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  1. Ken, Go here: and ask. This might be something that only a admin can do.
  2. It makes a very sad statement about the condition of the world when nothing is sacred in pursuit of money and everyone looks the other way and ignores it. I mourn our loss of history that's being ravaged.
  3. And poof!, it's a mill also. My mind is truly boggled.
  4. Dave, What Tony said... it's a normal problem and just about every scratch model builder ruins into the problem of tolerance build-up. Back during the early days of this project, the rule was "cut thick and sand thin".
  5. You might try asking Daniel here:
  6. Hans, Quite a few of us use the "like" as a form of acknowledgement. This is a disgusting event going on and probably only the beginning. There's a lot more battle casualties out there that haven't been monitored. The money thing and the radiation free steel are very tempting to alot of companies and even countries. It's as if nothing is sacred in the quest for money.
  7. Mike, On the musket stowing... I would think they'd keep the muskets close at hand since this basically a "day ship" with no provisions for much of anything other than the guns.
  8. Nice work and a nice recovery from the problems, Sjors. I think every kit has it's problems but each is different problems. Come to think of it.. scratch building has it's problems. No easy answers I'm afraid.
  9. Dirk, Your perseverance is remarkable and solutions show a lot of thought in overcoming the problems. One shouldn't expect this much pain from a "kit" as it seems like you're having more issues than those of us scratchbuilding. Yet... to quote a movie (Heartbreak Ridge) you "Improvise, Adapt, and Overcome". I'm in awe, sir.
  10. That's not a tool, Michael. It's a work of art.
  11. Beautiful work, Mike. I like your choice of woods which are setting off the framing and planking.
  12. Super nice work, Ben. Interesting find from Druxey... learn something new here everyday.
  13. A feast for the eyes, Marsalv. Looks great.