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  1. Sorry mistyped my query on cleats - I have the Anchor ( which i was intending to replace ) but the cleats are what I cant find and do have a vague memory of chucking ! But thanks for your assistance. Now I have looked where you indicated and can see the cleats - they are indeed the ones I threw as oversize. Now can I make or find some slightly smaller ones ??!! Oh for clarity my Admiral is in the depths of major cancer treatment which will last till the New Year but there are good signs of success and every hope of a full recovery , As for me though - my Spine op was a total absolute success and the rest of my problems are just of age !!
  2. I made quite good progress to re-starting the build - did a few odds and sods with deck fittings and didnt cut myself - much. But found that really i couldnt make much progress on deck fittings - till I had a deck !. Then got down to basics - reassemble the kit and substitute the wood where I wished. But of course being me I had to have a problem - I had a huge clear out of all my spare bits and pieces and I have this sneaking suspicion that..... I have lots and lots of wood to choose from in the stock box and supplied by Crown so no problem there. I have a big stock of nice blocks etc from Chuck and others so it wasnt too much of a problem that I cant find the blocks from the kit. The grating strips have just disappeared into my huge general stock of these Oh do seem to be missing the white metal anchor WM cleats but i cant quite envisage what they look like - anybody got a picture - I did throw some which looked far oversize so maybe.. And I did throw away all the rigging thread but I dont need that yet !! Four years and I am still looking for bits!! But wood dust is being created and i hope in a week to have some progress pictures to show. The Admirals chemo seem to be working but she has an op and radio still to come but we live in hope .
  3. SpyGlass


    Sort of variation using clothes peg ! https://modelshipworld.com/index.php?/topic/3336-securing-eyebolts/&do=findComment&comment=107526
  4. I have a Dremel but for the scale I work at 1/64 I find it just too powerful despite having flexible shaft and speed adjuster. I still use my old old Minicraft and adjust the speed by putting my finger on the collet !! Ideal for most purposes mainly for shaping bulk heads etc and otherwise I just have a hand spiral drill for making holes
  5. I have the great privilege of living next to Plymouth Harbour and the historic Brunel railway Bridge there. Today was pretty good - a number of yachts out in a bit of a grey day - a lugger passed - a couple of R.N. Fleet Auxiliaries were alongside at Devonport and then Flying Scotsman - in steam - did four passes below my balcony. Boys toys made real! FLYING.avi
  6. SpyGlass

    Corel Peregrine Comments Please

    a little late reply - 4 years ! but thank you - what a lovely NMM model
  7. Please do not use CA unless you are brilliant and incredibly expert - I know Chuck does but he works miracles - the stuff MARKs the planking quite badly and makes any sort of finish really hard work I find. As too planking I prefer to start from wale and keel. Nice to get two or three planks along the keel so as to get the curve of the lowere stem Remember that the keel bit is underneath and out of main sight - above the wale and just below it is the really visible bit of the hull. Also the "line" running along the bottom of the gun prts isnt quite as smooth as you think - make sure that the strip you put there lies nicely. It is more important than getting the wale spot on - you can always adjust plank widths for teh wale but that strip along the base of the. ports has to take a lot of cutouts
  8. That looks promising - but i dont understand the bit about the Proxxon TG 125 / E front disc grinder well actually i dont know what one of those is ! Do you mean to create the former - or cork ?
  9. The " across to the port " on the other side is indeed a good tip for a sanding strip. I still make a mess of it though !
  10. I am intrigued by this topic - it touches upon my own weakest modelling point. Simply how to "nicely" finish the exposed end of a plank. I usually hit this when I come to ports ! Here I am at moment about to second plank Pickle. and it will all be fine until I come to the ports. Two nice ends ( sloped differently) required on several pieces with exact length required ! I can NEVER get the vertical edges as tidy as I would like - fallen back on lining them sometimes in desperation. I get just passable results with a scalpel fitted with new blades regularly but any approach involving " sanding or filing" seemed doomed to failure - I have literaly dozens of files and grades of abrasive paper of everykind but... ... Is it just my advanced years and shaky hand or is there technique lacking ?
  11. Looks like they were just using short drills on the trunnions!. Picked out my cache of "premade" gratings left over from from several builds just need trimmimg to size. Came across the usual kit supplier grating boobs - the sizes they give do not match the grating pitch and for any sort of realism you need the edges of the gratings to be a bar - not a row of spikey bits!! But the build pictures show more sense than the dimensions so i am following those:- The pictures show - fore 6 holes by 6 holes - ie 7strips by 7, the other two are 3 holes by 4 holes ie 4 strips by 5 - though in different orientations Those look right - strips and spacings are 1mm nominal so gratings will be around 13 x 13mm and 7 x 9mm. I dont like the "cargo hold" covering for the main hatch so i will make that a grating too -13 holes by 8 - 27mm by 17mm Surround will be with a single half depth lap join like the one here - found my jig for that ! And that pencil or one like it is going to magically transform into the windlass barrel - I really dont like the assembly kit for this but will insert the pawls .
  12. I started again - in true Spyglass fashion - I couldnt find the esssential bits!! After two hours searching - I remembered - this build is TINY. Going through every box again looking for what appeared to be bits of swarf paid dividends ! I have all the bits for the carronades and the deck furniture ridiculously small - thats .5mm wire and the bits on it still have the sprue attached and those 3.7mm things below (also still attached to the sprue) are TRUNNIONS!!!!! All stuck to tape in case there is a draught ! So onwards. Quick query to any other Pickle builders - my trunnions are blind holed each side , I cant see why they are not drilled through . The appearance would be the same and a LOT easier to assemble. I am going to drill through - or am I missing something
  13. SOOOOOOOOOOOOO The Admiral is bearing up under Chemo at the moment - going to be a long haul,. My spine op has been a complete success but I had another TIA so cant drive for a few weeks - what else is there to do but build ! Distraction therapy and i hope pleasant divertisement. Just noticed it is nearly four years since I started this " quick little build"!! So there she sits - still all ready for second planking I may still plank in lovely boxwood if i can find sufficent lengths of usable stuff without chips - otherwise i have a large stock of more standard stuff. But before that I thought I would work in slowly with a few of the deck fitting which are nicely presented - I like the hatch "ironwork" etc. So Carronades deck house and winch. The carronades are teeny and present an unusual challenge so I thought to start on those - must do some research and look at other builds - I dont like the concept of unused carronade deck blocks at every port - 16 - with only 6 actually mounted. And looking at some other logs I see a couple of nice presentations with "planking" on the sides of the companion way which seem attractive
  14. Hey great to see you again - I was getting worried !! Have you got a picture of the guns before mounting - they look good. Which guns did you decide to go with - cant see quite from the pics?

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