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  1. Howdy wefalck, Thanks. That makes absolute sense. Sorry about the "hinges" thing. I don't know the nomenclature like I should. Ciao for now
  2. Howdy all, I have a question for the brains around here; would the copper sheathing go over the hinges? The reason why I ask is because I have seen both styles (hinges covered by sheathing and hinges not covered by sheathing). In thinking about it, I think that the hinges would not be covered because that would cause galvanic action. Thoughts? Ciao for now
  3. Howdy, Okay, jud, that is close then. When my daughter went through in GLakes, she learned fire-fighting on the Buttercup, I think. I'm with Bill. I was a Mineman and then cross-rated to Legalman. What they heck would a DT, MN or LN need to know to sail a ship? Just give me a GQ locker and I'd be nozzleman! I know that two LN's died on the IOWA when No.2(?) turret blew up. They couldn't sail, but knew how to handle powder bags and ordnance! God rest their souls! Ciao for now
  4. Howdy wefalck, Perhaps in the French Navy, it's required. However, in the US Navy, it's only required if a Sailor's job is to drive the boat, moor/launch the boat or maintain her skin. Otherwise, no sailing knowledge required. Ciao for now
  5. Howdy Bugg, Did you ever think that your real "hobby" is drinking wine, and you just happen to build stuff during your hobby? Ciao for now Rob
  6. Howdy John, Were you a merchant marine or did you work on sailing boats? My brother-in-law used to be the Chief Machinist on different Princess Cruise Lines. They were all Italian, and the food in the Officer's Mess was OUTSTANDING! (Dang it, now I'm hungry for pasta....) Ciao for now Rob
  7. Hey Henry, Yup, We "Sailors," huh? And yes, let the good times roll! (I Love New Orleans) even though Mobile, Alabama has an older Mardi Gras tradition than New Orleans! Ciao for now Rob
  8. Howdy everyone, Just figured I would share a little story that happened today; I was sitting in my office, and a fellow worker whose office is situated where we pretty much can see each other across the narrow passageway if we both lean back at the correct angles. So my co-worker asks me - "Hey, have you ever sailed?" I answered, "No. I don't even know how to sail." He responded, "Me neither, but I think I am going to take a class." Here's the funny part. He is an active-duty Navy Chief with about 16 years or more in, and I am a retired First Class that did 20 years active duty and has almost 35 years total service. Between us, I don't know how many "cruises" (some services call them deployments) we have done, but neither one of us know how to sail a boat. Giggle Anyway, thought I would share.... Ciao for now Rob
  9. Howdy John, Welcome aboard, and you are in good hands around here. These people can guide you through building anything. Don't forget to post photos! Ciao for now Rob
  10. Howdy Achu! Welcome to the forum. I really like the desk. Now, put that bad boy to good use. Look forward to seeing your work! Ciao for now Rob
  11. Howdy Moonbug, You wood-working guys really continue to amaze me. I really have no idea how you do such beautiful and precise work! Outstanding! Ciao for now Rob
  12. Howdy Moonbug, Wow, that is a beautiful model! What museum is going to take it? Ciao for now Rob
  13. Howdy Mark, Thanks for the link to that idea. However, I am certain that mine ARE NOT going to come out looking as perfect as many of these talented folk! However, I soaking up the ideas, and any thought is a good thought. As a I used to tell my children, "Even bad examples can be good examples....of what NOT to do." Now, whether they listened, that's another issue... Ciao for now Rob
  14. Russ, What a lovely little boat! I love it and the subject is so different! Great job! Ciao for now Rob
  15. Howdy all, Many thanks for the information, and I think that I misspoke (misstyped?) when I wrote about looming. I tried it once, but found it insanely frustrating to use (alignment issues, too tight versus too loose, reattaching it to the boat, etc). I meant that I was going to do my own lines, vice using the plastic ones. Ciao for now Rob