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  1. If no one responds, try: http://www.dafinismus.de/ Daffy sells photo etch in the 1:100 scale but they seem to work for a wide range. I'm using his hooks for my 1:65 build.
  2. Glad to be aboard

    Hi Dick,
  3. Hello from Reno

    Hi Shawn, Welcome to MSW. A wise man once said, "The day I stop learning, is the day i'm dead.". I quite agree as around here, we all seem to learn something everyday. By all means, open a build log. The help alone will go far in assisting your getting your skills to grow.
  4. Hello from Ohio

    Make that 3 Boxnotes. I was born and raised in Dayton.
  5. Dremel Drill pess adapter

    Altduck... you can call tech support at Micro-Mark and ask if it's a true Dremel. It probably is as I note their catalog of parts is changing and appears to be for the better.
  6. Doug, You might check and see if it can used "manually" without the CNC parts however CNC would be much more accurate unless you'be been milling for awhile. For "one ofs" I think it would be faster just to mill the part manually. Where CNC shines in repetitive parts.
  7. Gunports on schooners

    I think the answer is: it depends. During the War of Independence, at times cannon were hard to get and some ships did sail without a full compliment.
  8. Them Old Jokes

    Jan, As I recall, they're all "documented" in some way. Years ago there was a book of his quotes, some dealing with the war, some dealing with other politicians, and there were the insults.
  9. Dremel Drill pess adapter

    Is it a true Dremel or one of the knockoffs? I bought one of the knockoffs from MicroMark as I couldn't find the Dremel version about 10 years ago. Too much plastic which doesn't make an accurate tool. I use it only for grinding and sanding... nothing require any degree of precision.
  10. Try asking here: https://modelshipworld.com/index.php?/forum/47-questionsinstructions-on-how-to-use-and-post-to-this-forumsite-problems-or-suggestions/ Maybe one of the admins or moderators can help.
  11. Have look here for setting links in your profile so they show in your posts.
  12. No rain last night or today... but skies have light clouds, expected high of 87 F and very little smoke. I'll check the appropriate websites later and see if any of the fires are out.
  13. Milling Lumber for my upcoming POF projects...

    That sounds like a good plan, Cliff. I didn't realize you had a Byrnes saw for the small pieces. Roger, you're right, he did. I forgot about the veneer blades Hahn used... my bad.
  14. Milling Lumber for my upcoming POF projects...

    Cliff, I think the size will depend on the scale. For example, my 1:64 Licorne is using 1/8 X1/16 inch wood. I don't think that saw will be able to cut off pieces that small as the tooth count, even on the finest blades is too low in teeth per inch. I'm cutting my wood as needed and I'm using blades with counts of 10 to 18 teeth per inch.