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  1. The brand is 'Woodcraft' made by Kuretake Co Ltd Japan. I used the chisel tip 6mm. It is very easy to use and has all the attributes of the Brush described above - acid free etc. ..... I guess you pay your money and make your choice. I am just about to go away for a few days and haven't the time to include a photo. All the best wiith your vanguard. rmc (Bob)
  2. I am in the finale stages of building the Vanguard. For the deck planking I used a Woodcraft Marker. They are made in Japan, and in this country are available in craft shops. I think they are also available at Modeler's Shipyard near Sydney. They have a website and do mail order. You can have a look at the results by taking a look at my Vanguard log. All the best rmc
  3. Sorry for the delay - life intervened. Since an upgrade to my Windows10 my computer seems to be having bad cases o fboth indigestion and amnesia. I can no longer get an image to turn blue among other things. I suspect that the photo software I have (Nikon) doesn't like Windows10 and is taking it out on me. I have now by-passed that by loading the photos into Desktop and then into Nikon. Seems to work.
  4. Made last try. Found a rather indirect way of finally doing it. Will explain tomorrow. Thank you all.
  5. Thanks Dirk. Tried Google Chrome. Once I click on the photo none of the dialogue boxesshown in your post come up - just the photo on the screen. In the old website, beneath the photo the 'save as' was shown. This doesn't happen for any of the browsers I have used. The new website definitely has some improvements, but there are some drawbacks too. It's late here and it's time for bed.
  6. Microsoft Edge. Just tried Firefox. No joy. Didn't think that the print would be sensitive to the browser!
  7. Thanks Eddie. Sorry - no 'save as' on my screen. I suspect it is a problem with Windows 10 which just shows 'print' and then performs the atrocities I described.
  8. I have been unable to print photos since the new website was introduced. When I highlight a photo and then go to the print option it shows a horizontally compressed photo surround by text. Can anyone help? RMC
  9. Wood, without doubt. Good luck. Bob (rmc)
  10. I used small brass eyelets with long shafts stuck under the carriages. It worked well. It's in my Vanguard log. You will find it if you search for 'guns' All the best Bob (rmc)
  11. I'm building the Amati Vanguard. Evidently Model Shipways had some sort of arrangement with Amati to market their Vanguard in North America. From what I have seen on this website, the Model Shipways is a good quality kit, but from my observation the Amati kit has far better fittings, but is more expensive. Good luck. Bob (RMC)
  12. Chris: you may not have seen my edit. As a period modeller (Vanguard at the moment) it didn't occur to me that you may be after rigging for a modern ship. Bob (rmc)
  13. I have a copy of Peterson. It's very good for period ships (18th/early 19thC). (I'm not sure what you mean by "modern book"). Highly recommended if that is the period you are after.. Good luck Bob (rmc)
  14. There is a gun shop in Beverly Hills in Sydney that has the Birchwell Casey stuff. It works quite well but make sure you wash it off after you get the required degree of black, otherwise the residual material will rub off - it makes dirty marks where you certainly don't want them. Bob (rmc)