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    Harvard Illinois
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    Presently building MSW Constitution and working on the Masting and Rigging part

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  1. New member intro

    Welcome, you will enjoy the sight. Lots of information and help.
  2. New from UT

    Welcome and I look forward to your build log.
  3. Something I have always wanted to try

    Welcome, I am looking forward to your build log.
  4. Aftermarket yards and Masts for plastic kits

    If you want plastic yards and masts just go to local hobby store or craft store and use styrene rods. (Evergreen).You can scrape them down with a xacto knife and #10 or #22 blades and you will get same result as wood.
  5. Introducing myself

    Welcome Steve, Looking forward to your build log.
  6. New Member

    Welcome to the group. Happy modeling
  7. Armed Virginia Sloop

    By Geoff Matson My First wooden kit