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  1. Retirement

    Ahoy Mates Well here's most of my kit collection,in boxes marked and kits on shelves.If I build all of them I will need a BIGGER HOUSE for sure.And to live to be 160 years old. Keith
  2. Retirement

    Ahoy Mates Thanks for the replies. The tool box is my Gerstner that's just about to be 48 years old this September. I also have my Dad's that's 63 years old and 3 other Gerstners. One I have filled with Miniature Rope,blocks and other stuff from Syren along with all my other fittings for my wooden ships. The others have all my diemaking tools. I am a second gen Tool and Diemaker. I learned the trade from my late Dad and worked with him for 15 years before he retired. He also taught me model making ,starting me out at age 4. He's the reason I have this collection. I was blessed to have a Dad like him. It's just too bad that he never saw what I build now in wooden ship models. If you see a model that you want,just message me. I am selling what I have . Thanks Keith
  3. Retirement

    Ahoy Mates I know how it is to just retire. I did it 5 years ago. As to what to do,I had spent the last 50 years collecting model kits. All types and building at the same time. Now I have way TOO MANY kits. I do not have a 100 years to build all of what I have. Spent the last week sorting out,boxing and listing all my kits and detail parts. I have sold over half of what I had 8 years ago when my wife passed away. Now I build mostly wooden ship models. Here's a photo of a small part of what I have in "stock". I am ready for the end of time with kits, I know that you can have too many kits. Keith and Pickels
  4. Ahoy Mates Is this supplier of wood still in business? I do not see it listed on the right. Thanks Keith
  5. Ahoy Mates Here's the two anchors for my Cheerful,still have some touch up work to do before they are completed. This is just before they are Testors Dulcoted overall. Great way to make them Chuck,wood is great to work with. Far better than the white metal crap or brass. After they get painted,who can tell what they have been made of. Noe onto the ratlines and the rest of the rigging. Keith and Pickels
  6. Ahoy Mates Getting near the point where I need to know how the cannon balls and powder was set up on the deck of the Cheerful of this date 1806 with caronnades? Just about finished with all the guns now. Ready to start rigging them. My shipyard supervisor is not feeling chipper today since yesterday he had dental work-cleaning and extractions . Pickels has 12 less teeth today. The cat tooth fairy will visit him with fresh cat nip when he feels better and can enjoy it. He's doing as well as can be expected,today he's sleeping under my feet while I am writing this. Well back to the Cheerful's gun tackle and breaching lines. Keith and Pickels
  7. Ahoy Mates Working on the HMS Cheerful now. Wanted to know if the cleats on the bulwarks were painted the red of the bulwarks or left natural wood? I would think they were left natural because the paint would just wear off quickly. Thanks for your input and advice. Pickels is waiting to hear.
  8. The "What have you done today?" thread.

    Ahoy Mates First thing I did was to try to get Pickels to let me have more room on the work desk. He did not leave me very much room as you can see. My sister made me a quilted work pad so I can work on the hull without marking or denting it for my birthday. But when I put it down to use it,Pickels took it over as his own soft "shipyard cat nap pad" . So now my sister will be making me one for my own use now. The quit pad works great. Keith
  9. Ahoy Chuck See that your new kit of the English barge is "out of stock" . When will you have them back in stock to sell? I know there must be high demand for it. Sorry to have missed your posting or site that it was for sale. I need one for sure and maybe two. Thanks Keith Glueck Troutdale,Oregon-have sent you an email,but have yet to hear back from you,so here I am.
  10. The "What have you done today?" thread.

    Ahoy Mates Today I was treenailing my Cheerful hull. Here's what the bow looks like. Keith
  11. The "What have you done today?" thread.

    Ahoy Mates Planking my Cheerful now with boxwood with my helper in the shipyard Pickels. Here he is after a long day of working. Well that's what he thinks he has done all day. For me he was "cat Napping" and holding down the tools so that they would not roll off the building table. After he got up I had to do my normal brushing him off of all the wood chips! on his fur. It works better than a dust rag. Keith

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