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  1. help with choosing my next build

    Tiger would be Brilliant Helicopter moded version? OC.
  2. help with choosing my next build

    Something like this kevin, https://www.cornwalllive.com/news/cornwall-news/dave-forteys-scale-model-hms-916409 OC.
  3. help with choosing my next build

    How about HMS Ark Royal R09 in 1/72 scale if one is out there. OC.
  4. Main gun deck nearly finished added stairs to lower deck, on HMS Greyhound (family of ships) OC.
  5. Battle of Trafalgar - Diorama

    Sincere thanks to you kevin for posting that in the begining, its so relavent to the film I am trying to promote, excellent stuff mate. OC.
  6. We are trying Duty @dutythefilm ‏ 1805 England is at war with France and Spain. Napoleon is set to invade England, all that stands in his way is the Royal Navy. copyright Jeremy Webb. @jemweb OC.
  7. Hello ! AWESOME forum!

    I was going to leave it for one of the mods to welcome you to our unique little family, but I thought I would anyway. OC.
  8. Battle of Trafalgar - Diorama

    Just found this Fantastic. Thank you for posting this Kev. OC.
  9. I think its a facinating subject and possibly one of the most colorful aspects of naval warfare and history, and potentialy could have changed europe in so many ways if nelson and all who where with him, had not won on that day. OC.
  10. Upsssss my bad spelling showing its ugly head again lol. Now correctred. OC.
  11. So much facinating info above. So hope that the film my friend has written and is currently being looked at by a famous film producer, will bring all this to light in a fantastic way. OC.
  12. New film about Nelson and Trafalgar

    Thank you so much darrell for those kind comments, its a very exciting journey and its been well said the potential for this film is Huge, the script is in the hands of a well known film director friend of mine at the moment, he is giving it a thorough look over before coming back to me. OC.
  13. New film about Nelson and Trafalgar

    And no oppology needed, I sincerely appreciate your kind words. OC.

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