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  1. Got it! Devouring it! This book is everything advertised, and more. The authors were able to reconstruct the professional and private lives of the 17 midshipmen who were on board Indefatigable during her famous battle with the French 74 Les Droits de L'Homme (pronounced "D'wa de Lome", I am told). Somebody needs to produce a kit or usable plans of the Razee Indefatigable.
  2. uss frolick

    Brig USS Enterprise 1799 info gathering

    That does kinda look like an American style eagle on the center of the taffrail.
  3. Amazing footage:
  4. uss frolick

    Little known facts of Titanic sinking

    From the "Ask A Mortician" Channel, one of the funniest, most interesting, yet macabre series on Youtube!
  5. uss frolick

    Little known facts of Titanic sinking

    If you play it backwards, the film "Titanic" becomes the story of a magic ship that saves people ...
  6. uss frolick

    Music to build ship models to ...

    Oh, yes. I am eclectic! I too am a fan of Motorhead. Finland's super band, Nightwish, is really great. I am really starting to like the symphonic metal genre. Their new Dutch singer, Floor Jansen, just knocks her vocals out of the park. Here is "Storytime", performed live at the Wacken Festival in 2013. Their original vocalist, operatic diva Tarja Turunen, performing "Phantom of the Opera", in 2005. She will give you chills:
  7. uss frolick

    Music to build ship models to ...

    The Big Bad Voodoo Daddies: "Why Me?" All I want For Christmas:
  8. This was what they ate on board the RMS Aquitania, September 22, 1930. The cover shows a series of classic ship figureheads in color. Really neat. Don't have an extra $75 this month though. She was the younger sister of the Lusitania and the Mauritania. https://www.ebay.com/itm/RMS-AQUITANIA-CUNARD-LINES-MENU-1930-Sep-22/173527809025?hash=item2867103c01
  9. uss frolick

    Music to build ship models to ...

    More Post Modern Jukebox. They have a revolving cast of singers and musicians. "Careless Whisper" by Wham re-done in vintage jazz:
  10. uss frolick

    Music to build ship models to ...

    "Post Modern Jukebox". This group is addictive! Modern songs put to classic arrangements, in this case Lady Gaga's "Bad Romance". The singer is Telly Savalas's daughter:
  11. uss frolick

    Music to build ship models to ...

    "Caravan Palace" performing "Dramaphone". Happy retro toe-tapper with incredible dancing!
  12. uss frolick

    Music to build ship models to ...

    Here's a happy, toe-tapper from WWII Germany: The U-Boat Song (Das U-Boot Leid.) Nothing political intended, obviously. Just makes ya wanna sign up with the Kriegsmarine, don't it? This one is more universally, asong of the sea:
  13. uss frolick

    Them Old Jokes

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