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  1. Hi everyone I stumbled apon this when trying to think of a way to make the mouse on the mast stays look realistic without having to weave the cover to get that knittled look. Here is a photo of the actual mouse for the Endeavour replica vessel I am using rope from Syren Model Ship Co for the stay, it is cable laid four strand rope. First I worm the rope on my Domanoff serving machine. I'm using black cotton so its easy to distinguish during the worming process, (the stays will be painted black later to simulate the tar) The rope is then served just beyond where the mouse will be The eye is formed by unpicking the ends of the rope, gluing them down to simulate a splice Then it is served over the splice The mouse is made by drilling a hole in a piece of dowel. The dowel is sanded to a cone shape on the end then cut off and sanded to shape and slipped onto the rope. The create the woven effect over the mouse I am using a flexible cloth wound dressing, its self adhesive so very easy to attach. The lower part is served. A little bit of PVA glue on the join will stop the self adhesive letting go in the future. The completed stay
  2. HMS Victory - Corel

    Built 30 years ago, first wood ship kit
  3. This Artesania Latina Endeavour was built starting in 1988 and completed about 3 years later with some minor mods since then.