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  1. Thanks Sam. I've certainly decided not to use the decals. On the colour - the photo exaggerates the blue. In fact it is a far more restrained grey/blue.
  2. Here is a flat set of doors. I'm not sure if it was worth the trouble .... It needs some touching up and the 'handles' are dry-fitted at this stage. A coat of polyurethane is to come.
  3. Thanks Jason. The bulkhead has become a bit of a nightmare - and it's still not finished. Alan: I have had a very close look at the photos in the Anatomy book. Sure enough on p.35 the doors are flat. I am in the process of making a couple so we'll see how it turns out. Thanks for pointing it out. It wouldn't have occurred to me. All the best Bob
  4. When I dry-fitted the bulkhead it became apparent that the grooves for the side screens were out by about 1mm at the bottom and 2mm at the top. It was not good news. The error stemmed primarily from incorrectly installing the bulwark pattern. Here is my solution to the problem. First a groove was cut in the appropriate position. The drill bits from the dentist have proved invaluable. A piece of timber was cut to shape and glued in place in front of, and behind the groove. This gave a far deeper groove for the screen and will, I hope make it easier to fit. The grooves in the supports a very shallow. ... and here is the result. At the moment the repairs only have one coat of paint and both need some further touching up, but it hasn't turned out too badly. The photos exaggerate the roughness of the job, but it will better once complete. Alan: I will try to get hold of a copy of the Kighorn (sp?) article. Thanks for taking the trouble. As an experiment I have painted one of the screens Admiralty paints French blue and another Tamiya mid blue. The Tamiya covered in one coat and looks quite good. The Admiralty paint has not covered well and may need at least two more coats. I will post some photos when finished, but the French blue is, to my eye rather garish.
  5. Hi Alan - I think it's likely you are right. The curves of the screens do not appear to be functional - particularly the curved door. However at this stage I almost feel obliged to finish the damn thing consistent with the plans provided in the Anatomy of a Ship, and I can only presume they are accurate. In doing so, I have discovered that an error I made earlier has come back to bite me. It has taken me some time to correct it - and I am still not sure yet that I have succeeded. Photos to come. I have already said that I will probably not use the transfers of the illustrations on the screens. They look rather toy-like, but I am not sure how plain (light) blue screens alone will look either. Perhaps a glass of wine will help.
  6. Hi Peter It's all a bit confusing - but have a look at the photo on page 35. I think that gives me an out. The horizontal beam under the curved supports only needs to be a fraction deeper than that shown in the photo to cover my errors. Replacing the planks doesn't bear thinking about. All the best Bob
  7. Progress is slow. The quarterdeck bulkhead is proving to be quite difficult and time-consuming. Everything seems to fit now, but I have made a mess of two of the cutouts for the supports. I have left the repairs as is for the time being, (see the first photo) but I think I can do a better job. If all else fails I will fudge it - cover the whole lot as shown in the second photo, though I would prefer some lighter coloured timber. Like Joe V I have used polystyrene for the panels rather than the ply supplied in the kit. They will be painted light blue, but I will probably not use the transfers of the drum etc. but may have go at painting the pictures. If that doesn't work (likely) I will probably leave them simply painted. Every thing shown below is dry-fitted. The windlass has another coat of poly on it and the ends are now painted. I will forget about painting/staining it.
  8. Thanks Sam. I think I will go with another coat of the polyurethane. The stain/paint look too artificial.
  9. I have now put the windlass together, and a very fiddly job it was. It is shown with a coat of polyurethane. I have experimented with walnut stain and Admiralty walnut paint. The paint gives a slightly better finish, though it is still not all that accurate a colour. At this stage I am undecided, but am inclined to put another coat of poly on it and leave it as is. Comments are welcome.
  10. Thank you for the kind comments Roadking and KHauptfuehrer. Bob
  11. Thanks mark. I'm afraid I was rather shortsighted about what to do with the thing once it was finished. I will probably have a case built, but at the moment I'm not sure how best to fit it in with the table.
  12. Joy. The missing parts showed up today. The service from Cornwall Model Boats was excellent. Progress on Granado has been slow. I had to put a few finishing touches on Vanguard which is now FINISHED.😁 The fore castle capping on Granado is now done, and in the end proved more difficult than I expected. It is only dry-fitted in the photos and will remain that way until all the capping is ready to install. It came out reasonably well - fortunately most of its shortcomings will be obscured by other detail. The top of the belfry has been painted - otherwise the edges of the plywood trim would be seen. I have painted the lower edges Tamiya mid-blue. I tried Admiralty Paints French blue, but the colour seemed to me to be too strong. I will probably use the lighter blue on the rest of the model.
  13. Vanguard is finished- after five or so years. I have had a beautiful Tasmanian blackwood table made to accommodate it and the result is quite pleasing. I am now recovering from my near heart attack while carrying it down the stairs. Here are the final photos. I see Winnie the Pooh in the background.
  14. Things are delayed until the missing parts show up. Until then I will do some of the fittings. Before that however I will try to complete the forecastle capping - though only dry fit it. This is how it's turned out so far. I have stuck my molding onto it and have now repainted the top, including the top of the molding (not shown). I am now waiting for the paint to dry. Photos of this later.

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