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  1. For the past week I have not received any email notification of the "content I follow" which was coming in every day. I have double checked my settings and cannot find any errors. Has anyone had this issue? Thanks, Mike
  2. Dee_Dee, The first photo of mine above is 1232x816 and when I open it in Firefox it fills the whole screen. The second one is 1600x510 and it fills the whole screen when I click on it. The ones you have here of mine do not get bigger when I click on them. I sent this post to my girlfriend who has an ipad and when she clicks on them they get bigger. Also I just went to my build log and saved the first one to my desktop and it's 1232x816. Did the same for the second one and it's 1600x510. Something strange going on here! Mike
  3. I have noticed that the build log photos on my computer are not as sharp once they are posted to my build log. They seem to be scaled up which might have something to do with it. I use Photoshop to color correct and down sample for the web. Is there a preferred way to maintain sharpness of photos that are posted? Mike
  4. Scale conversion

    William, I'm not saying that. I'm saying 1/8" = .125 1 foot = 12" (12 ÷.125) = 1:96 scale
  5. Scale conversion

    William, I found the answer through Wayne's reply which I simplified my own crazy way. .example below To find the scale ratio for 1/8" scale: 1/8"=.125, (12 ÷.125) = 1:96 scale
  6. Scale conversion

    I did see that but again isn't that for scaling up or down as well? What I was trying to find out was how to convert for example, 1/4" scale to a ratio like 1:48. The formula is above in my 3rd post or you could use Wayne's method.
  7. Scale conversion

    Pat, Looks like it scales up or down which is great, but not exactly what I was asking for. Still, this is a useful tool which I can use. Thanks!
  8. Scale conversion

    How would this work? for 1/8" scale: 1/8"=.125, (12 ÷.125) = 1:96 scale for 5/32" scale: 5/32"=.15625, (12÷.15625) = 1:76.8 scale
  9. Scale conversion

    Wayne, thanks for the great explanation. Mike
  10. Can fractional scale be converted to a ratio, for example. . . 5/32" scale = 1:? Mike