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  1. Its been mentioned to me on another log that i should use a dremel to do the sanding and finishing of i dont have one at the moment i just rely on hand tools and a power drill.
  2. yeah Steve i dont like doing the rigging just did the main rigging. have attached some more photos of the artesania latina model i did a few years ago hopefully the mamoli model will be better.
  3. the old knife or scalpel was mostly plastic not metal so its not so sturdy as it looks thanks for the suggestion. have posted some photos of the artesania latina model i built from a kit years ago its been commented that it has a rustic look will try to be as successful or so with the mamoli kit model.
  4. thanks steve, scott and mustafa, i have attached a photos of the old craft knife or scalpel its a bit rusty as you can see i lost some of the other scalpels i had before somewhere in my unit i think. cheers Ray
  5. thanks Ulises. I have posted a photo of the scalpel or craft knife i intend to use to try and fix the stern section. I have to get more putty or filler to do this work also.
  6. I had some difficulties with the kit and the instructions were not very clear so i king of did some adhoc decision making where some of the hull pieces went on the spine of the hull. I can rectify some of of the problems by sanding and putty with some scalpel work i have done this with the artesania latina kit of the santa maria and received comments for that one that it had a rustic look. it should look better in the aft section when i start work on it i purchased an extra special sharp scalpel for the task already. cheers Ray
  7. trimmed part of affected area at aft of hull also soem adhoc modelling at aft of hull also this is shown in a close up photos.
  8. some flaws maybe in the kit or my craftmanship the mid section was missing ribs i planked around it and the aft section has some issues these will hopefully be fixed with some scalpel and putty work.
  9. removed pins and trimmed planks with the double planking on one side of the hull.
  10. started double planking other side of hull.
  11. finished double planking one side of the superstructure or poop deck.
  12. thanks steve, started double planking one side of the superstructure.
  13. removed pins from the hull, the pins held the planks in place with contact glue applied. I have built quite a few model ships this way and they look alright though a little rustic.
  14. continued double planking on one side of the hull
  15. hi all, i had some problems with the kit with some missfitting pieces from the kit and had to make some ad hoc judgements for the assembly of the plank of bulkhead assembly the plans didint show it very welll. the full log is on modelshipbuider.com and i describe the issues i had with the kit, the kit retails for 600 dollars so i expected a bit more from mamoli. cheers Ray

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