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  1. Gjoa by Tadeusz43

    Polar exploration ship. Model in scale 1:100, solid hull ( bread and butter)
  2. IMG 2428

    Nice job. Tadeusz
  3. HI, It is unusual ship model made of carnations. Marine Museum in Oslo. Tadeusz
  4. DSC01076

    Nicely done just professionally.
  5. Friesland XVII century.

    Friesland was Dutch a second rank vessel with 80 guns built around 1663. Model in scale 1:75 from kit by Momoli.
  6. Grose Yacht XVII century.

    Grose Yacht (Great Yacht) Dutch type boat was belonging to Prussian Navy in years 1679-1721. She served as yacht of Friedrich Wilhelm the Great Elector of Brandenburg-Prussia. Model in scale 1:48.
  7. Polacca XVII cent.

    Polacca it was type of ships used in XVII-XIX centuries mainly on Mediterranean. Powered by sails on 2-3 mast but also by oars. Sails was square and lateen type. This was specific type used by pirates of Murat Reis the Grand Admiral of the Corsair Republic of Salé Model in scale 1:100