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  1. The only place I grow hair now is in my nose or ears. If you glue styrene to styrene, I have better results with the glue made for the styrene. It seems to weld the pieces together. For the styrene to wood the CA seems to work best
  2. Jim The use of a heat gun or hair dryer can really help in getting the styrene to bend. I found it really helpful with the styrene chaffing pieces on the masts. On my boats, a couple of passes with the heat gun helped my ribs fit snug to the boat. Things are looking great. Keep up the good work.
  3. Thanks for the rigging tips. I will be using them when when I get to that part.
  4. Good job. Looking forward to your next project
  5. Tom I did just that. Small eye bolts with a thin brass rod through them. The one draw back to the jackstays is when you rig the yard you have to pass the line under the back stays. It makes it a little harder but I like the results. Your Conny is looking great.
  6. I finished working on the pre rigging of my foremast yards. The royal yard The top gallant yard The topsail yard The main yard All four foremast yards
  7. I have been in the same boat. When you embark on a large and time consuming project you will have frustrations. I have been working on my constitution for quite a while now. As time progressed my skills seemed to increase, which is a good thing. However when I look back I wish I would have done things better and differently. Instead of scrapping the build I decided to go forward and finish the build. Instead of pointing out my lack of skills at the time, I decided to point out what I learned as the time progressed. Kind of like a 5 year learning curve. When I am finished I will have "MY" model of the Constitution. right or wrong it will be mine. When I did my rigging of the cannons, I used some of the kit supplied rigging material. I then bought a Jim Byrnes ropewalk and am making all the rest of the rigging line myself. Instead of tearing out the cannon rigging I left it show the difference from the kit rigging to my new skill of of rope making. It still looks good but I know next time I can do better. If you want to see how I am progressing check out my build log. I see you are in the Chicago area. If you aren't aware there are three great ship modeling clubs around Chicago. Feel free to check them out. Happy modeling
  8. Thanks Kurt, he will be missed
  9. Submarineman, A little off topic, but I was Mineman in the Navy 67-71. Now back on topic. I have have found the best sources for thread to be Hobby Lobby, Joanne Fabric, Handcock Fabric, and the internet. The best thing to do is shop around and then make some test runs with your ropewalk to see if you are getting the desired result needed. Then when decide on a model, make a scale chart, (see previous post), so you can see the relationship of real size line to your scale size line. You will not need many sizes. Anything from 1/2 inch to about three inch will do fine. A hand crank serving machine will help out a lot, see xken Constitution build for his serving machine. Ken is a great builder and I wish I had his talents, and also a third hand to hold things. I try to rig as much off the model as I can trying to keep the rigging under control. Hope this helps and I am looking forward to your build.
  10. I make my own line and can twist it pretty tight. So far no problems with it stretching. When I am ready to use the line I give the piece of line a few tugs to help set it a little.
  11. I wasn't happy with the way my first attempt at rigging the foremast yard. I knew it would bother me too much, so I decided to redo it. Here are my results. I am very happy the way the foot ropes turned out. Overall, things just look better.
  12. Welcome to Mitch and a big thanks to Kurt for all the hard work he has done!
  13. To Chuck and all his crew. The sight is working great for me and I am very happy with new upgrade. I have posted to my build log with no trouble, and for me, an old guy that is an accomplishment! Thanks again to all of you for your time and help.
  14. Good to have you back. I look forward to watching your progress.