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  1. Musicians and Modelers

    I played trumpet through college.... When I was in 7th grade, while the rest of the kids were warming up on their instruments awaiting the band director to start class, I decided to warm up by playing one of the pieces we'd been rehearsing by playing every single note as a "blat" (this is where the note is played extremely loud, and sounds terrible). A few minutes after I'd finished my "performance", the band director stormed into the room, up to the podium, and demanded to know who had blatted though the entire score of the song. Apparently he'd started a very important phone call in the next room right as I'd begun. I was terrified of this man, and have to admit that I stayed silent; my fellow delinquents stayed silent as well, which I very much appreciated. To this day, that memory still brings a smile to my face. Alan
  2. It's depressing, but I think the best way to sell a model ship kit is to design an extremely attractive box with a ship name recognizable by the masses, and offer the kit to hobby stores/franchises at a profit margin (for them) higher than they receive from other manufacturers. The price of the kit in the store would probably need to be less than $70. The actual kit quality probably isn't very relevant in the grand scheme of things. The above is all abhorrent to me, but I think it's probably the truth. It would be interesting to know what % of ship kits are purchased as gifts for someone else, as opposed to being projects of the purchaser. Alan
  3. A Modeler does a TED Talk on making miniatures

    This is so true. We who "get it" are in the extreme minority. There is probably a medication we should all be taking. Alan
  4. Full build of Amati Santa Maria

    Hi Paul, I'm also looking forward to seeing your build log. Cdogg hit the nail on the head with his post. Once you post a log (with photos), people will start offering help when you ask specific questions. Alan