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  1. Musicians and Modelers

    Really love the bass. OC.
  2. Musicians and Modelers

    I was a keyboard(synth) player in a band back in the mid 80s, I still keep my hand in with digital virtual synth tools, I have also dabbled in bass (owned an Ibanez SR) and also tried to get my lungs around tennor and alto sax. I have a fair amount of riffs recorded on my HDD. OC.
  3. What have you received today?

    So your a "Jolly Jolly" chap now. OC.
  4. Fingers crossed all will be ok and the gremlins will go and play elsewhere, we all have boats/ships to build. OC.
  5. Did the site go down from early am this morning till just now? I kept getting a firewall issue from the sites side, No issues my side from any other sites I visit. OC.
  6. Supposed to be - Red Ocre, inside wood frammings and inside gun lids. Yellow Ocre, inside bulwarks and gun carrages etc, also the yellow ish bands on the outside hull are yellow ocre, and dull black/semi dull satin, the black bands on the hull and other black feactures. Hope this helps. OC.
  7. Them Old Jokes

    Here are a few of mine (out of my 800 or so I made up on my hdd) 1) Dont you just hate it - You get your Spirit Level Home and its got Bubbles in it. 2) "Be there in Two Shakes" - What if you on a diet. 3) Going to write a book and hope it sells - Someone said - cross your fingers. 4) I have spent the last 6 years in the Autumn in the park as I was told to turn over a New Leaf. 5) Whats the best thing to do with a Parrot with Turrets - Put Him on Big Brother. 6) Went shopping with the wife and was Blown away with the price of the Hairdryers. 7) Helium Peroxide - Light Hair with Lift. OC.
  8. Build Log Photography

    Kurt, I find as long as I use trap focus and focus about a third of the way into a subject (if it is inclined front to back or at a diagnal) using my phone cam, this helps to keep more of the subject in focus. OC.
  9. Build Log Photography

    I use an "Old School" Sony Ericson mobile phone as its portable - gets in tight spots - has macro and has a fairly decent lens despite its age. OC.
  10. Ageing Decks

    Thank you for all the replies, I have decided to leave my planks sanded then flat top coated, its easier to do it this way. OC.
  11. Ageing Decks

    Thanks mark, the planks are already fitted on the deck so what ever I do will have to be in a controled manner and kept tidy, I had heard a bout a wire wool and vinegar trick, painting that onto the planks - and making sure they were sealed afterwards. OC.
  12. Follks how do you age your decks on your wood builds, as wood that has been exposed to the elements even if looked after, goes a grey color with age. OC.