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  1. I'm taking it that Andy's link (2nd post) isn't a good starting place????
  2. On the weed war... due to some health issues for me, my Admiral is hiring a yard-man to come in and pull all the weeds. This is a big help to me.
  3. Lots of good ideas for the Weed War. I'm hitting them Round Up for now. My next weapon of choice will be a flame thrower.... On the serious side, I am looking into the black plastic(?) sheeting. Quite a few around use that method instead of Round Up. The problem is, we have a large farm field across the street which just this week got everything plowed under and much of the weeds came/come from there.
  4. I'm with the others.... very well done, Danny. Congratulations.
  5. After seeing the hat.... I'm thinking black is a fashion statement. Or maybe it has something to do with the heat confection and ice melting? Been off line and buried in home duties.... moved most of the furniture out of the house and had the carpets cleaned professionally. And then put it back.
  6. No "stash" as such... just a pile of plans, books, and wood....
  7. Dr. Per, What Ron said.... always.
  8. I'm slowly losing the weed war.. again... <sigh> Spray them, burn them, whack them... and they come back. This war is hell I tell you... hell!!!!!!
  9. Welcome to MSW, John. Just one bit of advice... Have fun! Yeah, we all have those "oh crap" moments but overall this should be a relaxing and rewarding hobby.