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  1. What have you received today?

    Good evening everyone For my 1/72 HMS Fife build doors etc from fleetscale Seaslug launcher from Scale Warship NOT MY PHOTO
  2. What have you received today?

    Dobbie Our 2 tear old cocker Spaniel says hello
  3. a new thread by me, Please show what you may have received today, whether it be kits, tools books etc i picked the idea up and thought there was one on MSW - but unable to find it but i ordered this on Sunday - after reading some good reviews on it Hegner multicut1 scroll saw
  4. Have you ever browsed through your favorite build to see what the full build looks like at the present time? Have you ever wondered what else is being built on MSW 2.0, it may be a kit, scratch, R/C, card or plastic, or any other material, including digital reconstruction. I am inviting all members to post a latest photo of their build (side elevation)and a link to that build, so everyone can see what it looks like, and give others an idea of what else is going on. I am not trying to create a multitude of build logs under one topic, just photo’s so we can all see what is going on. This will possibly help others in deciding on what to build next Anyone interested?