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  1. Almost the same here... another day of 105 or so. Luckily, tomorrow we start cooling to around 95. Nights are the best as when the sun sinks, so do the temperatures.
  2. The "What have you done today?" thread.

    Not hypocrisy, but there's a rational here. Open a "guns" topic. This is one for "what have done today.
  3. Vasa builders FYI

    That sounds like the Billings Kit. Full support by the Museum and Hocker. When I did my Vasa (Billings) Fred was big help to many of us who did this kit. When they discovered the real colors... he was quick to notify us. This was back in the Usenet days....
  4. U.S.S. Arizona

    Denis, I do recall that the red tops of the turrets was the real deal. I'm just not sure what the period was. This may have been a standard that they discarded before Pearl Harbor.
  5. Vasa builders FYI

    The order info says they will ship to Canada. A quick look around and see other models being shipped to the US and Canada. Any idea who's kit they're using?
  6. Newbie on a Mission

    Welcome to the rabbit hole. This is one of the good ones to crawl into.
  7. What have you received today?

    I'm guessing then that playing this course would take a few weeks at a minimum? Looks like travel time between holes (and beer stops) will take the most time.
  8. Hello from Illinois

    Welcome to MSW. Plank bending can be done with soaking or steaming the wood. If soaking, use hot water. Once pliable, clamp into plasce. Nailer? Depends if you leave the nails in place. Some folks drill a small hole and then insert the nail (or better yet, wooden treenails) for the planking.
  9. The "What have you done today?" thread.

    Over here, I think "Toad in the hole" is slice of bread with a hole cut in the middle. It's tossed into a skillet and and toasted, then turned over and an egg is removed from the shell and put in the hole and cooked.
  10. The "What have you done today?" thread.

    Well... the logical answer to that question is "Yes, of course, otherwise he/she would be outside in the car.".
  11. Not too bad on the temperature today.. 83 F, blue skies. However, we are getting smoke in valley apparently from the fire up north of Klamath Falls although one weather report says it's from the fire in northern California. Not sure who to believe but it's been hanging to the west of us for a couple of days and today drifted our way. Winds have shifted slightly and it's blowing back out of the valley.
  12. There's a couple of other ways for mass producing them. It all depends on scale of the ship and how visible you want then, 1) One way I'm seeing is to drill the holes and then fill the hole with wood putty of the color you want to use, matching or contrasting. Let dry and then sand. 2) Another way is toothpicks. stick them in the hole with small bit of glue. When dry, cut the toothpick as close to the hull as you can get. A light sanding is next. 3) Some just mark them on the plank with a pencil. 4) Have a look here also shows a different method for mass producing using a mill or drill press.
  13. Another new guy

  14. Them Old Jokes

    Did you hear about the cannibal who passed his brother in the woods? I'll get my coat on that one...
  15. What have you received today?

    Being a reviewer has it's upside.. you get lots of good stuff.

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