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  1. Howdy Eric, Thanks for the support and looking at my humble attempt at making plastic better. I had mine in my office, when the vacuum caused a door to slam real hard and actually made a frame fall off the wall, which then knocked the Beagle onto the floor.... However, I did want to show what the life boat looks like now that she is finished and in place. I know the coiled ropes look a little cheesy, but I like them, so they stay. Then I did some smaller ropes fore and aft and that's it. She's good
  2. Howdy everyone, Well, I just learned something else on the website. Someone (and I wish that I could remember who, but hat tip to them) suggested doing the ratlines after all other rigging has been done. I say right now - Genius!!!! I owe that man or woman a beer (or suitable drink of their choosing). Ciao for now
  3. Ciao Frankie, Robert said it best; She is a treasure. Loves me some Revell Plastic. I heard they are re-issuing it sometime soon! Wonder how much the kit cost in 1959??? Ciao for now
  4. Howdy Captain Al, She is a real beauty! Love all the detail. Ciao for now
  5. Howdy all, Just wanted to make the launch a little more detailed. I still need to afix a rudder. I just used styrene strips and put some ribs in. The center piece of wood was my first idea to put a wooden lower deck/floor, but it didnt' work out too well. So, I just added the plastic ribs and good to go. Oh, I will also be adding some eyebolts; one on the fore, and two aft. Ciao for now
  6. Howdy Matt, Wow, you really have done a masterful job. Amazing! Ciao for now
  7. Howdy Steve, She continues to become a beautiful girl! You are my muse on this one. Question: The bulwarks are red. Is that historically accurate or an aesthetic choice? Ciao for now
  8. Howdy Robert, I love the boat. She is really coming along nicely. I really liked your grandson helping. You guys looked like you were both completely absorbed by your work! They are blessings, ain't they? Ciao for now
  9. Howdy Grendel, Love the ship! She is coming along beautifully. I really liked the cabins that you installed. Just noticed some things; would the planks on the bulkheads need nails as well? Would the door have hinges and or nails in them? Do the edges of the bulkheads on the amidships cabin where they mate together need trim strips? They look kind of bare...I mean, if you can't see them anyway, I guess it doesn't matter. Just trying to help Don't get me wrong....she sure is a beauty and she has to be pretty big at that scale! Ciao for now
  10. Howdy all, Well, I pulled the trigger and decided to sand down the board lines, so I will be making it a copper bottom. Copper tape for stained glass windows should do the trick. And I think that I learned that from this website, I believe. However, had to get the deck squared away first. I really disliked the wheel. It fit terribly, and the instructions called for a very cheap representation of the steering gear. So, I made some eyebolts, got me some blocks and redid it better. Thoughts? Further, I decided that the aft rack of belaying pins would have to be improved. I mean, they were molded in, and they looked terrible and were completely non-functional. So, I cut them off entirely, and rebuilt them. I think that they look better, and now I can secure ropes to them. Ciao for now
  11. Howdy Steve, I think that she is looking absolutely fantastic. I like the cannons. Keep up the masterpiece! Ciao for now
  12. Howdy, Okay, jud, that is close then. When my daughter went through in GLakes, she learned fire-fighting on the Buttercup, I think. I'm with Bill. I was a Mineman and then cross-rated to Legalman. What they heck would a DT, MN or LN need to know to sail a ship? Just give me a GQ locker and I'd be nozzleman! I know that two LN's died on the IOWA when No.2(?) turret blew up. They couldn't sail, but knew how to handle powder bags and ordnance! God rest their souls! Ciao for now
  13. Howdy wefalck, Perhaps in the French Navy, it's required. However, in the US Navy, it's only required if a Sailor's job is to drive the boat, moor/launch the boat or maintain her skin. Otherwise, no sailing knowledge required. Ciao for now
  14. Howdy Steve, What a beautiful boat you have there. I mean, really, REALLY beautiful. I read the entire thread, and I have to admit that the planking job you did alone is enough to scare me off of ever doing a wood kit (unless it's solid hull). I will be following your build and then stealing good ideas for my plastic bounty. Ciao for now
  15. Howdy Don, Robert and Gregory. Thank you all for the kind words and inspiration. Don, it was a shame that it fell, but it gave me the opportunity to have another crack at it! Robert, I look forward to your Constitution. I heard that Revell is releasing (re-releasing) the USS United States. Have you heard that? I wonder if it will be a completely new and accurate one. That would be neat! Gregory, glad that I could inspire that special place in your heart. I plan on simply enjoying this one. No stress. I have seen that one, I think, and it is really a spectacular build. Plastic has it's place. Ciao for now