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  1. Miracles do occur

    Well its going so well that I am seriously thinking about handing my Blue Badge back in. Rejoined the Royal Western http://rwyc.org/ I walked over a mile yesterday almost trotting behind my three year old grandson on his bike - he has just learnt to pedal ! AND I was walking in Mount Edgcumbe ( http://www.mountedgcumbe.gov.uk/visit/history )looking over to the historic waters there. Sunny Day - yachts in the breeze tacking past Drakes Island - RN frigate steaming out - teaching grandson to skim stones - while my wife and daughter sit in the sun - its what its all about!!
  2. Miracles do occur

    Thank you all - your good wishes are so appreciated
  3. Miracles do occur

    Well with skilled surgeons they do Two weeks ago I received my official disabled badge for parking I litterally could no longer walk because of spinal movements I have been waiting for an operation but had to loose three stone - lots of KGs !! before they would - then I had to have it done in a place which could have a cardiac unit on line so more waiting! Then the call came and I was operated on last Saturday . Monday I could walk and though the big hole in my back hurts - all the disabling symptoms are gone and are likely to remain gone You can have no idea how it feels !!
  4. Pinrail rope coils

    I have spent fify years practicing - but i can only do them well at a 1:1 scale ! I dont have any pics at moment - swopping PCs, but any success i have had is as follows first get the right line gauge - tie off the actiual line to the belay and leave it ready soak coil line in dilute PVA - form main coil either by wrapping round some pins or some sort of former - leave loose ends For a former i usually just use the "blades" of a pair of pliers with the handles taped to position. But formers can be carved wood or rolled paper or just having a rake through my tool box the following came up - oval tool handle and a new idea i have just had - the bodies of little aluminium "toothpaste "tubes of cheap super glue have the advantage of being able to be shaped somewhat. Anyway get a coil to your satisfaction, - if you wish after its set soak the top a bit in water and just put a wee bend in to go over the edge of the rack. Then talke the appropraite free end and wrap it to form the loop - note that the loop in the real pic does NOT pinch the top of the coil - lighter lines are tighter/ You can follow real practice - any sailing text book -but there are a number of variations in practice to creat the "hanging loop" but this one https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=9uvX_dvuIYc is more or less how I do it snip the loose end and ... Sorry I have no pics - I am just out of hospital but I will se if I can mange some tomorrow
  5. Pinrail rope coils

    Just a reminder what the real thing looks like ! The coils lie much more as a vertical loop than is often depicted - partly because the scale distance between pin and the edge of the rack is smaller
  6. Fore and aft rigging questions

    1 The jib downhaul is rigged many ways from loose from head to sprit block or led through the Jib shackles or a lizard as Frankie suggests or or..... My preference has always been several large crew members at the foot for simplicity but sometimes heaving down from a fixing at the head is really sensible 2 Tack is normally attached to boom close to jaws by various methods - never the deck or mast I think (Just correcting myself I have seen the tack affixed to hooks on the mast) 3 The primary purpose of the topping lift is to take the weight of the boom when the sail is not raised and the boom is not in a rest or crutch. Often it is aft of the sail so there is no interference. I would anyway always slack off the topping lift or lifts when under sail - there is normally no purpose for them to be under tension - except very very occassionally when it/ they can be usedto give a bit of "belly" in light airs. 4 No great experience of brails but the ones I have seen were single from eyes on the leech - but skippers choice I feel
  7. Passing ships

    Niow the weather is clear its blatently obvious - its an ammunition barge which works from the pontoon you mention Brian . That I think is close to the arsenal and then they go down to the loading dolphins just downstream from me.
  8. Passing ships

    My new home overlooks the Hamoaze a little upstream from the Naval Base at Devonport looking across to Bull Point and beyond I had not realised how good a view I would have of the ship movements it is going to be quite fascinating - watched HMS Monmouth come home the other day. But yesterday in the grey light of a drizzly misty day I suddenly saw what appeared to be a crane drifting down stream. Clear it was some sort of specialised vessel which came alongside one of the warships in the reach. I have no idea what its function or which vessel it was - any ideas ? Sorry about the quality of the pics - rotten day - windows of new place need cleaning and I am not familiar with the Admirals phone ! Any ideas ?

    1. Dan Vadas

      Dan Vadas

      Thank you :). And they said I'd never make it to 20, something to do with the way I drove my car :).


      :cheers:  Danny

  10. What have you received today?

    Perhaps I should fit a webcam on my balcony !!
  11. What have you received today?

    Nope the docks bit is around the point - all I have obstructing the view at the moment is HMS OCEAN. And the train line to the bridge runs past just at the right distance and a bit below eyeline for spotting without intrusion sitting on the second balcony. AND I have just realised that I will have a ring side view of the national firework chamionships later in the year. And I also forgot to mention there is a sailing club about 400 yards away - though I will also renew my membership of the Royal Western YC.
  12. What have you received today?

    Today received two things. Fixed offer for our present house and an acceptance offer for our new apartment. Little gloat - we will overlook the junction of the Tamar and the Hamoaze with a view down Plymouth Sound one way tall ships, warships, yachts, Drakes Island, the Hoe, Pilgrim Fathers...... and the wonderful 1824 Brunel Railway bridge in the other - still carrying the main line trains.

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