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  1. Looks great Dirk! As far as your technique for using the Kristal Klear, did you build it up gradually from the edges? I have some, but never used it...and don't want to mess up.
  2. I love that Joe, really nice detail to add - its fun doing a little scratch work isn't it. It reminds me of the shortened school buses that my kids find so amusing....
  3. I would assume they are bow thrusters, propellers within the hull to provide lateral steerage.
  4. Brian, I'd be patient (easy for me to say!) There must be other stuff to work on, but I think you'll be really happy with the RB cannons.
  5. Bob, looking forward to learning more from you in this ship and especially the lumberyard kits, they look very nice indeed. Really nice clean start.
  6. BE, Pat, Joe, Michael, Nils, Wayne, JPAM and the likes - thanks so much. Ron - I'm hoping to make it, would love to see your fantastic Diana in person, my challenge is always football/soccer as I coach my sons team and that takes a big bite out of weekends at this time of year. If I could just arrange a game in New London then I'd be set! Small update, I've been missing making posts but I have a little to share and hope pictures make up for it. Continuing to work on the more foundational aspects as I can. Paint has been applied to the upper hull - I used Tamiya matt XF-18 medium blue. I applied many layers of watered down paint and corrected larger imperfections, but left the slight imperfections from planking visible. I'm no painter and have limited experience with modern acrylics! Watering down the paint gives a nice smooth finish, but at the expense of surface uniformity - this should disappear completely once a clear sealer is applied so not concerned. I found that using a brush the undiluted paint dries so quickly that brush mark are inevitable. Lots of touchup to do which should be pretty easy, but I want to get a protective coat of poly onto the boxwood to reduce the risk of mishaps. The waist rail has been applied on one side and the side steps added. I left gaps for the fenders, after having already cut these roughly to shape - using boxwood of course adds the number of pieces that need to be fabricated to keep consistent. I wont attach these until later. Steps were made using 2x2mm boxwood strip and a different profile scraper to the side molding and then cut length and shaping the ends. These hopefully give more of an impression of the fine molding as keeping that to scale was just too much for me. The upper and lower 2 steps are not glued yet. I think they pass the scale test with the assistance of Able Seaman Lewis. I've also made up the anchor lining bolsters, not identified in the kit plans but approximated from AOTS and TFFM. And the usual 'all over' shot of where things stand..
  7. Hi Christian, a very nice fix on the hole for the seats of ease. This seems to be a challenging area but sure it will look great. The other difference/deficiency I see with the kit is that it seems to completely ignore a seat of ease in the back corner of the false rail and the ships side, simply leaving a large triangular hole which looks odd. Are you thinking of adding those as well? Your styrene yards are a much better solution to the really clunky white metal parts and look so much better. Really nice work!
  8. Out of breath reading the last installment, so much to consider, the only think missing from this rip roaring tale are a couple of gypsies thrown in for spice. I was devastated to see the issues with the log (seems to be every time that there is an upgrade) and want to say again how appreciative of your time and effort I, and I'm sure everyone, is to keep this jewel of a log alive and kicking. So much great information, tips and tricks...I love the shot of the great cabin deck, I'm assuming its not accessible at this point though?
  9. Awesome! Disappointed I couldn't 'really really like' the Priory beer photo
  10. Hi Ivi, really nice work. I'm curious about the stern cabins, do they appear at all on the plans or elsewhere. I know this set-up is usual in larger ships, but they seem so very small on this vessel that I question their utility and especially considering the space premium to accommodate the crew.
  11. You can order cannons direct from RB in Poland , try this link I was very happy with their service.
  12. A quandry with the Quarter Galleries Thanks all for the continued interest. Slow progress continues, the usually slow pace has also been impacted by me losing my job late last year which theoretically meant I have a lot more time on my hands, but has unfortunately in practice sapped my enjoyment to some degree. This was coupled with some continuing challenges with the copper finish. I've forced myself to stand back and leave alone to later date so have moved on... The quarter galleries seem to once again present quite the challenge I think to look right. The kit instructions are very simple, attach the quarter gallery panel to an upper and lower former, then attach the lights - but do not identify which is which. Analysis of the provided PE lights show similar problems to the stern lights; they are slightly too short, and their geometry is not quite right but think these can be accommodated. Each light is a slight different height, but think CC went the wrong way the one that is tallest should be shortest and vice versa. Sure this could have worked, but wanted a little more control over the outcome to fine tune as I go. I decided to frame up the actually gallery to be more robust so built up the front and back with some spare ply. Shaping was done before attaching my own cut fascia piece cut from some extra 1.5mm ply - I did this so I could represent the fore and aft lights as false lights (as per AOTS) similar to the stern fascia as I've decided to stray away from the modelling ideal and represent as close as possible to actual practice. The geometry of this arrangement seemed to boil down to two key elements. The fore and aft planes of the gallery should be parallel when viewed side on, and the lie of the gallery should be parallel to the wale. Allowing for the slight tumblehome and compromising the above objectives together with the actual shape of the lights brought everything together by trial and error. The build up on the fascia was done in exactly the same way as on the stern fascia. I pre-bent the horizontal strips vertically first to ease attachment. These still require a little fine tuning. One note, I decided to used 4mm strip for the columns rather than 3mm which is probably closer to the plans and AOTS. The reason for this is that the PE decorations are approx. 3mm wide and I think would look awkward - don't think this minor change affects the overall look too much. As a diversion, I started to experiment with making a scraper to develop what will hopefully one day be moldings. The razor blade was simply cut with a dremel and the narrowest cutting blade I could find (AND PROTECTIVE EYEWEAR AND LOTS OF CARE). The result is far from perfect (lots of tries to find one that works) but its amazing how imperfections can be dealt with by simply taking your time and focusing on the end result - I was pleasantly surprised at my first attempt. I much prefer the look to the supplied white metal supplied for the stern, and the provided cut walnut for the sides. Putting everything in place allowed me to check alignment, and I was happy with the way things turned out. Aligning with the still dry fitted stern fascia and placing the side molding approximately where it should be showed that this appears to cut the quarter gallery mid way through the top pane - pretty much where it appears in the AOTS diagrams. To my eye, the compromises seem to disappear except upon close inspection and are less noticeable in person. Now the prototype is done, need to do the port side...
  13. Painting really is an 'art' as you are showing Greg, great work indeed.
  14. Looking spectacular Bob, rigging included.
  15. Thats looking good Rob, especially like the beak and the adjustment you made. Curious if you've placed the bulkheads into the keel former, I know I and other had issues where there is not enough keel below the bulkheads. Options are to build up the keel former or reduce the bulkheads, the former option seems a much easier way to go. Great progress!