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  1. Some time ago, intrigued by the new monograph by Delacroix I ordered a copy of this Corvette I started to study a little the plans and I want to try to build it. I decided, before setting up his yard, to work to one of the most difficult to escape unscathed (at least for me) in carpentry construction: the oarlocks hawse. The basic idea is to build the hull in pear and the topsides above the waterline, ebony for the stem and stern. The first step was to build the first rib: To get the right angle for different oarlocks I helped with an iPhone app that acts as inclinometer with whom I adjusted the angle of the grip in which I placed a swivel base for processing the milling machine To avoid damaging the stem during the processing of the oarlocks, I built a wheel that will be provisionally removed when will I get the two "shells".
  2. perhaps the metal hook is a bit too big, it looks slightly out of scale
  3. Fantastic!!!
  4. the line of strakes is very uneven: in some places there are some very obvious indentations. You still have time to correct. Perhaps because there is too much distance between the coasts ....
  5. very good job!!
  6. there are too many obvious out of scale: build a model so small it is not easy !
  7. It is not true that perfection does not exist: your work is perfect !!
  8. I had forgotten some details: I also started building small boat:
  9. if this lifeboat came decently it is also thanks to you, Johann!!
  10. I have finished the boat, I only spend the last coat of paint. Probably, in its final form, I will have to remove the benches and rudder because inside will be held the spear, that still I have to build (and already I shudder because this was a very demanding job!).
  11. Fantastic work, Albert!! I love your frigate!!
  12. you are right! I did not consider that the floor plates have to be reversed towards the stern, but now I can not change them.... :-( Yes, Mark! There is another more little boat that I have to build: it will be placed within the larger boat