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  1. davidrasch

    Chris Beale

    Welcome Chris. Maybe this can help. Check out planking clamps at a site like Model Expo. Measure twice cut once.
  2. davidrasch

    Howdey from West Texas

    I both appreciate and am envious of your work. I learn a lot from seeing pics of not so good efforts. My cousin is retired navy living in Texas and my granddaughter is finishing combat medic training at fort Sam. Will you be posting more photos of your trains?
  3. davidrasch

    Hello from freezing Maine

    Hi from almost as cold Minnesota. Feb is 4th snowiest month on record, so far. About ships and kits. Get a beginner's kit from any number of vendors. Lets you learn the skills you will need. If you haven't go to Mystic Seaport and experience Charles Morgan.
  4. davidrasch

    Greetings from Snowy Ottawa

    As a Minnesotan I get the seasonal blahs. I switched to led daylight lamps which really help me. If you look for a kit try a manufacturer like Model Shipways which will replace parts free if properly documented. They also have instructions online for you to examine.
  5. davidrasch

    New the forum

    Welcome! I, too, have a variety of modeling interests. Each enhances the others. Currently, with my handicapped son who lives with me, we are doing Lego. Not the little stuff but the more sophisticated constructs. I do some paper stuff, both free and kits.
  6. davidrasch

    Hi again

    Old model makers never die, they just take a break! I did the same thing and I know we are not alone.
  7. davidrasch

    Hello from the Heathrow area

    Rest in the fact you are not alone. My first attempts at plastic ships were truly awful. Now at 68 I can enjoy goofing up and laughing at myself-or blaming my three cats.
  8. davidrasch

    New here. Possibly in over my head.

    Hello there. You are not a;lone. Maybe you can try Lauck Street Shipyard for how-to information you can adapt to your build. May not be the same ship but the skills and tools are similar.
  9. davidrasch

    Hello from Chicago

    Hello! I grew up there in the 50's and 60's. Grew up in McKinley Park. You have indeed come to the best place to experience scale modeling in all its forms and fashions.
  10. davidrasch

    Just saying hello

    Hello from a 68 year-old. Modeling is a great hobby. There is a permiere model ship manufacturer in JoTiKa in England.
  11. davidrasch

    Another member

    Hello. Here's a suggestion. Model Shipways is an on line maker of kits which will replace parts you mess up. You need to keep the documentation to get the right parts. Go to Model Expo for more info. They have great sales.
  12. davidrasch

    Hola desde España

    I used the translator to read your message. In this case you can send inquiries and they can be translated. Spain has an ancient seafaring tradition.
  13. davidrasch


    Keep balance in your life. Modeling is a balance. Its quality time with yourself. Don't hurry. Enjoy the process. Wood can be very forgiving if you make a mistake.
  14. davidrasch

    Greetings from Wollongong Australia

    Hello from Minnesota. Hope you enjoy the 'best hobby a person can have'!
  15. davidrasch

    Hi all!

    Hello! Glad to have you here. I wonder how many people know of Poland's nautical heritage.

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