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  1. Thank you, Albert! Here is an update on the construction of the masts and topmasts. On the first picture is to see how I just made the hole for the sheave of the top ropes. The next picture shows the topmast heel with the fidhole and the fid. On the last picture, the components are provisionally composed.
  2. Hello Ed, I am always enthusiastic about this great performance.
  3. Happy Birthday Johann!! Have a great day with lots of fun! :)

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      Hallo Dirk,


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  4. It is always a pleasure to get positive comments. Many Thanks! Mast production continues. Further details were made.
  5. Hello, Here we continue with the construction of the masts. The following picture shows the foremast in progress. The other picture shows the parts for the lower mast Crosstrees and the frontfish for the main mast.
  6. Hello Thank you for your interest in my construction report. After drilling the holes, wax filler sticks are simply pressed in with small spatula. The pearwood is treated with baling polish only after the "treenails" are made. The following products are used: Wax filler sticks LINK Baling polish LINK I hope that I have explained it in an understandable way.
  7. Hi Thomas, thank you for your nice complinment. I will try to make metal rings for the mast of brass, as can be seen in this LINK experiment.
  8. Hi Nils, thank you for your nice reply. And this is how the result looks.
  9. Hi Albert, thank you for your nice comment, and all other for the likes. On the next picture collage the grinding of the mast can be seen. I do this with small boards on which sandpaper was glued. With the fingers you can regulate very fine the pressure. I hope I get a good result.
  10. That's right. At this length, the rod becomes more unstable in the middle, the thinner it becomes during processing. To prevent this, you need a backpressure. This is what I make sure by hand.
  11. Hi Giampiero, this has become a really very nice boat.
  12. Hi Carl, the length is 50 cm and the diameter is about 18 mm. This works so far quite well until the part is round. The conical shape I produce by grinding.