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    Presently building MSW Constitution and working on the Masting and Rigging part

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  1. Sorry to hear of decision to move on to a new build. I have enjoyed watching your progress and will surely follow your next build. I know how you feel, I too have had my hang ups with the Conny build. Life seems to throw many challenges at us all at one time. This summer has been really busy for me with all my other projects, I am looking to forward to winter when I can move inside and work on my Conny. Just remember all you learned building your Conny and apply it to which ship comes next.
  2. Geoff Matson

    Standing rigging

    If you are using cotton rigging line, you might want to give acrylic paints a try. Just do some experimenting and dilute the paint for the desired result.
  3. Geoff Matson

    Pinrail rope coils

    Great tip
  4. Nice recovery on the steps. I found out, if something bothered me and I did not fix it, every time I looked at my model it would be the first thing I would see. Once fixed, I was able to move on. You are making great progress. Nice job.
  5. You are doing great. The bow timbers were a real learning experience for me. I am looking forward to seeing more.
  6. I pion all mine. It just makes it easier.
  7. Geoff Matson

    Greetings from Arizona

    Welcome to the group. Great model and looking forward to your next project. Hope you start a build log.
  8. Geoff Matson

    Hello from neillydone

    Welcome, looking forward to having you aboard
  9. Geoff Matson

    New from Serbia

    Welcome, Glad to have yu
  10. Geoff Matson

    New member here from Puerto Rico

    Welcome, looking forward to following your build
  11. Geoff Matson

    New member intro

    Welcome, you will enjoy the sight. Lots of information and help.
  12. You are doing a great job. When you are working on your counter and bow filler pieces, it is a good time to use a test plank to see how things are looking. Now is the time to make any needed changes. This is the foundation for the rest of your build. Your planks will need to fit nicely into stern and bow rabbits. (that little grove that runs along the keel and stem). The planks on the stern are really hard to fit right. They will need to lay flat and tuck in to the bottom of the counter. The test plank will also help when you begin to fair the frames. Just take your time and be patient. Look at some of the other build log and you see what I mean.
  13. Geoff Matson

    New from UT

    Welcome and I look forward to your build log.
  14. Great job on the counter block! This piece is really critical as so many parts of the stern align to it. The counter block is truly, a hard part to get right, so many angles to it.

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