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  1. davidrasch

    New here

    Welcome Mr. Hoving. I am interested in how scratch builders go about their art! By the way, have you ever been to the Vasa museum? Its a vesel I am interested in.
  2. davidrasch

    New member from Holland

    Welcome from a 68 year-old. Never too late to start a hobby. Overhead planking below decks reduces already limited head space on a war vessel, especially. It also adds weight to reduce cargo carry capacity.
  3. davidrasch

    Return of old member

    WELCOME HOME. What are you planning to do?
  4. davidrasch

    New to forum

    Welcome! YTou do VERY GOOD WORK. I have tried but never succeeded with paper model ships. Architecture, yes, ships no. I enjoy your posts. Maybe I'll try again.
  5. davidrasch

    Good morning

    Welcome. If that's the worst that can happen we are in good hands. What are you up to? Spain/Mexico has a rich history of ship building and exploration. Include Portugal.
  6. davidrasch

    G'day and thanks from Canberra

    Welcome from another graduate from plastic models(I still build them)! I have on my list MV Krait as a coming 75th anniversary WWII set. As an older guy whose father and uncles fought(one died) in the Pacific this aquatic combat interests me.
  7. davidrasch

    New Member

    Welcome to the largest supermarket of nautical data around! We share the same interest. My family immigrated from Germany in the 1890's-1910's. I spent time at Babenhausen while in the army in the early 1970's. Germany is beautiful.
  8. davidrasch

    hello all

    Welcome! I can empathise with your photo and cell phone. I, too, have a cell phone - somewhere in my upper dresser drawer. I am old enough to know what I need to thrive.
  9. davidrasch

    Newbie on the block

    The revell conny is a favorite of mine. Amazon, among others, sell a premium wood deck you can apply. Check it out.
  10. davidrasch

    Hola desde Tocopilla

    When you post pics, please include some snaps of where you live. I know nothing of Chile and am interested to learn. Enjoy the site and all it offers. God Bless the translator.
  11. davidrasch

    Hello from Connecticut

    Welcome to the site. I, too, have beaucoup kits just about everywhere in the house. Don't know too many modelers who don't have at least a few. I started building cars in the late 1950's when cars were cars! From there to Revell Constitution (twice). And so on. Now I look for the upcoming 75th anniversary of WW II kits coming out - I hope.
  12. davidrasch

    New member, still deciding ........

    Welcome to this site. When you have time, explore online kit manufacturers. They are a useful source for information and how-to. Don't forget youtube as another way to visualize what can be done with a kit or from scratch.
  13. davidrasch

    New Recruit

    You are in good company. I can't think of anyone who doesn't like this kit. Take your time. Dry run assembly. Search the web for even more info on builds. Include Bing or Youtube in your search. Half the fun is having fun.
  14. davidrasch

    Hello from Missouri

    Hello from the land of flatboats! The Revell Conny was my first build in 1969-70. What a great model to start with. I have the kit in my inventory for a build when my grandson is old enough to understand. Till then we are on U Gears from modelexpo.
  15. davidrasch

    Hi. New from UK

    Frosty! Hi! I agree with you on the sometimes hopeless directions. I sometimes think people without a lick of experience do these. You are on the right track dry fitting. Maybe there is a youtube video out there to help.

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