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  1. Reading the entries come to the conclusion that the administrators are in the minority. Pawel
  2. I think that by disabling this feature, this forum a lot to lose. User activity will be less.It will be difficult to assess who is active and who is just a passive observer.This is my humble opinion on the subject. Pawel
  3. I bought a monograph L'Hermione .In plans appeared a few mistakes. Are described at this address http://5500.forumactif.org/t2641-discussions-generales-et-interpretation-des-plans Paul
  4. Mark, I turned the rope itself, using the oil of its own design. Paul
  5. The first attempt at shooting a 7mm thick rope. I'll need more than 20 m the rope. Paul
  6. My ropewalk http://www.koga.net.pl/forum/viewtopic.php?f=536&t=45681