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  1. Artsy shot. I think that getting the scale of everything right, including rigging sizes, gives a more realistic appearance
  2. Thanks Mike, good to see you back into it. I have been very slow on my build, I don't get to it very often, too much other stuff to do. Dashi, I don't know either way on the gaff. I have just followed the AOTS for all my masts and yards, because it was easy to photocopy the drawings and enlarge them to the correct scale. I have mostly finished the standing rigging, except for some ratlines on the fore and mizzen topmast shrouds. I have started ading all the footropes and various blocks to the yards, starting at the bowsprit. Cheers
  3. I haven't seen that draught before. Can you post more sections of it please? or send the image in a PM if you don't want to post in on here
  4. Hello Mark Is this the draught you refer to different to this one? This one is the original draught showing how she was as the Earl of Pembroke, with the proposed alterations. The companion in front of the helm was removed at the refit before Cook's voyage. I didn't know there was another with the writing you describe. I'm eager to see it Cheers Steve
  5. Welcome back Mike, I was just thinking about you, wondering what happened to your build
  6. Continuing on in bits and pieces when I have time. Today I made the parral and fitted the spritsail topsail yard, the first running rigging being the spritsail topsail halyard and I had a crack at making my first rope coil at the belaying pin.
  7. A bit more work today, finished off the footropes on the spritsail yard and finished fitting the fore topmast stays
  8. Hi Mark Thanks. The nail marks in the planks were done using a 6B pencil, just position it on the plank, press and rotate. Practice on a scrap to get good at it, and keep the pencil sharp. Cheers Steve
  9. I haven't posted on here for a while but I have been plugging away doing bits and pieces when time permits. I have been working on the rigging and have almost finished the topmast standing rigging. This week a little diversion, I bought a ships wheel kit from Syren. Its the correct size and looks much better than the metal one I had there. Great kit from Chuck - everything goes together so precisely. First pic is the metal wheel I replaced.
  10. Hi Dave Yes they are burton pendants, the bloocks would be hooked to them. The two blocks between the topmast shrouds are called sister blocks, for the topsail lifts. The AOTS has long stropped blocks hanging from the masthead
  11. Hi Dave I followed the AOTS and My mast tackles are a little lower than the yard arms. The yards will sit just below the top woolding. Be aware that the topmost tackles in the AOTS have a block, but most likely had a thimble for a block to hook into, according to several other sources. cheers Steve
  12. Not a silly question Karl. I used water based paint. French Blue from Admiralty Paints by Jokita. I got it from an online Hobby Store here in Australia. You shouldn't have any problems gluing things on oil paint especially if you use CA
  13. The stand is a rough one I made out of mdf just to hold the ship during construction. I will make a proper stand when I'm finished, probably like the small supports I made for my first Endeavour in this pic

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