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  1. Hello from Illinois

    Hello Illinois. I was born and raised until 18 in Chicago. I started with Model Expo. They have starter combos and will replace parts if you mess up. Look for them online or try youtube.
  2. Another new guy

    Another card modeler! Fiddler's Green has printable flying machines. I, too, build dome paper stuff. Shipyard has paper/wood kits of sailing vessels. Welcome. I visit this site for ideas and yooutube for movies about building.
  3. Hi Y'all from Charlottesville

    Welcome to the site. My son returned from Korea and retires Sept 1 so I can empathise. When I want plans I google search the manufacturer. The better ones have them on line.
  4. Hello from Freehold NJ

    Models like yours make it hard for me to remember this is a model. Welcome! More pictures, please.
  5. Hello from Wilmington, NC.

    Glad to hear from you. I think there is enough variety for your skills to be used and admired.
  6. Hello from Upstate NY

    Welcome to the world's best place for modeling in wood. I think Robert Hunt of Lauck Street Shipyard also went thru a transition. He has a great site too!
  7. Hello all

    I can empathize. I had a three days' stay in V.A. hospital for kidney issue. Building models is a great way to reconnect for me. Hope you enjoy your time here. As a vet(army 71-74) I support your efforts.
  8. Hello from Nebraska

    Welcome to a site which satisfies. Go after the kit. ModelExpo provides parts free if you muck them up so the parts list is important. Since I live in Minnesota, I, too, am far from big water although I did fly over an ocean when I had a job as an armyman in the early '70s.
  9. The encyclopedic knowledge of this group can surely help. Include all you know about the vessel like its launch date, who owned it, who captained it.
  10. Hello from Croatia

    Welcome. I have to use my atlas to see where some countries are. The way I see it, wood was living and is more forgiving when I work with it. You may want to locate a vendor for wood you may need if you mismeasure or cut.
  11. Good Morning, from Somerset.

    Welcome to a 'candy store' for modelers who love their hobby/passion. Better than Willy Wonka. Don't neglect surfing the net for websites run by model kit manufacturers/sellers. There's lots to look at. BTW, your build looks good. I love the modeler's mess around it. Reminds me of home.
  12. Vasa (Corel 1/75th) by md1400cs

    This is a vessel I would like to do! If only I could do the same quality work. DiAgostini has a monthly kit subscription available. There are also video on YouTube to accompany it. Do you know about this company and its products.
  13. Hello from Portugal

    Hello and welcome to a site which is unique. There is something to learn from every page here. Ask questions from these builders. Learn from their errors. Improve while you work.
  14. Hello from Newbie in Georgia

    Hello! What you write shows you have many of the skills all ship modelers develop. Working with wood has many joys in itself and Georgia has woods! Check out ship model kit vendors. Many have literature available on almost every aspect of ship building and detailing. My first kit came from Model Expo from Florida because they will replace damaged in construction parts free! They rate their kits based on skill level. Do not neglect to use youtube and other sites for online videos of builders. Anyway, welcome.
  15. Hello

    You do beautiful work! You said you had the opportunity to board Victory to cherck things out. What did you find for example? It would be helpful to the modeling world to read/see about this.

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