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  1. harlequin

    HMS Bellona by harlequin - Corel

    A return to work on the hull with the addition of the remaining mast channels. The supports still need to be added and positioned, similar to the ones on the mizzen channel. Corels metal dead eyes are very fragile and I will have to be careful I don't snap them.
  2. my corel Victory....no need for sails.
  3. I never put sails on my ships either.....I don't think they are realistic enough and just get in the way of the intricate rigging....I completed corels Victory about 20 years ago and has had a few knocks over the years but still going strong.
  4. harlequin

    HMS Bellona by harlequin - Corel

    cheers kier......I wouldn't say great .... more of a how did I manage that ? corel kit builder..
  5. looking good for a first build......my first build got launched from a bedroom window because of the mess I made of it, so at least you are of to a better start than my first attempt......don't be afraid of pulling it apart if it starts to go pear shaped and walk away from the model if you start to get frustrated with it....there is always a time to have a brew and go back to it.
  6. new to this brass black product but just tried it and it is very good and works instantly. Not cheap (£14) but worth it in the long run
  7. harlequin

    HMS Bellona by harlequin - Corel

    just tried this brass black …..very good and works instantly.
  8. harlequin

    HMS Bellona by harlequin - Corel

    I know I said I was going to work on the hull but thought I would do a little more on the main mast with the addition of the brass rings.
  9. one of my favourite glues is an aliphatic wood glue as it can be sanded easily if any residue has seeped.
  10. harlequin

    HMS Bellona by harlequin - Corel

    Will probably return to the hull today and start to finish off the final fixings......not decided yet how much ropework to put on the deck cannons......at this scale there is not a great deal of deck space to fix everything on so will probably opt for a minimum of blocks and rope.
  11. harlequin

    HMS Bellona by harlequin - Corel

    Main mast arrangement......not yet fitted and still a lot of work required but just getting a feel for what they look like on the hull.
  12. harlequin

    HMS Bellona by harlequin - Corel

    know what you mean....got to take them with a pinch of salt.
  13. harlequin

    HMS Bellona by harlequin - Corel

    I planked over then cut them out...…...It was at this stage that I nearly binned Bellona as I had removed the second planking once to start again and the whole build was getting on my nerves......I had to make a big decision scrap the build or go for the corel metal gunports not supplied with the kit.....I chose the metal gunports and managed to rescue the build. I don't think the gunports look too bad actually...….good luck with Bellona and if you need to ask I will try to help.
  14. harlequin

    HMS Bellona by harlequin - Corel

    well its a new year so workspace tidied up and a little more of Bellona masting completed...…..I am going to try and complete Bellona this year.

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