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  1. Finished_25.jpg

    Howdy Moonbug, You wood-working guys really continue to amaze me. I really have no idea how you do such beautiful and precise work! Outstanding! Ciao for now Rob
  2. Finished_30.jpg

    Howdy Moonbug, Wow, that is a beautiful model! What museum is going to take it? Ciao for now Rob
  3. oyster skiff On horses

    Russ, What a lovely little boat! I love it and the subject is so different! Great job! Ciao for now Rob
  4. Mare Nostrum

    Wow, what an interesting subject and beautifully done! Great job!
  5. DSCN3989

  6. post 24552 0 36022300 1482350243 thumb

    What a lovely lady! Great job!
  7. pict0422

    Vince, Great job! It's stunning! Ciao for now Rob
  8. IMG 0537

    Is that a "Quaker" gun forward? That is a beautiful boat! You did a really wonderful job on a very interesting subject. Ciao for now Rob
  9. 20160917 151226[1]

    Bellissima, Maurino! Complimenti!
  10. IMG 3237

    Gorgeous! One day I will build this model (I hope)! Ciao for now Rob
  11. 20161205 144258

    AL, It's beautiful! Great job!