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  1. I like the rigging part. It really makes the model come together
  2. Glad to have you back and making sawdust Danny
  3. Hello Marc I am presently working the Constitution. I am assembling my masts, yards, and rigging the way you are suggesting. The Constitution has three masts, some gaffs, and the bowsprit. I have install as much of the rigging as I can off the model. I have a great deal of blocks, eyebolts, bullseyes, and thimbles to rig. Off the mast assembly seems to work for me. I just can't imagine trying to to it all on the model. For my rigging I am using all cotton line made on the Byrnes ropewalk. My line is glued with diluted white glue. That way if a make a mistakes, all I have to do is wet, and untie the knots. Feel free to check out my build log. Xken is also rigging his Constitution the same way. Hope this helps.
  4. I have been in the same boat. When you embark on a large and time consuming project you will have frustrations. I have been working on my constitution for quite a while now. As time progressed my skills seemed to increase, which is a good thing. However when I look back I wish I would have done things better and differently. Instead of scrapping the build I decided to go forward and finish the build. Instead of pointing out my lack of skills at the time, I decided to point out what I learned as the time progressed. Kind of like a 5 year learning curve. When I am finished I will have "MY" model of the Constitution. right or wrong it will be mine. When I did my rigging of the cannons, I used some of the kit supplied rigging material. I then bought a Jim Byrnes ropewalk and am making all the rest of the rigging line myself. Instead of tearing out the cannon rigging I left it show the difference from the kit rigging to my new skill of of rope making. It still looks good but I know next time I can do better. If you want to see how I am progressing check out my build log. I see you are in the Chicago area. If you aren't aware there are three great ship modeling clubs around Chicago. Feel free to check them out. Happy modeling
  5. Thanks Kurt, he will be missed
  6. Welcome to Mitch and a big thanks to Kurt for all the hard work he has done!
  7. I also agree to do the shrouds and then attach the yard. I always put a pin in the yard and a hole in the mast where it will go, the way The yard will stay in play while you rig it yo the mast. I step the mast from the deck up. I also found it very good idea to rig much of the yard while off the mast before you install.
  8. I am a retired Horseshoer/ Blacksmith and finally got tired of using my 100 LB. anvil to make my small metal parts. I was at a flea market and picked up an old iron that they used before electricity. It looked perfect to use as a mini anvil to help make my small metal parts. I picked it up for $5. I even constructed a small wooden box for it and it has worked quite well. You can even take it out of the box and use it as a weight when you glue to parts together. Now all I need is a little smaller hammer.
  9. I not only like to rig my ships, but I also enjoy making my line. I am presently working on Model Shipways Constitution. I have pre hung as much of the rigging as I could before installing the masts.
  10. You can go to any Menards and go to the shop vac section. They will have a reducer that will work. It is a one piece unit that you adjust to the size you need
  11. Breaks are always good. For me they seem to refresh my attitude and I return to the build with a new attitude. The one thing I promised myself is to finish my build before I start a new build!
  12. Working on my Conny. I am presently pre rigging my mizzen mast
  13. The little guy will be in my thoughts and prayers
  14. That's just the right bit for drilling scuppers!
  15. Here is a picture of the adjusting screw.