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  1. The ipad had never been to modelshipworld.com before, so it can't be a cache issue, unless the devices that are still _working_ are using a cached version of something that is now broken?
  2. Hi. Thanks for the ideas. That update happened to firefox several months ago so I've been using a version of firefox that doesn't support java for a while now. Just in case I created a test version of the same community software through invision's site and the rich text editor works fine. I also tried installing the older version of firefox (50) and it didn't help. Not sure how that would affect the other laptop I've been using. So far.... these don't work: * Mac with Safari, chrome and firefox ver 50, 52 and 54... with emptied cookies and cache. (Through home network or tethered) * Ipad with ios10 safari browser * Windows 10 with chrome, firefox or edge. But.... android works with chrome in mobile and desktop mode. Just weird. Java is up to date. Flash is up to date. And ckeditor works on invisions ipboard test site. Going to sleep on it and see if I have any further ideas before my laptop takes a flying lesson. Thanks for all your help chaps. Rob
  3. Broken on our ipad on iOS10 too. Really weird I've created a different account to see if that would work. Could it be a problem in my signature or something? Works on my mobile in chrome on mobile and desktop versions. Bit of a head scratcher.
  4. Not an issue caused by being on my home network as the same thing happens when I connect via tetheribg through my mobile. Still searching.
  5. [Edit... I'm getting rusty... turns out missing http:// is valid... so this shouldn't be the problem after all] I'vd tried deleting the cookies and cache but no cigar. I'll keep looking and see if some header setting is causing the anomaly. Be strange though given so many different configs.
  6. Hi Chuck. Thanks for responding so quickly. Must be something between my account and my computers then. Strange that it's on firefox and safari too and mac and windows. Perhaps it's my home network causing problems. I'll try rolling back firefox to an older version and see if it helps. Rob.
  7. Hi Every time I go to creat or edit a post or topic the content box is hidden. Firefox was fine yesterday but now it seems to fail. Ckeditor component does not display but upload bar does. See attachments. I had to use chrome on my (android) mobile to post this. Firefox did upgrade overnight, but safari did not and chrome is newly downloaded. I get the same problem on chrome on my windows 10 laptop too. Haven't been able to try a different msw account but wondered if others were having this difficulty (but may be hard for them to reply if they have no mobile to do so) Glad of any assistance you can offer. Rob
  8. What have you received today?

    Wow, they've made efficient use of that wood to fit the frames in, haven't they! Bluenose is such a lovely looking boat. Hope we'll see a build log?
  9. What have you received today?

    Only to myself I assure you, Allan I have that modeller's bug bad... always looking at the next model. But I think in Ethalion I may have found my modelling home... for a while, at least Rob
  10. What have you received today?

    An exciting day for me as I just took delivery of my dream model. I plan to build her as Ethalion (1797), one of her sister ships in the Artois class. (As soon as I finish Sherborne of course )
  11. What camera do you use

    I use a mix of an EOS 40D when I want really nice shots, and my Samsung Galaxy S4 phone camera... I was struggling with the picture quality, espcially in the evenings, for build logs, but then I put a daylight spectrum bulb in my anglepoise lamp, and just moved that around the get plenty of light on the subject, and that's really helped Also, if you really want nice shots, then using a tripod, or beanbag with a slow exposure can help get the picture away from the limits of what the camera sensor is happy with, and if you use a time-delay shot, then you won't get camera shake as you hit the shutter button. I tend to avoid using a flash, because it is hard to get diffused light that won't burn out some bits and leave other bits dark, when the camera's so close to the subject... but that's just my tuppence. This is on the galaxy s4 with daylight bulb anglepoise And this is the Canon EOS 40D (with Speedlite 550EX flash bounced off a white wall and ceiling behind) Cheers Rob
  12. Hi, I've got some of the Amati 25mm white metal napoleonic royal navy figures, and I want to paint them to go on my Jotika HM Schooner Pickle, but I've never painted figures before. I've heard that the Vallejo acrylics are highly regarded. Does anyone have any tips on which colour shades I'd be best starting off with? I've trawled through a bit of Youtube looking for some basic advice on preparation, priming, etc... but any other advice people have would be gratefully received, too. Thanks in advance. Rob