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  1. Beautiful work and the camera is showing it incredibly well.
  2. I think that would be a safe assumption.
  3. mtaylor

    Hello from southern England

    Hello Bruce, Welcome to MSW. I'm looking forward to seeing your build log.
  4. How small is the iron? You have my curiosity up.
  5. I note that with Master Korabel kits, that the laser cut (which has a slight angle like most laser cuts) is used as part of the design to show the calking as Spyglass points out. True though that the planking could randomized on the sheet so different grain patterns emerge.. a bit fussy to design and also fussy for the builder to sort out. The other thing is that the deck furniture will break up much of the grain matches so it won't be apparent.
  6. What's not to like? It has an aura of the real thing knowing what we know about how they planked decks back then. I do like the way it looks.
  7. Mark, Looking things over from a distance, a "suggestion" might be the best solution. Cleaning up the cypher that's cast with the barrel might improve it, but given the whole model, the suggestion will work well. Sometimes we go for too much detail of one tree that gets lost in the forest, so to speak.
  8. Sweet work, Dan. From here it looks like the camouflage is doing it's job and hiding the real shape.
  9. mtaylor

    What have you received today?

    Why for messing it up with stuff like paint, etc. But then again, that's what it's made for.
  10. mtaylor

    What have you received today?

    Ulises, A beautiful apron. I'd be afraid to wear it though.
  11. mtaylor

    Restarting an old hobby

    Hi Steve, Welcome to MSW. Do open a build log as you'll find it's the best way to get help and also make some friends.
  12. Those cannon look great form here and considering their size, they look very good. My hat is off to you Keith.
  13. mtaylor

    General / organisation of wood

    I'm totally stunned at this work. The carvings are amazing.

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