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  1. More work this evening on the pearl, firstly I glued in place the two ladders with ropes and left the ropes to hand, then I attached the two decorative stand pieces to the bottom of the hull (these will be mounted onto the base plate - for a secure stand). Next job was to dry fit the center assembly into the middle hull section (this has bulkheads that slide into cutouts on the hull) I then offered up the front bulkhead and forecastle deck but found a height error where the front lugs fit, so simple fix (remove the lugs and fit slightly lower) this is a slightly tricky job as it requires jiggling about and test dry fitting prior to gluing. No pics tonight - I simply foregot to take any. OC.
  2. Yep you chased me over this way didn't you mate.🙂 OC.
  3. Thanks denis, yes its a very well detailed kit and really well put together - I understand the same goes for the Revell Vic kit. OC.
  4. Evening all, more work on the pearl today, I started by attaching three pieces of edge strip between the bulkheads and the deck, these were cut and glued then painted when glued, I also turned my attention to the ladders down to the gun deck - these are kit plastic parts but on inspection although they cover a 6 foot run the kit ones only have four steps, so I decided to make up four additional steps from wood strips, these were cut and sanded then glued inplace with gaitor glue, then after they had set I applied a coat or two of paint. I also decided to add a rop on the one side - I needed to create a post for the rope - this was cut to size then glued onto the side board of the ladder, then painted, I then cut some rope and glued the end onto the post with more gaitor glue, and put them aside to set. Here are the pics - OC.
  5. Old Collingwood

    VASA by dziadek4444 - DeAgostini - 1:65

    Makes me want to get one and build the Flying Dutchman from it..... OC.
  6. Evening all, more time on the build today - I added the dark washes to the other decks, then I turned my attention to the two lower decks bellow the main and forecastle decks, because some of the decks can be seen through ladder cut outs and gratings, I decided to add some dark washes to the simulated plastic planked areas, this took quite well due to me washing the paint on with a wide brush against the plank lines, building up some dark shades between the planks. Then I was able to start building some of the decks against the bulkheads, including adding a small finishing strip against the forward bulkhead, I also dry fitted the poop deck after doing some surgery to make it fit. Here's a few pics - OC.
  7. Great work mate - you'll be a miniture drilling expert whne you finish - you will have to do some minture ships in bottles. OC.
  8. Only partialy as the ship had started out as burned when she was the wicked wench, I would imagine they could holy stone burned wood but it wouldn't come out very light. OC.
  9. Evening all, sincere thanks for all the likes and comments. More work today continuing with the decks - firstly I gave them a light sanding then I decided to bleach them using conventional house hold bleach, this was wiped on and left for a couple of hours, then washed off, it did loosen a few planks - but these were soon glued back down after drying the decks with the hairdryer. This gave me a nice bleached wood finish - next I made up some very thin watery dark grey paint, then went about painting on the deck in thin coats. So I have the poop deck in a antique dark grey finish - ready to paint the other three. Here are two pics one showing the finished deck and the other un finished decks ready for their paint and trimming on one. OC.
  10. Old Collingwood

    HMS Bellona by harlequin - Corel

    Hiya mate, this is where I am upto with my greyhound, she is on hold at the moment while I build the Black Pearl for the wife. . OC
  11. Thank you mate, she is loving all the build stages with it already. OC.
  12. On the main deck I firstly painted the obstructions but where the decking was placed - I just lightly sanded it then gave the whole deck a wash in washing up detergent to remove any relese oils, then I used gaitor glue PVA - I used a small brush then brushed the glue o where I wanted the plank to go then just pressed the plank down into place. I decided noto bother painting the other deck obstructions as these are easy enough to paint after the planks. OC.
  13. Evening all, just a continuation with the deck planking, I have four deck sectons to do - nearly finnished them, they will look more uniform and cleaner when they have had a light sand then some dark washes to darken the woods and blend it all together. OC.
  14. Same as denis - love following your work kevin. OC.

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