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  1. Newby with grand plans

    We have some things in common. I am 67. I use only an antennae for television but watch more videos. I am working on the D'Agostini Victory cross section primarily because of the online video on assembly. Take your time. Here in Minnesota we have winter which is great for a guy like me to build.
  2. Hello

    Do not overlook YouTube as a source for modeling information/inspiration. Some manufacturers like D'Agostini and JoTiKa have excellent stuff. Have fun, measure twice-cut once!
  3. I baaaack!

    Welcome back. I, too, spend warmer weather outdoors. Living in Minnesota, the first snow, which just happened, is my call to build. I'm doing the Victory cross section by D'QAgostini8. Its well laid out.
  4. New Member

    Welcome to what I like to think of as a "Modelers Candyland"!
  5. New hobby?

    You can take comfort in the thought you are not alone. For years I have been trying to create a model as I see in pictures. No luck. Now I am retired/disabled and widowed so I have time to do this right. No hurry.
  6. Greetings from Manitoba, Canada

    You may want to look at the D'Agostini site on line. I have two kits and the 'how to' instructions are terrific. Even a 'geezer' like me can get good results. d
  7. Also from Colorado

    After reading Moby Dick at twelve in '62 I was also drawn to plastic model ships. What drew me was the standing and running rigging. That each line has a special name was fascinating. I am awaiting the D'Agostini Wasa, billed as the most accurate kit. Who cares if it takes years. When my son returns from Korea on his retirement tour his daughter is a photographer and I'm sure she'll teach me how to take pictures.
  8. Greetings

    I have found useful information and inspiration from you tube videos from D'Agostini and others who model Victory. I believe there are as many ways to create a model as there are builders. Whatever you do, your creativity makes the model live.
  9. Never too late.

    A belated welcome. My grandfather shoveled coal on an American battleship from 1911-16. We used to live in a place in Chicago called bridgeport where Great Lakes ships were unloaded. I am impressed by anyone who earns their living on the water. Enjoy exploring this site. Ask questions. People are always ready to help.
  10. Hi from Colorado, USA

    Welcome. I, too, made the journey through the best years of model car building. Now I am also in the wood models. I have had no experience except what I picked up but I search the net and sites like this for info in the form or kit reviews and pictures/videos.
  11. Hello

    Welcome to the hobby that can result in family heirlooms. I started in plastic also and enjoyed the build process most. With the advent of stuff like youtube I can look up stuff if I want to. Still it is the love of the build which draws me.
  12. New Guy

    I too have learned patience with age (67). I am no longer in a hurry. I survey the pictures in this site for inspiration.
  13. Hi from italy (Sicily)

    We are glad to hear from you. I know your English will improve. The point is that you enjoy the images and gain information and inspiration from them.
  14. New to forum

    Don't know what FAA means but that's O.K. I have never, ever, been accused of being intellegent. Cannot wait to see your Shipyard creation. I know their products but wonder if I have the skills to make the attempt. As we say in the U.S., 'Thank You For Your Service!'
  15. Hello

    Welcome to what I think of as a wonderland of ship models. I live in Minnesota and have watched numerous videos of great lakes shipping. It appears to be more dangerous than I thought. Never let language stop your asking questions.