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  1. Hello Heinz . I would just like to add my congrats on a fantastic build , you should indeed be very proud .I,m useless at rigging so will give no advice other than take it one step at a time .. Glad to see u back . Boyd .
  2. shihawk

    Hello From Prestwick Scotland

    Hello David and Welcome from N Ireland
  3. Hi Mike .. I,m afraid u misunderstood ,i was congratulating Chris on his new baby , those days are long gone for me . will be a granda soon !!!!!!! lol. I haven,t been on that much for a while so yes i think the Vic did burn me out for a while plus i got hooked on a computer game which wasted a lot of my spare time ,but i,m back in the workshop ,started a Triton scratch build and waiting on wood supplies . I noticed u still building a few planes or have u moved on to something else now , i only look in on the site once in a while now and have gotten out of touch ,.Once i get going with the Triton project properly i hope to be back on more often . Hope all,s well in the highlands and your battoned down for a long winter ,s modeling ???
  4. First thing ,, Chris.. many concgats on your new arrival , I can,t imagine what name u would have come up with had it been a boy ??? Thank you for your kind words..I did have diffs getting the motivation to finish the Vic even to the shortened version , The rigging broke my spirit !!! But I was surprised when I visited the real Vic last summer that her masts have been shortened similar to mine . I did start a Triton section but discovered a major flaw in the early part of the build so have now moved on ,as was always the intention ,to the full Triton 1;48 POF . Finding it a challenge but as before I just have to keep reminding myself I am the captain and do my own thing . did start a log on the Triton section but not much there yet , still getting my head around the plans ??? good to hear from u again . Boyd Marty .. If I remember correctly I spent a lot of time experimenting with thread , wire etc for the frames but finished making the complete windows from small strips of Lime .. a very tedious but rewarding method . Check other logs there may be a simpler method ..On checking my log I see I did not document it very well at the time and don,t remember the exact details , sry I can,t be more help .. Boyd
  5. If u look under . Caldercraft fittings .....Decrotive fittings .... u should find what u need ?
  6. i believe he means Cornwall Model Boats . i think that was where i bought mine years ago??
  7. shihawk

    Hello from Freehold NJ

    Welcome from N Ireland , i,m with u on the natural wood .
  8. shihawk

    Hello from Croatia

    Welcome from N Ireland , Look forward to your build as u obviously have a great eye for detail . Boyd.
  9. Sounds and looks good ,, My thoughts are that it would be a good introduction to POF for someone like myself with no experience of reading and converting real plans for a scratch build ,. It would certainly give a better idea of what is involved in fitting out the interior etc . The only downside is the 1 : 80 scale , not sure my big paws could handle it ?? But may look into it further and see . Tks for the update
  10. shihawk

    Good Morning, from Somerset.

    Welcome Rory , i,m not long back from a visit to Yeovil , i have a son workin there , lovely country . you will get any questions answered here so just ask , Have fun,, Boyd.
  11. shihawk

    Hello from Portugal

    Welcome ,from sunny" and it actually is " N Ireland . Boyd.
  12. shihawk

    Hello from Newbie in Georgia

    Welcome Mike , I well remember wondering what the heck a rabber line was and did i really need one anyway . My advice would be do research as u go along , get started the build , start a build log ,and as the questions arise just ask . best way to learn is by doing !!! Have fun ,Boyd
  13. shihawk


    Welcome Mark. I finished the Billings Vic a short time ago although it was what i called a shortened version i found it a very interesting build . You have done a superb job on what many including myself have found a very challenging build , mainly i suspect due to the limited instructions ?. You did have the advantage of having the real thing in your backyard and having visited it a couple of days ago i can only imagine was the best instruction plan possible , but that does not take away from your obvious building skills . Good luck with the Diana and i look forward to your build log . Cheers Boyd
  14. shihawk

    Hello from Texas!

    Welcome Andrew , ask all and any questions ,usually someone here will have the answer . Have fun ,Boyd .
  15. shihawk

    possible trip to Portsmouth

    i have a feeling Mark if i get on the Vic i might stay all day !!!!!!! so tks for the advice .

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