. Hi all ,my name isn't timjina I'm called Jim Cleland and glad to have found this iste for like minded people. I love model making......sadly there aren't many of my friends who build things,as a matter of fact I'm the only one. If I start talking about my new project ....Bluenose11 or Benjamin W latham I can see their eyes glaze over.

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