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  1. How the yard was rigged to the mast does not have a one-size fits all answer. Depends on year of the rigging (they did change with time), the country, the size of the yard and mast. Probably not the answer you wanted but it's the best I've got. Perhaps someone else can pop in a better answer.
  2. Since you're using the Golden Hind as your base, go with it. The only real visible difference was that a pirate ships flew a flag... when they did.. some but not all. Some were upgunned with more guns but basically they wanted to look like the ships they wanted to capture. Some would fly English colors to get in close to an English ship, French for French, etc. Early stealth tech as such.
  3. Dave, That is excellent news on the cancer. BTW, one is never to old to rock and roll... ask Mick Jagger. Thanks to all for your well wishes. The stroke was a small one and basically a "warning shot across the bow" So a few livestyle changes are starting. I'm still testing myself as to ship building.
  4. Keith, Somewhere around here is topic on building a case. I've not found it yet and I'm not sure where I saw it. Many logs include the building of a case, but the search yealded something like 44 pages of hits.
  5. Thanks for the support and well wishes, everyone from myself and Janet. I'm worried about Jessie, John, and some others more than myself at this point. My stroke was "minor" as such with a full recovery expected. Other problems.. they'll get dealt with as the Docs sort it out. The community here at MSW has always been amazing to me because of the people and the sharing of ideas, joy, and sorrow. I hope it never changes as the support goes beyond ships touches everyone.
  6. Keith, Hit Lowes. They had a book on display cases. Otherwise, give me a few days and I'll get you some pics of the display cases I have. One, my dad built and the other I bought from a custom furniture place.
  7. Just curious.... have you had a look at the planking tutorials here: ? I'm thinking you're working on the hull planking.
  8. Frank, I'm with the others... a build log would work well in the scratch area. Hope we'll see it soon.
  9. Nice find and thanks for posting the links. I've bookmarked both of them.
  10. I'll add to what Jaager said... the French also did the bow framing different than the English. There's other differences such as the way guns were rigged, etc. The devil is in the details.
  11. I haven't been around much as health issue have kept me away. I had a small stoke with seems to have only affected my brain but it seems to be working better. Been making the rounds of doctors for this and other issues that have been ignored too long. I'm hoping to resume ship building this week....<fingers crossed> as Licorne is calling me louder each day. Also the Admiral's issues have taken precedence. After 5 years of being down from failed surgeries and implants, she's up and hard charging to get the house back in order and resume her life which is great. She even got a new car to aid in all this so that took a big chunk of time lately. So... hoping to get back into the swing of things....