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  1. Try an aquatic aquarium buiilding company or even a aquatic shop all glass fish tanks can be purchased for around a £100 I think. OC.
  2. I agree with CDW thats lovely. OC.
  3. My deck was the same as yours - some of the holes were slighly miss aligned but I put that down to my handling and placing the deck. I even dry fitted it first with the backing on, also I found that the deck needs to be carefuly pressed into place to avoid air bubbles - even after it was down I was still finding a few high spots due to it either lifting or not being pressed down enough. OC.
  4. That was my last one aswell but - it rolled of the surface onto the floor then rolled into the back yard, with so much motion it went it up and over our wall and into our back neighbours garden, it then rolled down his garden upto his door - up his door and in through his letter box, I then heard him debating with his wife who was going to eat this mysterious chocholate supprise. Well thats what I told the wife.🤫 OC.
  5. Superb work, I love the detail of the (possible killer area for her - T tubes) when she met her doom. OC.
  6. Then I started work on the Pom Pom's, I have decided to use the bulk of the kit parts but they will be cleaned up and have a few of the pe parts attached including the top detail for the ammo feed boxes, and the front cage detail, also the top site details. The barrels look fine including the fluted ends so I will stay with the kit ones(they are already attached to the body making things easier) Here are a few pics including one next to a Malteaser for scale. OC.
  7. Evening all, only a couple of hours late this evening to work on the ole girl, but I did manage to paint the boats and fix them in place on the deck, just a few pics of them. OC.
  8. Hi all, last two boats completed today, dry fitted on the boat deck just to see how they look together. OC.
  9. Thanks pat, they are like a mini build in their own right. OC.
  10. What do you do - tack them in place with thick pva then when the pva has set run some ca along the bottom? OC.
  11. Looking smart mate, if you are not happy with the weathering cant you dry brush the hull abit using a medium size brush, to blend it all in abit. OC.
  12. Firstly a Huge Thank You for all the likes and comments and taking my build over the 20.000 views mark - Amazing.🤩 Boat number two - in the shape of the 45ft Fast motor launch, this started off with the kit hull, and also the part deck from the kit, but the kit deck part needed cannibalizing just leaving the front lower cabin section, this was cut away and shaped then glued to the pe deck part, next I had to make up three pe cabin sections and glue them on the pe deck. Here are a few pics also showing the size comparison with the Admirals Barge. OC.
  13. Saturday! do you know what Saturday is? - Boat day, so I looked up my pontos build schedule for the different boats and pe bits, so I started with the Admirals Barge, this has a pe floor that was fitted then painted flat white, after that was dried I fitted the pe deck part, next off I had to shape the front cabin section and fit it, next off was the rear cabin. I have put it aside to set before moving on to the next one. OC.

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