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  1. Dave says: "Personally, I have found out the hard way that it seems that if someone is to be handicapped they should first be rich! It seems that every piece of handicap aid equipment that you need starts out at about three grand. " My wife uses a left foot gas pedal on her car. Has about $20 in parts, and maybe an hour assembly and another for installation. The company charges around $500. Turns out, a pile of that is "insurance" in case the manufacturer or installer get sued". Seems to be that way with anything labled "handicapped". Hell if I understand why, though. I like your attitude and the modifications. Well done on all counts.
  2. Wonder what this is?

    I did a quick Google of images and.... https://www.google.com/search?tbs=sbi:AMhZZivluk5mMsmsukBQ8ieasHQncS9leLA6Jl9NtJCjzRy1pWpfJZdijUO22s89dNqd-4Fd3xruDbtUP7oJd_1CRXSxRrj6WZABsuwCRcDDy6N56M0PwbQxETOKjiZwbjwOoP4PPQWHR5uKo8BXhPoU7KP6QBa9-YhsMFUlYZv-kFvQ3llINQyFtwCTo_1J7IJl6eicfJEzfDtJ1WzuddRsYz1XAQ3bnpOsj2j0ic2s7IMkxv58gi2e-zViz2HMEBOEcRBNnNdHxMV-itQXnv2vibUgL9LtU6f-vFxxzImcZYhOumTt8AbkxYVzH-PrbSEbDKoXyPGsWCWjShJ4qtEV1AA5MvXq7j5g&hl=en Lots of hits but no real info... <sigh> Note that I was skimming the Google returns with out "in depth" reading.
  3. Surprisingly good tweezers...

    I received mine today. They look and feel promising. I'm at that point on my build that these will come in handy so I'll be doing a life-fire test as such.
  4. Wonder what this is?

    Oh my.... movie set prop maybe? Or done by someone with a creative imagination and lots of time on their hands.
  5. Joe, I reaching into the dark recesses of memory here so bear with me. The ball was filled with powder as was the fuse. I believe there might have a different powder used for the fuse that burned a tad bit slower. After determining range, the fuse would be cut and hammered (gently) into the ball. The whole thing was put in the mortar and when the mortar fired, the fuse was lit by the blast. Note that this wasn't precise and something the fuse didn't ignite or heaven forbid, it was a fast fuse and blew the shell very early.... They were using the same type fuse on all shell guns not just mortars.
  6. New from Serbia

    Hello Miroslav, Welcome to MSW.
  7. Neil, I'd have a look at the other Ballahoo logs and see how they proceeded. At the bow and stern, many builders will use filler blocks. If you'll go here: you'll find a searchable database on the kit builds on MSW.
  8. Hello from neillydone

    Hello Neil, Welcome to MSW. Diana is probably the same manufacturer as your Ballahoo unless it's the Spanish Diana frigate. I hiope you'll start a log as it's the best way to meet folks and get help when you need it.
  9. New member here from Puerto Rico

    Hello Jorge, Welcome to MSW. Nice work on the hull as it's turning out great.
  10. As far as I know, if acrylic paint is dry, you can't resurrect it. This site says it can be but with cautions... http://www.how-to-draw-and-paint.com/how-to-reactivate-dried-acrylic-paint.html
  11. The "What have you done today?" thread.

    My condolences, Patrick. Loosing someone is not easy. Don't beat yourself up with "would have, should have, could have" which is what my late sister always told me. I too didn't see her or talk to her before she died but her words follow me.
  12. There are no words for this... it just has too much "Wow" in it. I've played it 6 times and every time I see more detail. The two men on the yardarm and one in the top, the movement on the deck, even the view through the gunports. I shudder to think of the render time to get all this in there.
  13. Hello shipmates

    If your goal is to maintain the historical integrity of the model, then do minimal work... touch up only on painting, repair (preferable) or replacement of parts. I wouldn't radically change the look as that will change the model (if that makes sense). If you decide to go all out, then go ahead and don't worry... just follow your heart.
  14. I was wondering if our server(s) are Intel powered. There's been a rash of updates (microcode) to fix some very serious bugs and the fixs have, shall we say "issues". Some companies are spending some heavy change to remove the patches as they created more problems than they solved and one of the problems was a decline in usable speed by up to 40% depending on the chip. Let's be careful out there, it's a mad world indeed.

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