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  1. Display cases, lol i shudder even just thinking about them, my 1/200 Bismarck and 1/72 HMS Victory are my smallest builds
  2. Good evening everyone, its been nice to have a weeks holiday, very few DIY jobs done, apart from clearing our conservatory and booking an electrician to do some work to allow me to work permanently indoors (no spray painting or sanding allowed) more work on the build today as i work on the main deck support beams, this will lead on to the pointy bit, and there is a lot to do up that end,and so much scope to enhance it my new mancave which will allow me to work indoors, but proper electrics and pc connections needed first with decent led strip lights be placed in
  3. Yes Jim i have that to build up when i get there, sorry i didn't make my self clear but was referring to the covers on the tween deck
  4. umm LOL the wife was cleaning the bathroom at the time, and was quite concerned that when she turned around to use one of the items it wasnt there as for the cut out section i tried both ways but there is a lot of straight lines around that section, but i loves other peoples input
  5. the cargo hatches, 5 of them to make i think, look like they would be extremely heavy in real fife, would they be craned in and out of position and were they physically removed from the ship or just swung around and left on the deck, i presume they actually formed part of the ships structure when in place, or did i dream that
  6. agreed, i may try another set in the forward part of the hold, or incorporate another cutaway section to let light some through from the tween deck, im presently googling cargo's and or the best wat to represent some cargo on the port side as thats the side which will be fully plated
  7. i am starting to get my head around working with card, and starting to enjoy it rather than having an attitude of its only card, well the tween deck has been laid and fits ok, can people please give their views on the cut out section, i hope to do this all over the build, but only if it looks ok to others,
  8. thank you i just want it to show any storage in the hold,im nor sure if theses ships had any hold lighting
  9. Good evening everyone i have been doing quite a lot on the build over the last few days, and photo progress as i go along, but i dont quite know whats going wrong wrt to the photo quality when i come to do an update, out side has been quite bright with tge nice sunshine we have been having, inside is cool and dingy so the flash jumps in, and i think thats part of the problem, everything is being washed out with the light anyway 99% of the frame up to the forward line of the cargo hatch, some has be left out so that i can work inside the cargo space the tween deck was made away from the hull so that i could paint it before fitting some led lighting has been fitted, as i was to be able to show it on completion the deck is not fitted yet and needs some more work to allow that,also i am working out how to cut some of it out to display the structure this is frame 138 with the after part of the wt bulkhead adapted now to hide the led lighting wires most frames fitted and the tween deck still being worked on tween deck and bulkhead in place but not fitted still quite a bit to do before that happens and limited lighting, as i did nit want it looking like a show boat
  10. not much of an update, the frames are taking me forever, plus i have not been 100%
  11. wow, as i am doing my first ever cutaway
  12. Kevin

    Hello from therealangrysailor

    welcome from a retired Royal Navy Submariner
  13. Kevin

    What have you received today?

    lol im glad that even the pirate sleeps meet Dobbie(English Cocker Spaniel) a couple of weeks to his 3rd birthday, my bestest ever friend
  14. Kevin

    What have you received today?

    LOL All i could see in the photo was a plastic knife and a doggie

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