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  1. Ahoy -E.J. Your right,and it felt great to be on top of all the plastic model ships and sub's at the show with their PE and complex paint jobs. Keith
  2. Ahoy Mates Here's what I did to celebrate the completion of the Mary Rose last Saturday. I entered it in the IPMS Seattle Show in Non-Powered Ships All Scales. And came home with three new things to put with it when it goes into a case. Now to work on the other 3 ships that I have in different stages of building. Amati Nina,Syren Cheerful,Pan Art Royal Caroline. Maybe I will "Celebrate" next year with one of these in Seattle. I do not expect to have the same things to bring home. You never know what will happen at shows. Oh, the third thing is the smile on my face that has yet to go away.And all the good remarks of people said to me about the ship and the questions they had for me on it's build. That's even better than the two awards. Keith
  3. Ahoy Mates This is my "epic model" starting with the Caldercraft Jotika 1/80 Mary Rose 1545 kit. Using it as a starting point and under 4 years of off and on work and scratch building 90% of the final model.With a Mary Rose library section now on the shelves here at home. The kit was not epic for sure. I have yet to see an "EPIC KIT" as what I would call it. My standard would be: Good planking wood in the kit-boxwood,swiss pear,cherry. Not the standard crap that's in all kits now being sold up to now. Sorry,but true. Have wide enough strips for spieling of planks on the hull. Not just narrow ones that have to be bent and twisted like a pretzel for the hull shape. If not,just make a "short kit" in planking where the buyer buys his own planking wood,with a kit price reduced for not including this wood. Goes for deck planking also. PE parts that are of the quality that can now be made-more than just the flat shape with maybe just rivets details-PE like what is made for other modeling areas-3d cutting with multi level etched details,and brass that is thicker to scale and not of soft hardness. Up to date scale details- either resin cast or CNC made and 3d printed for carved details,or more than the cast brass blobs that kits have had for the past 50 years now. Or investment cast brass parts-stay away from white metal. NO High density MDF-use multi high quality plywood for frames and non showing keels,with boxwood or other hardwood for keel that shows. If MDF is proving to be great-Please show me how and why it is! Laser cut details like what Syren does now. For me no small scale models-1/64 or 1/72-must be 1/48. I have not seen the kits from Croatia yet,but they look great and are much closer to what could be an "Epic KIT" I am just tried of seeing other areas of modeling advance in using new ways to make kits and increase the quality and details ,and not in wooden ship models except for Syren and Chucks detail kits and "short kits". Sorry if I have been too blunt and opinionated IMHO. Keith
  4. Ahoy Mates Looking for this Sergal kit of the Henri Grace a Dieu. Please contact me in a PM here about the kit if you have one,or where I can get one. Will reward you for being a finder of the kit. Just finished my Mary Rose and would like to have the Henry to go along with it.
  5. Ahoy Mates Gave up using AOL to go to Syren. Now use Internet Explorer,which works fine now. Made my new Order to Chuck today for more flat grates and ships wheel kit. Will call and try to get the AOL problem fixed when I have nothing else to do some day. Thanks for answering my posting. Keith
  6. Ahoy Mates When I try to get onto Syren's site threw the web address,all I get is a line saying "load of url with error code -113." Earlier this morning I had work done by AOL to correct problems . Some of the sites listed here show up with their logs while others including Syren do not have anything but their web addresses. I am not anything but just able to do simple things on my computer,no geek here. What can I do? Thanks Keith
  7. Ahoy Mates Had a great time at the IPMS Seattle Show yesterday. The Mary Rose cmae threw the 340 mile drive up to Seattle and back without any damage or lose lines,or any hands at the show. Came back with a couple of things to go with the Mary Rose when it goes into a case. 1st Place Ribbon for Non-Powered Ships All Scales,and Best Of Show Ship Award. Yes this was an IPMS Show and Pickels and I beat out all the sub's,battleships,freighters,destoyers and a great scratch built North Sea Anchor Tender in 1/100 scale. It was a great show with over 1,000 models entered. And they had record attendance yesterday. Check out their web site at IPMS Seattle. I think it will take a couple days or more before they have photos of the show. Here's the Mary Rose safe at home with what I brought back to share with my shipyard help-Pickels. Thanks to Wood from Jason at Crown Timberyard,Deadeyes,miniature rope From Chuck at Syren that made my build even better. Keith and Pickels from Troutdale,Oregon
  8. Ahoy Mates The annual IPMS Seattle Show is this Saturday in Renton at the Renton Community Center 1715 Maple Valley Hwy,Renton,Washington 98057 from 9am to 4:30 pm. It's a great model show with wooden ship models along with the plastic ones. I will have my Jotika 1/80 Mary Rose 1545 model entered in the non-powered ship models cat. Please come and see this great show. Lots of vendors,great place to see lots of models. If you attend, please try to find me. Grey hair-that's on the sides now,5' 5" 65 years old. Sorry but Pickels will not be there to show off all of his work on the Mary Rose. He doesn't like riding in the car. Send me a PM and I can get you a cell number to contact me at the show if you want to meet up with me. Hope to see you there Saturday. Our IPMS Club in Portland will not be having our show in September this year,so this is the only time the Mary Rose will be at a show. Keith
  9. Ahoy Mates With the Mary Rose completed now,it's time for the Amati Nina build to get back on track. It's slow going since there is a lack of building space due to Pickels taking up room on the desk where I work. Keith
  10. Ahoy Mates Worked on my Amati Nina with my supervisor for the shipyard close at hand. But he's laying down on the job and takes "cat naps" often today. Pickels is happy that the Mary Rose is completed now so that he has lots of room again to occupy . Keith
  11. Ahoy Mates Just about to complete my Mary Rose after just over 3 years of building. How do you celebrate completing a build? It's too delicate to break a champain bottle like you would at launching. Maybe get the others in our building group and have a pizza and beer? What do you do? Keith
  12. Hi John


