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  1. Not wanting to sound selfish in anyway at all - ME lol, oh and the fife has been seen again, in her new home awaiting transport to the workshop for completion
  2. Kevin

    Mountfleet Models

    for anyone who likes smaller vessels at a decent scale http://www.mountfleetmodels.co.uk/aboutus.html
  3. Kevin

    Caldercraft 1:72 Victory?

    this is the link to the Victory and Bellona Revenge https://modelshipworld.com/index.php?/topic/985-amati-and-chris-watton/&tab=comments#comment-15431
  4. LOL, Im so tempted to reveal the new build i am having, BUT it is a Christmas pressie, and months away, im sure the Fife will be seen again
  5. im not sure if that will happen, however lol we are on good terms so if i see any thing to report i will pass any updates on, i have no plans to delete this log, but will remove from my signature to allow room for the new build
  6. today marks the end of this build, as she was sold on to someone who hopefully can make a better job than myself, thank you to everyone who has followed this build, However i have plans for something else, and lol about the same size
  7. Good evening everyone i had intended to achieve more by this time (its not a race) but happy as all the yards are in place, the Mizzen ones are finished just awaiting the fittings if rigging bits, the main and fore are in different stages of completion
  8. Thank you Steve, for your detailed answer, i am looking for another build on completion of the Victory, and would like to got for a merchant vessel of some kind, without the need to build a hull, I had been hoping to get a decent scale paddle steamer hull, but very few manufacturers make them, I must admit i like the lines of your currant build, and will continue to watch progress until i make my mind up
  9. what are your impressions of the kit so far, hull, plans, and metal fittings?
  10. managed more progress over the weekend, been to work today but have the Tuesday and Wednesday off, so hoping to get the mizzen yards done, then to get all the fittings added
  11. just caught up with your brilliant log, she looks fantastic
  12. Hard to believe I also did that much work then ripped all out, lovely work on your build

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