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  1. Hey guys -- I spent the weekend putting in all of the nails. I finished them up this morning and got the finish sanding done, I used my phone with the flashlight turned on and put under the boat to show where the ribs were. That made it real easy to see exactly where the ribs were. Then used blue tape to mark the locations for the nails. Still managed to miss a quite a few. After cleaning them up I put on another two coats of Wipe On Poly. All in all I'm pretty satisfied with the results. Time to move on to Chapter 4 tomorrow. πŸ˜ƒ
  2. Hello everyone. I finally made it back from Daytona and got some quality shop time in. There has been quite a bit of progress since the last update but nothing unusual to report. Just trying to be patient and not rush things to much. Below are a few pictures of where we stand now. I got the cap rail installed with the inboard sheer strip. And also the frieze trim. I used a brass scraper that I had from my Connie build for the shear strip. It seemed to work out pretty good and I like the result. A rear view of the frieze and the shear strip. The pic below are after one coat of Wipe-On Poly. It really brings out the color of the wood and the seams. Almost time to turn my attention to the inside. I'm working up the courage to get started on the nails. I can never get those things to look as clean as I would like them to. Then a little cleaning up on the inside and moving on to Chapter 4.....
  3. Great looking stuff Rusty. Definitely something to shoot for.... Good incentive for me to get back to the shop...
  4. Wow - I like it!!! It looks fantastic. But I have to say it looks like you skipped out of a lot of work not doing all that planking.... LOL..😁 I really like where this is going. Keep it up.... Very nice....
  5. Wow ---- simply wow. You keep raising the bar Chuck !!! Awesome work...πŸ˜‰
  6. I've been admiring your work, It is WAY above and beyond awesome..... Just sayin.... πŸ˜ƒ
  7. I love this ship - looks like you are doing an awesome job. Keep it up......πŸ˜ƒ Looking forward to your next post......
  8. Wow - I like it!! Nice to see you go this route to show the other planking options. Wish I would have seen it before. Keep it up....
  9. Awesome stuff Rusty. Keep it up. I can't get back at the build till February. At the rate you are going you will be almost done by then. You set some nice lofty goals for us to keep with... Keep up the great work!!!
  10. That looks like some awesome work Rusty. I hope mine turns out something close to that..... πŸ˜„ How many times did you go thru that 1/32 planking? That's one of the things I'm worried about when I get to that point. Keep up the good work..
  11. Just a quick update as to show where things are at the moment. I got the faring of the frames done with no problems. Then came the beginning of the planking. I managed to break 3 of the planks during the bending/twisting process to get the fits correct. Thanks to Rusty's thread it was pretty easy to make a replacement. The pictures below are BS (before sanding) and the addition of the wales. It's looking pretty rough now but should clean up pretty good. Unfortunately that will have to wait for a while. Heading to Florida for a couple of weeks R & R and then back to work in Daytona for January. Time to get ready for the 24 Hour race. It will be good to get out of Michigan..... Thanks for looking in and all the likes and comments. It provides some good motivation. You all have a Merry Christmas and Happy New Year.....
  12. Wow -- that's is some awesome work on those planks. Looks like each one will almost be a model in its self. Just curious, what size are the planks that your using on the Winnie??
  13. Hehe -- I guess we have something in common. I just broke my 3rd one also. Touchy little buggers LOL Anyway, wanted to say thanks for your idea/tutorial about how to make another. Starting to get good at it now....πŸ˜‰ Steve
  14. I received the 'Sheet P' today in the mail. Received in perfect shape. This is one of the many reasons Syren is leaps and bounds above the rest. Everyone else would have waited till someone complained. Chuck was proactive and made it all good..... Thank you Sir!!!! πŸ˜ƒ
  15. Nice idea about gluing the building board back together. Quick, easy, and functional. Can't beat that.... Looks great....

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