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  1. The foretopsail yard is now mounted and with it the dreaded parrals. The yard tye is more or less done - a block is still to be attached to the line. The tye has been done according to Petersson which is very close to the method described by Anton for the New Endeavour. Here are the parrals ... and here are the tyes. and thank you Nils for your encouragement.
  2. Thanks Anton for taking the time to reply. A drawing would be good, but I think I have the idea. A minute later. Just received your drawing - thanks very much.
  3. The fore and main topsail yard tyes (ties?) are now causing angst - from where do they originate? The illustration on plan 9 shows them apparently springing somehow from the cross trees. Petersson shows the line made off to a sling of some sort around the mast above the cross trees. This appears to be the solution but the space available is constrained by the topmast sheaves (I should have put them 2 or 3 mm higher than is shown on the plan (5)). While this is not the end of the world, it is a bit of a pain. The question is whether the Petersson solution the correct one (or at least the most acceptable is the circumstances) or is there some other - correct - method that is not shown? Advice would be gratefully received.
  4. I would make a small change to the positioning of the eye - making it over both the threads just after the knot joining the two threads near the yard.
  5. The spritsail topsail yard is finally on. My cunning plan ended up like Baldrick's (in Backadder for those who may remember). I'm afraid I couldn't face the whole thing again so I cheated - and best of all, it worked. I hope this shows the method. The thread that passes over the middle of the ribs is shown here. An eye made on one end of a separate piece of thread .One of the threads passing though the ribs and trucks is passed through it and passed over the ribs. It was eventually tied off on the yard. The method enables everything to be done off the model except for the final tying off a couple of knots on the yard to finally attach it. A trial run - Now the big trick is to get a tolerant spouse to hold the yard while you tie it on. Good luck with that. If humans were fully evolved we would have an extra hand to hold things while the other two did the work. The following photos are not in the order I would have chosen. I have discovered that it apparently isn't possible to insert text below a photo if a line space has not already been provided.
  6. Thanks roadking. With the prospect of trying to repair the knot on the spritsail topsail yard parral, a little encouragement is needed. The wretched thing took a full morning to do.
  7. Yes, there are a few odd things in the new format Arthur. For example, in searching for 'vanguard' (content) it goes to the very first posts, then you must go to the next step in finding which post and where you would like to go in it. The intermediate step I find a little annoying. As well, in the search option, I now have a list of about 15 search items that I can't get rid of. Still, there are worse things going on in the world. No doubt you see here I'm still into avoidance. In fact I have put on the spritsail topsail yard - parral and all - but I stuffed up the very last knot and may have to re-do the whole thing. However I have a cunning plan ....
  8. Thanks Jose. I decided while considering the dreaded parrals, to mount the spritsail yard (I think this is known as avoidance). The yard provide quite a bit of difficulty. Gravity is always working against you. With a few more payments to the swear jar, the wretched thing is finally on and has turned out acceptably. While all of that was going on, the blocks for the two upper forestays came away from the jib boom. I did not rejoice, particularly as it was caused by some rather inferior knot-tying earlier in my knot-tying career. It took four attempts to obtain an acceptable result. In the process I discovered a mistake in my rigging which at least I was able to correct - so at least something good came out it. Here is some of the detail. I may have gone a bit overboard with the photos, but the thing is rather complicated and very crowded. These pictures may help some other poor souls who are yet to get to this stage. How it looks - with lots of things still to be tied off.
  9. Valter - thanks for the kind comment - but as far as the 'chip' is concerned, I'm afraid you have the wrong man. Hi Koen - thank you too for the kind comment.
  10. Thanks Arthur. I'm just about to try your method having exhausted mine. My swear box is already full - I now have enough to buy a house, new car and a block of flats. Blood pressure tablets? already taken, but maybe a back-up or two may be wise ....
  11. Thanks for the encouragement Jose. I have been doing my best to forget about belaying lines for the time being. Unfortunately I chose to put up the fore top yard which requires a parral to attach to the mast. I looked to Petersson for the method of mounting the parral as well as a few build logs. Alas, I am no wiser. In particular the illustrations in Petersson are essentially useless - at least to me. Here they are. So far, so good .... I used a dummy mast and yard to see how the thing may work. And here is how it is supposed to end up, though how is a mystery to me. Help would be gratefully received.
  12. The main yard is now on, the truss pendants and the jeers are belayed, though not finally tied off. In the diagram in my previous post, the nave line was omitted - that makes seventeen lines to be tied off somehow. I had more than enough fun belaying the five lines so far done. At this stage I don't know whether to finally tie off these lines now and make up their respective rope coils. With another dozen lines to fit it, won't be possible to coil them all. Here is how things stand at the moment. The photo of the nave line is quite poor I'm afraid. The fore and main yards are reasonably lined up. Adjustments can be made if necessary. At the moment there seem to be lines going all over the place.
  13. It's time to hoist the main yard. Looking at the number of lines that must be tied off around the bitts is rather daunting - by my count, sixteen. (I see I still haven't quite got the hang of the new system.) The above photo shows the number of the various lines and the plan number in parenthesis. The lines shown here as incorrect are found on plan 11 to be belayed to the poop deck rail. To do this is, I think, to invite disaster. I have chosen to use Petersson's method. If anyone has something to add (or preferably to subtract), please let me know.
  14. I have finally tied off most of the lines to the fore bitts. They came out reasonably well (though not nearly as well as Jose's). This is how they came out. Now I'm not sure of the next step - do all of the yards on the foremast? or the lower yards on each mast? Advice is very welcome. The following photo isn't as clear as it could be, and I have made a minor adjustment to the lines since it was taken.
  15. Jose - what wonderful work. I hope your 18 FEb party went well . As I type this - a glass of wine to you!