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  1. Hi all, Thx to Bill I was able to obtain the last two parts of the article. Dan
  2. Hi all, Looking for help in obtaining parts 5 & 6 of David White's "Understanding Ships Drafts' from Model ShipWright Magazine way back when. Unable to locate any copies of either these last 2 parts or the magazine itself, which is issue 54 and the one after that. Any help would be appreciated. pdf's or paper are fine. Thx in advance. Dan dak4482@comcast.net
  3. Alcedo, Great job!!!! Thx ever so much. It is very much appreciated. Dan
  4. Wayne, Thx for the reply. I do have both the book and draughts for Naval Architecture. Thats why I was curious if this publication was an upgrade. Dan
  5. Hi all, Quick question. Has anyone ever seen or possess a copy of "Steel's improved tables of the dimensions of the most approved ship of each class" that is advertised in almost every one of Stelel's publication? Is this something that was incorporated in later versions of a particular book? Just wondering if it is a update to his tables of scantlings in his Naval Architecture publication. Can't find it anywhere except in bibliographies for him. Dan
  6. plans for a 1/48th scale HMS Victory

    Zoltan, Any word yet on if the plans are still available? Dan
  7. John, Thx. Flipping between Boudriot and Steel is sometimes very confusing. Steel gives very good narratives but his diagrams leave alot to be desired. Boudriot has great diagrams that help you understand the narratives, but his narratives are not very detailed. Even though completely different styles of architecture I'm still using both just for understanding some of the technical aspects. Gonna try and start with Rhino to give a very rudimentary try at diagramming a ship hull. I'm not looking for great accuracy, just trying to understand the miriod of lines and terms in the various diagrams. Also Rhino allows tracing to shape out the beginning of the design. Steel's Naval architecture and the Shipbuilder's Repository are so deep I figure if I try drawing out the descriptions little by little, even if not very accurate it will help understand them so when I am looking for accuracy I'll make fewer mistakes. Thx again. The forums here are a HUGE help also. Thx to all you "experts" out there that contribute these great narratives that help so much in understanding ship design. PS. Any other good French Naval architecture sources that have been translated to English? Dan
  8. Hi John, New to the forum. Please be patient as I'm also new to this hobby though have read extensively but not put it to practical use. Looking over Boudriot's drawings of the head it appears that the gammoning holes are much higher on the knee of the head in his French vessel that what I see in Steel and other British and American drawings that put them between the cheeks??? (Am I describing those correctly)??? Are the rails positioned differently in the French vessel? Or is Boudriot's Illustration just not absolutely horizontal and is distorting the picture to make them look much higher? Thx in advance. Dan

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