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  1. The "What have you done today?" thread.

    The 3-point is used in non-race cars and some drag race classes (speed, horsepower, etc are determining factors). The 4-point lap/over the shoulder is the racing version for many classes. It could be the kit just didn't have them.
  2. That is strange then. I guess one of the "upgrades" caused it.
  3. The "What have you done today?" thread.

    If you'll note, Lou, there's not a roll bar or cage either. I think they had a lap belt but harnesses weren't around back then.
  4. Hover your mouse over the button and you'll see who likes it. I'm betting you had that many likes....
  5. The "What have you done today?" thread.

    I remember seeing that car and team in person and also building the model. Wonderful folks, very fan friendly. One of my buds took his model to the track and they autographed it. I'm hoping he still has it. When they revised the rules and that class fell from favor I think drag racing lost some of it's appeal (for me at least). I just never could get my head around "Funny Cars".... BTW, if you don't know about the "team", do some Googling. Very interesting in the context of what was going on back then in the US with race (not race cars) relations, racing, etc.
  6. CA glues

    Ah yes, the Hobby Gods DO need appeasing now and then. i just wish they'd back off and say they had their fill of me but I guess it's possible that my blood is particularly tasty OR I need a lot to make a lot of sacrifices to atone for my hobby sins.
  7. CA glues

    I should add, I'm no a needles kind of guy as once dropped, they hit the carpet and so my feet and the dog's feet are at risk. I use a small paint brush for glue/water mixture and a pointed (sharpened) toothpick for all other glues.
  8. CA glues

    I'm of the "no CA on rigging" camp as there's been too much about it destroying the rigging. I use white (not the yellow stuff) glue thinned about 50-50 with water. I coat the knot and let the glue soak in. If I even suspect the knot isn't secure, I add a second coating. So far, so good.
  9. No need to do "Facebook" to see them. If you're like me about the tracking FB does, then open a "private" session in your browser and hit the link. The album seems to be public and I had no problem seeing the pics.
  10. Power versus Hand Tools?

    I think it's more of a "mixture of both". Both have their place and all power tools do is speed up the process and/or make thing repeatable. In order of most used to least used here's my list. Be advised that it's easy spend more on the accessories than the tool cost. Small ME table saw with an assortment of blades for different thickness of wood. A full size jig saw, Hitachi for cutting things like frames, etc. A mill from Little Machine Shop. Used for sanding bits and pieces and milling things like capstans, etc. A lathe (14") from ME. Used to turn guns, masts, etc. Laser cutter... It sees more and more uses as I progress and transition from the jig saw. There's other assorted hand power tools such as a Dremel, some small power sanders, and very small rotary from WeCheer I find useful for odds and ends. Having said that, I've did one heavy kit bash (my Constellation) where the only power tool was a dremel. I even turned the guns using it and a set of files. The best tool is your mind... if you can visualize what you want to make, you can make without any major tools. I'm just getting lazy in my elder years.
  11. Needed a knife so I made one

    Nice looking knife. I've never considered making a knife but seeing yours has me interested in trying.
  12. The English/Americans used wood. The French used wood or charcoal. Coal probably wouldn't have been fuel for the kitchens. We're they using the English style "stove" or the French style as that would be a factor.
  13. Hello from Texas!

    Hi Andrew,
  14. Super small sailing ship model

    He was posting here for awhile and I wondered what happened to him. His work is amazing and I'm glad to see he's still at it.

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