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  1. Nice choice Bruce, I look forward to following your progress.
  2. tarbrush


    Beautiful model Javier, I love it!
  3. Hi Doug, your Leon is looking great! did you make the trip to San Francisco yet? You mentioned ordering some LED lanterns, could you show what they look like and where you ordered them from? am looking forward to your build, Leon is a beautiful little ship.
  4. Check out the most beautiful build of Young America you will ever see right here on MSW Ed has also written books with gorgeous plans, you can buy them at: https://www.seawatchbooks.com/ItemDisplay.php?sku=115007 good luck with your build, be sure to start a build log so we can follow along. john
  5. looks real good so far CK, I look forward to following your progress.
  6. tarbrush

    Coca by DavidG - Amati - 1:60

    welcome back to ship modeling David. I am really happy to see you are doing Coco, I love this period and have been thinking of giving this kit a try myself, looking forward to following your progress, by the way you did a great job on Prins Willem.
  7. tarbrush

    Square topsail schooner

    can you post some photos of the model?
  8. Wow! what an undertaking! I am excited to follow your build and wish you all the best!
  9. tarbrush

    Culé and Chata

    Wow!! that is absolutely beautiful!! the modeling is masterful and the painting is a treat to behold!
  10. hi Ben, what an intriguing building board set up. I will be really interested to hear how it works for you.
  11. tarbrush

    Your favorite saying

    Always remember to keep the main thing main
  12. This will be my first attempt at a build log, hope it comes out looking ok. Mary Rose has been on my have to model list for a long time but recently Chidokan, on the forum, and I have talked each other into tackling this project. Chidokan will be building a very accurate cross section, mine will be a whole hull model with short cuts for ease of modeling. I will be using the plans set by David Meagher that I have enlarged to 1:72 scale. What I have in mind is to build one side completely planked but leave the other side partially planked with some view holes cut into the side to see the interior. I would like to include lighting and a crew as well. As for the exterior finish, I love the painting on the cover of "Mary Rose, Your Nobelest Shippe". If I can make decent sails, then, yeah those too. This is without doubt the most ambitious model I have ever tackled. Prior to this I have my models have been mostly small workboats. While looking on the internet for crew figures I stumbled across this site: http://www.valdemarminiatures.com/default.asp?Site=Info&page=49 They have the best figures I have ever seen and will be perfect for the Mary Rose, just being able to use these figures will be a treat. They are a bit on the pricey side though and I will wait to order them till I am sure that I can pull this build off. The Plans: My research material: Also an article I downloaded from the internet with some very useful information on framing Mary Rose: The structures of tAtlantic shipbuilding the the 16th century. by Brad Loewen
  13. Mahuna, holy smokes! this is drop dead gorgeous!!!!
  14. Thanks so much for the step by step process on the cabins Rob. very ingenious technique, makes me want to give it a try! your results are just awesome!
  15. Hi Rob, I am amazed at the fine detail that you are able to do at this small scale. As you do the paneling for your last two cabins could you take more step by step photos of how you do it. It seems like magic to me. love your work!!
  16. beautiful work!, I really like the green you got for the bulwarks and that stand is awesome.
  17. tarbrush

    Newbie in Atlanta GA

    oh my gosh Robert, that submarine is absolutely awesome!!!
  18. I have had good luck with the Tamiya tape as well, another tape you will love is this plastic tape from Micro-Mark, it's kind of pricey so I only use it in dicey situations like on a curve. For use on curves it is unbeatable. you stretch the tape slightly as you apply it and it works a charm, not that you will need it for the rest of this build though. http://www.micromark.com/masking-tape-1and4-inch-wide-36-yards-long,7192.html are you planing to get a wood deck or paint the one that comes with the kit?
  19. nice paint job, looks like you are off to great start!
  20. Hi Guys, recovery is going slow but I am out in the shop modeling again, I am working on an extremely simple Chesapeake Bay buy boat. probably won't try working on Mary Rose again till next winter.
  21. Very interesting! I will be following along. great engine very realistically weathered!
  22. Thank you Steven, Keith and Nigel. I go for my first physical therapy tomorrow. Today I am working on coloring a cardboard pirate ship with colored pencils. It's just the right amount of difficulty for me at the moment.

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