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  1. HMS Victory today... a bunch of photos I took.

    Hi Osmosis You're very welcome. Glad they're helpful. Rob
  2. HMS Victory today... a bunch of photos I took.

    I completed a model of Royal Yacht Caroline my father started before passing away, so I have some idea of the privilege and challenge of that task. I wish you and all your fellow volunteers all the best. I'm sure you'll do a great job! Rob
  3. Hi, Not sure if these will be useful to anyone in the middle of building Victory, but I visited today and took a bunch of photos... you can find them here... Flickr photo album I'm particularly pleased with the shot below, including an example of an early 19th Century orange plastic bucket (!) - a perfect example of the thing you DIDN'T see when you took the shot! Anyway, they're there, and if they're helpful to anyone, then I'm glad. Any questions about where the shots were taken, let me know, and I'll attempt to answer them. Rob