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    anything that floats or even sinks, favorites change with the wind.

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  1. Culé and Chata

    Wow!! that is absolutely beautiful!! the modeling is masterful and the painting is a treat to behold!
  2. Deck from starboard

    It's perfection John!
  3. IMG 7313

    gorgeous work!! congrats
  4. DSCN1533

    the sails are perfection!
  5. Carmenia scale 1/20

    what a beautiful model!
  6. march 12 041

    great weathering! It looks perfect!
  7. just beautiful Tim, the case really sets the model off nicely!
  8. SAM 3

    your sails and weathering are perfection!! congrats
  9. SAM 5

    beautiful work!!
  10. DSC02494

    Clare, I absolutely love this model!!!
  11. Jolle Maj 08 009

    Steen, beautifully finished! very lifelike
  12. nordlicht19

    that's the best photo of an rc model under sail I have ever seen! love it!
  13. BS 8

    what a gorgeous perfect model
  14. Gaff Rigged sloop

    sorry it didn't work out for you as an RC boat, but what a gorgeous model. Beautiful job!
  15. IMG 2724 (1000x750)

    absolutely gorgeous Jason