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  1. Well that is really a very nice job all round -!!!
  2. Very strange hiccup on the cutting - but as you say easy to replace with a bit of whittleing - I actually do have a spare bit of that sheet if you would like it. The capstan is a bit weird - it was indeed a single unit and several builders have built it that way using a longer bit of central dowel and "adjusting" the beam . Reality is when built as the kit shows you cant really tell its not directly in line and the top of the lower capstan is impossible to see. You could shuffle the upper one back a teeny bit if you were really fussy.
  3. I am very surprised Brian that your parts seem so bad - which four have been "half lasered "? Apart from the rubbish ply which i complained so bitterly about and which seem to have been replaced - the laser cutting of the several kits I have had has been excellent. I do have a couple of sheets left over from my wrecked Fly which didnt survive a house move if you need an easy replacement maybe?
  4. Plans dont match laser sheets - thats a bit weird. All mine matched. Just wondered if they have got Fly and Pegasus sheets mixed up - they are a little different though have the same parts. if you send a pic of a sheet which doesnt match the plan I can check it for you if it helps -I have copies of the plans and parts list for both
  5. Nice planking - I feel ashamed to admit that i dont take as much care of the planking fore and aft where its nearly completely hidden by the upper decks Nice job !
  6. This one has been answered before but I cant find the link - basically the two kits are identical, # Pegasus has enhanced level of fittings of which the most significant are the photoetched stern windows and decoration a HUGE improvement. Simply on that I would go for fly unless you could find an upgrade kit including teh PE bits The photo etch main hull decoration is a bit fiddly and over the top The Guncarriages would be better if they were made in better ply but the ones I had used a strange poor ply which made the fitting useless so no gain there. The pegasus copper is better than most. The guns are not correct to scale on eitehr. Though I made a not too bad job of the FLy guns and carriages on my third attempt !
  7. As a codocil - I am a pro IT man There IS a simple recovery procedure which springs to mind - create a dummy site & upload the backup - is that so difficult? If that is too difficult then - what format is the last prebackup held- how large is it and where is it stored - can I have a copy and I will see what i can recover
  8. I am sorry if you are offended and I am not lecturing - you simply failed to say the magic words " we have backups and can restore anything from before the start of the changeover" The last disaster WAS a disaster its not my phrasing - I lost a great chunk of build logs covering several years and so many many other invaluable logs were also lost . No one appreciates more than I the great work done by the volunteers of the staff - but it is perfectly reasonable for sensible questions to be asked and for full answers to be given. I also appreciate the years of work put in by BE and others and how thankless that work would have been if deleted . So we can expect BE's log to be restored from the backups soon even if a few updates have been lost ?
  9. BUT if it was AFTER the upgrade - SURELY YOU WILL HAVE THE BACKUP FROM BEFORE !! Please please dont rell us there wasnt one done - its basic first principles to do a backup before an upgrade - Especially after the last disaster So simple question - was there a backup done before the upgrade was started ?
  10. Right _ I am referring to the pop up asking if I want notifications - i get the options "receive for this session" or "not now" neither choice seeme to stop them - I am not certain what the tigger is but probably a reqeust needing a new page Am I misunderstanding what you mean my Cotrol panel because I thought I had answerd the notification setup and so would not expect to be continually reprompted - using firefox browser
  11. Is it just me or does everyone get continuous requests about notifications to MsW which just keep popping up despite various attempts by me to stop them. I am sure I am being thick and missing an easy way to turn them off. They are ruining the site for me
  12. Please please please dont tell us that this revamp was done without a full dump of the old site being done for backup and checked first !!!! Loss of BEs log would really be a hit - are there any other "losses" that have happened ?
  13. Do rather agree Prob I took this shot the other day when I was in Charlestown specifically to show what a "real" wooden sailing ship deck looks like. Narry a treenail in sight and you can only see the odd plug ( click on the pic for a bigger view) the rest of my pics are here http://modelshipworld.com/index.php/topic/4435-the-what-have-you-done-today-thread/?p=477973
  14. Just seen this - if my memory serves me correctly one replica was unstable and very early on had to have the additional width added to make her safe. Somewhere I have a video of that replica at Cowes in late 60s I will see if I can dig it out .