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  1. Old Collingwood

    Black Pearl by Old Collingwood - 1/72 Scale

    Yep the series with Ioan - its an excellent series, thank you for the kind words. OC.
  2. Old Collingwood

    Black Pearl by Old Collingwood - 1/72 Scale

    No shipbuilding at the moment - instead I'm currently watching Hornblower on tv, you could say Im still keeping my foot in. OC.
  3. Old Collingwood

    Black Pearl by Old Collingwood - 1/72 Scale

    Just a small update on the admiral - I got to the surgey today and picked up a new diabetes meter, at the same time I spoke to the GP there he also confirmed that it looked like the admiral was suffering from Vertigo ontop of everything else, and this probably had also affected her diabetes levels aswel, so he gave me some drugs to treat that also. It doesn't rian it poors. OC.
  4. Denis your work is Superb and your explanations are just so good. OC.
  5. Hey denis is that bright light in here coming from you then - you ultra white toothy dude. OC.
  6. Old Collingwood

    Black Pearl by Old Collingwood - 1/72 Scale

    Piet - that means so much to me Thank You, all my friends in here are so invaluable and feel like an extended family, I have Never felt so cared for. OC.
  7. It makes a Massive difference jack and as carl knows - I force dry my paint layers between each coat using a hairdryer, also try alternating the painting direction anotherwords - first layer front to back and around obstructions the apply heat, then the second layer from back to front and again around obstructions then apply heat again - and just repeat till you see a dried smooth finish. OC.
  8. Jack what I did with Warspite build - was to thin the paint and apply it in almost watery (well like thin milk) it looks like it isnt covering with the first layer or two, but as you apply more thin layers it does even out and give a smooth but not over thick finish. I love working with these - Acrylic paints, they come in gift sets designed to match certain naval colors of different time frames. Hope this helps a bit. OC.
  9. Old Collingwood

    Black Pearl by Old Collingwood - 1/72 Scale

    Thanks jack, yep diabetes can certainly be a minefield, my late farther died some years ago as a dirrect result of it, basicaly it destroyed all his organs. OC.
  10. Old Collingwood

    Black Pearl by Old Collingwood - 1/72 Scale

    Thanks jack, the wife is also on a good mix of other important drugs she has to take all her life, the diabetes was the last condition to be detected - just last year, she has also been told the side affects of some of her drugs could leed to insuline issues, our diet is quite good very little sugar quite a lot of chicken and just a treat once a week when I cook a chicken curry. The problem the admiral has is a constant dry mouth (again due to her medication) so she is constantly looking for things to cure her dry mouth, she tries water but she cant stomach it (she hates it) so she started resorting to zero sugar fizzy drinks like cola, we have been weining her off these and resorting to to normal tea no sugar with skimmed milk. OC.
  11. Old Collingwood

    Black Pearl by Old Collingwood - 1/72 Scale

    Thanks for all that - much appreciated - when I get to the docs tomorrow and get a replacement meter and strips, I will tell the admiral to check herself in the mornings (if she gets this one to work as it should and not eat through a million strips) OC.

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