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  1. Is Crown Timberyard still open for business?

    Hope this is temporary also, I have had nothing but exceptional service from Crown in the past and hope that nothing serious has occurred.
  2. Thankyou! Works on my PC, and yes I found the dustbin, it is so faint that I had not even noticed it despite trying what you described before. Thanks again!
  3. I often find myself in the situation of wanting to exclude a photo from a post once it has been uploaded (for example, after noticing the photos orientation changes and is incorrect). How can the pictures be deleted/removed so they don't appear as phantom images at the bottom of the post. They keep reappearing even if the photo is deleted from the post section, and there seems to be no way to remove from the 'uploaded images' section.
  4. I'd suggest checking out the Soleil Royal build logs, there is extensive discussion on this in many of them.
  5. 1814: British vs French Frigates!

    You need to define 'best'...the criteria for which will vary significantly given that every aspect of ship design is a trade off and ever country had different design priorities - e.g. Cruising endurance, cost, manning requirement, firepower, speed, stability, strength, longevity....etc etc etc
  6. Thanks Greg, you answered my question, just not the answer I was hoping for Can fully appreciate the work that would go into such an undertaking. Hope you have a great session.
  7. I know this is not really the goal of these workshops, but I wonder if there has ever been thought to selling parts and materials separate from the workshop, and perhaps materials that would allow someone not able to attend to get at least some of the benefit of the wonderful prep that goes into these. I would so LOVE to be able to attend once of these but just don't see it happening anytime soon unfortunately.