    Almost finished with the Mary Rose!!! Just two lines left to belay for the bowsprit yard. Then I have to make up a tiller for the rudder and mount it to the hull. Then it's complete. Yes that's right after over 3 years building it will be complete.


    Monday I go to the engravers to design and then have them make up the name plate ofr the base.

    After that I just have to look over the ship and touch up any missed paint or other things that I have missed.


    Then I can relax until April 22nd. when I drive up to Seattle for their IPMS Annual Show. Looks like our group will not have our annual show due to the National Guard canceling our res. for their facility due to their using t year.


    Here's what it looks like today.



    stern outrigger spar 3-26-2017 002.JPG

    stern outrigger spar 3-26-2017 005.JPG

    stern outrigger spar 3-26-2017 006.JPG

    stern outrigger spar 3-26-2017 007.JPG

    stern outrigger spar 3-26-2017 008.JPG

    stern outrigger spar 3-26-2017 009.JPG

    stern outrigger spar 3-26-2017 010.JPG

    stern outrigger spar 3-26-2017 011.JPG

    stern outrigger spar 3-26-2017 012.JPG

    stern outrigger spar 3-26-2017 013.JPG

    stern outrigger spar 3-26-2017 014.JPG

    stern outrigger spar 3-26-2017 015.JPG

    stern outrigger spar 3-26-2017 016.JPG

    stern outrigger spar 3-26-2017 017.JPG

    stern outrigger spar 3-26-2017 018.JPG

  13. Ahoy Mates Just finished up mounting the Mary Rose to it's base. Then it's just some rigging and finish work for the rudder and tiller and my just over 3 years time on it will be at an end. Enjoy what you build,because no one else knows just how much work you have put into it. The Mary Rose will be at the Seattle IPMS Annual Show this April 22nd at the Renton Community Center in Renton,Wash. just south of Seattle. 9 AM-4PM. If you live near Seattle come and see it,sorry to say Pickels will not be with me and the ship at the show. Keith
  14. Ahoy Fellow Learners As a newbie back say 4 years ago now,I did not know of MSW or Model Ships for Dummies sites. I purchased the Fair American practicum also. As we all go thru life and it's put falls, this was one of the ones for me. Certainly not the cheapest or most expensive,but I sure found out that some peoples ego's have no bounds. And modern day " snake oil salesmen" are still around from model wooden ship building to the highest offices in our land. And they bth did the same thing-selling what was touted as a great education and just how to do things.At least we all here who bought into the CD's talked about here only spent hundreds of dollars-not tens of thousands. But the feeling of being had is the same. I would not even give these CD's away knowing that they might be resold to another unsuspecting modeler. They were brunned up years ago. The only thing they were good for was to learn that you need to do research on this kind of offer ,and to pass on the knowledge of what he sells and to direct people to sites like this and others that pass on good information not tainted by the world sized ego's of the sellers . Keith
  15. Ahoy Mates Have been trying to find out how anchor's were lashed in place next to the chain plate in 1545 for my Mary rose model. Was not able to find anything from that era showing how it was done. So I went with what I found for later ships. How does this look? If you think I need to make changes or can recomend other resouces that show how it should be done,please do. For now I have just set it in place until I hear from the peanut gallery here, who knows more than I don for sure. Thanks Keith