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  1. Fantastic! I have been waiting for this. One of the wrecks appears to be an at least 2 masted merchantman from the mediaeval period with stern castle preserved. I need more pics . I have congratulated Prof. Jonathan Adams, the director of the project by email. Dick
  2. DSCN0676a

    Thanks, Zeptrader. Yes I do, but I understand that they do not allow construction logs on this gallery. I could repost in the scratch build forum if needed.
  3. dscn0686a

    Thanks, foremast. I may due a full hull model at a later date. Cheers Dick
  4. This is a reconstruction of the venetian carrack of circa 1445 from the contemporary manuscript of Zorzi Trombetta da Modone. The reconstruction was as much as possible done using available contemporary evidence for ship design.