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  1. Would anyone happen to have the two sheet set of plans for the schooner Robert McClintock that they would be willing to sell me?
  2. Always remember to keep the main thing main
  3. Hi John


    Almost finished with the Mary Rose!!! Just two lines left to belay for the bowsprit yard. Then I have to make up a tiller for the rudder and mount it to the hull. Then it's complete. Yes that's right after over 3 years building it will be complete.


    Monday I go to the engravers to design and then have them make up the name plate ofr the base.

    After that I just have to look over the ship and touch up any missed paint or other things that I have missed.


    Then I can relax until April 22nd. when I drive up to Seattle for their IPMS Annual Show. Looks like our group will not have our annual show due to the National Guard canceling our res. for their facility due to their using t year.


    Here's what it looks like today.



    stern outrigger spar 3-26-2017 002.JPG

    stern outrigger spar 3-26-2017 005.JPG

    stern outrigger spar 3-26-2017 006.JPG

    stern outrigger spar 3-26-2017 007.JPG

    stern outrigger spar 3-26-2017 008.JPG

    stern outrigger spar 3-26-2017 009.JPG

    stern outrigger spar 3-26-2017 010.JPG

    stern outrigger spar 3-26-2017 011.JPG

    stern outrigger spar 3-26-2017 012.JPG

    stern outrigger spar 3-26-2017 013.JPG

    stern outrigger spar 3-26-2017 014.JPG

    stern outrigger spar 3-26-2017 015.JPG

    stern outrigger spar 3-26-2017 016.JPG

    stern outrigger spar 3-26-2017 017.JPG

    stern outrigger spar 3-26-2017 018.JPG

  4. oh my gosh Robert, that submarine is absolutely awesome!!!
  5. I am building the Black Swan by Zvezda as well and have been searching for a figurehead that would at least look close to the figurehead for the Black Pearl. the other day I found this figure on the Reaper Miniatures website and purchased it. It stands too straight for the figurehead but it was simple to cut the figure at the waist, give it some some arch, and solder it back together. The figure is at 1:48 scale but still should be fine for the figurehead. Reaper Miniatures also sells wings separately so it would be simple to add wings to the figure. They sell a number of figures some that would be awesome to use as crew but they are 1:48 scale. http://www.reapermini.com/Miniatures/Dark%20Heaven%20Legends/latest/03352
  6. I would be interested in the plans and swap you for some I have. What is your interest?
  7. It's perfection John!
  8. Hi George, I'd be interested to hear how you make out learning to use the ropewalk.
  9. well I sure would like to see your fixes on clinker planking.
  10. gorgeous work!! congrats
  11. Mario, the shop is looking good! I am looking forward to your next build!!
  12. Thanks for the photos Jan! you've given me some good ideas. I really like the glass top.
  13. the sails are perfection!
  14. Jan-Willem, thanks, I will be looking forward to them!
  15. 7 Provinces, Please please pictures!!! , this sounds like the perfect modeling table! I would love to see a photo tour of this bench you have built.