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  1. Carl, Except for that lone door on the extreme right, the rest all appear to watertight doors. Those little angled bits at each side look like "dogs" to me which lock the door into the watertight position. The round covers would be portholes.
  2. I think it might be better to do the oars first as there's quite a bit of mechanical linkage involved. You might want to sketch out your linkages for both and see what accomodations have to be made. I saw one or two builds a long time ago (galleys as I recall) that had working oars and it was pretty tight inside. If I can remember where I've seen them, I'll post a link.
  3. mtaylor

    The "What have you done today?" thread.

    State and Local cops won't do a thing. FBI only seems to get invovled with the "big" hacks.
  4. mtaylor

    Piet Warmerdam

    I think Lou deserves it. All I was able to do was some research. Time, tide, and all that of late around here.
  5. Take care of the snow, Lawrence, the ship can wait. Speaking of the ship.. the new counters look great. Well done.
  6. mtaylor

    Piet Warmerdam

    Thanks Lou. That's great news.
  7. mtaylor

    Piet Warmerdam

    I too have my fingers crossed, Lou. I did some "creative" googling... Petrus is his first name and then I got his phone. I'm 4 hours behind you east coasties...and have a few errands to run in the morning. Hopefully, I'll have some time tomorrow later in the day to call. I'll check here to see if anyone called before I try. Edit... I had posted his full name and thought better of it. But if you know his city, you can find it.
  8. Sweet restoration, Ken. One can almost hear the growl of that engine.
  9. I wonder if there's some sort of "impurity" in them and not pure brass since it's labeled "builder's hardware".
  10. mtaylor

    Cleaning & restoring

    There's quite a few restorations in the Scratch area. To search, use the word "restoration" and you should see them. Often that key word isn't in the title. Generally, clean up (removing dirt accumulations) is via a cotton swap and spit. The enzymes in spit assist in removing the accumulations. I would suggest open a log as it'll be the best way to get help. After the cleaning, the restoration can begin.
  11. That's strange Alan. All the pieces from the same package and/or brand?
  12. Nice touch. It adds visual interest and also breaks up the mass of lines. A wonderful idea.
  13. Paul, we know that the French took ideas from other nations ships. Same for the British. I'd assume that the Spanish did also. Innovation and new ideas weren't a secret for long. So while the hull maybe have Spanish, it's possible the rigging came from somewhere else. I've run into similar things on my current build. Sometime I can find the influence/source, other times I just have to wonder.
  14. Channeling Hannibal of the A-Team are you? Ok, I'll be serious now. That is neat work with non-traditional materials.

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