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  1. How do they guide a ship in so she sits perfectly on keel blocks - Amazing. OC.
  2. She is coming along nice and tidy with lots of interest. OC.
  3. Nice work greg - looking well and truly battered like she has been sat in a ships graveyard for years. OC.
  4. Looking good denis very very nice building work going on here. OC.
  5. Hi there can I take a seat - this looks interesting as I did a few 1/72 scale kits years and years ago including the Vosper Motor boat and a German Torpedo boat similar to this but both Airfix. OC.
  6. Great work my friend looking really nice. OC.
  7. Thank You for all the very nice comments its a condition that alas will only get worse as its a family ill past down from my late mother's side, just gets in the way and causes at best a constant ache in both hands and at worse pain and stiffness. As I use my hands for all my hobbies - model making, photography and recording keyboard music, its very frustrating. OC.
  8. Folks I just wanted applogize for the lack of work on my build, to be honest I am battling painful hands at the moment as I suffer from an Arthritic condition causing painfull fingers and hands and also a condition called Dupuytrens Disease casusing swelling to the finger joints. When I have some better days I will try to get back on the build, for now holding small implements and model parts is too painful. OC.
  9. Looking Great - but dont try floating that thing.
  10. This is Seriously good work - when its finished you have it displayed in the window of Harrods with all that Gold. :) OC.
  11. Just wondered if you might have found it easyer to have done a dark wash in the scribed panel areas after spraying the hull, you could have done this with a cloth and thin paint - just a thought. OC.
  12. Thaose turrets look Huge - Imagine the size in real life :o OC.
  13. I am probably missing something here - but is the models hull physical raised or sunken panel lines, where you have had to airbrush all those black shading? OC.