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  1. uss frolick

    Spanish ship of the line plans

    Which six unfortunates would have had their bunks in Montañés's poop deck-house, and which two in the poop-taferail cupboards? Warrant officers? Note no fixed gunport on the upper gun-deck. I wish auto-correct would stop substituting the word "gunlock" every time I try to write "gundeck"!
  2. uss frolick

    Spanish ship of the line plans

    That plan of Montañés is beautiful!
  3. uss frolick

    Music to build ship models to ...

    Here's a recreation of pre-Viking Nordic music. The band is Heilung, from Denmark, and they are becoming quite popular. The Youtube comments are priceless: "I got the fever, and the cure is more antlers." "I played this for my dog, now he's a wolf, and we hunt deer together." "My cats heard me listening to this. They've since escaped and are out hunting mammoths. This is going to be costly." "I had this playing at work, and next thing I knew, Marketing had raided Accounting for plunder and slaves."
  4. uss frolick

    The model of French frigate La Legere 1682

    The framing of that model looks of a later style, almost Harold Hahn-ish, with every station being a full frame with no filler frames. The hull looks sleek and more 'modern' too, like something out of the 1760's. Great article. Thanks for sharing.
  5. German, compared with other languages. Enjoy!
  6. uss frolick

    Music to build ship models to ...

    A French classic, perhaps?
  7. uss frolick

    The Lynx

    The narration is kinda sappy and melodramatic - "some say she has a sole" - "and then she was gone" - perhaps it was produced for kids - but the film of the schooner is just lovely. Thanks for posting it! There are only two surviving plans for named, 1812 Chesapeake Bay Pilot schooner privateers: Lynx was one; and the awesome Grecian the other, both Kemp designed vessels. There are many other plans, but none can be tied to any specific vessel. The film ought to have mentioned how they were able to accurately reconstruct the Lynx.
  8. uss frolick

    Music to build ship models to ...

    The Bridge City Sinners play "Witches Wrath": (Note: This style is considered to be the same as the above Avalon Jazz Band number, "Fit as a Fiddle". The genre is called "Gypsy Jazz", although the two styles seem vastly different. I like them both!)
  9. uss frolick

    Music to build ship models to ...

    The Avalon Jazz Band:
  10. uss frolick

    Them Old Jokes

    This is us, guys!
  11. uss frolick

    Music to build ship models to ...

    How about some Indian Street Metal, "Ari Ari"? (Warning, a couple naughty words interspersed ...)
  12. uss frolick

    Music to build ship models to ...

    Anyone into Mongolian rock? A Mongolian Hunnu rock band, "The HU", with throat singing. Made sure you click on the subtitles! and
  13. Valparaiso, Chile, was also the scene of the destruction and capture of the US Frigate Essex in 1814, at the hands of the British Frigates Phoebe and Cherub. I have yet to read of a single Chilean account of that battle.
  14. Local tourism dollars also come into play. From the Yorkshire Post: "The delegates at Filey’s White Lodge Hotel were the first to hear of it, along with news of the discovery of wooden figurehead of a lion and shield that adorned the bow, and a carving of a shepherdess from the stern. Mr Blackburn said: “We expect a task force to be formed that will get the visitor strategy in place. They can set up a Bonhomme Richard trail – people will land at Leeds Bradford or Manchester and make their way from there. “We’re talking about a generation of employment – it’s that far reaching. Once the Americans learn of it, it will generate a lot of interest.”

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