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  1. On the Chaleur and Hannah, the fore mast boom rest causes the boom to be 'levell' with the main mast boom. That looks right to me. On the other hand, a lot of photos of these type boats have a loose-footed sail on the fore mast. I'd choose between these two options. Just my 2 cents. Cheers.
  2. Very impressive project! You are going way beyond "kit bashing". I will follow your progress with upmost interest. Congratulations on your work so far. It is of the highest quality. Cheers.
  3. Hey Eddie, be careful. It looks like an excellent kit. I will have to look into MarisStella. Happy modeling; Cheers.
  4. Thanks for the kind words Dave, Russ, E.J., Don, Bob, Jon and Tom; as well as to all the 'likes'. Cheers.
  5. The mizzen mast is fully rigged. It involved adding the topsail yard and sail. All the lines had to be tied down while not interfering with the lines going to the small pin rail that I added for the spanker brails. Everything looks good at this point. There are still a couple of ‘empty’ pins, but they will be used later for various braces. I learned on my last build that braces are best left to last. So now it is on to the main mast.
  6. Your build is really looking good. Working with the grain is always a good idea. Cheers
  7. Can't wait to see your latest build. I'm really into the colonial period, and I like the look of that ship. Good luck and Cheers.
  8. Congratulations again. A superb model! Cheers.
  9. Really great job; I enjoy watching your log. What scale is the sailor? Cheers.
  10. Congratulations! Another skillfully constructed model. I've enjoyed your logs for a few years now, so I look forward to the next one. Cheers.
  11. Looking great Mike. Hope to see you at the next meeting. Cheers.
  12. Thanks Jon. I should look into the press stand. Did the X-Y table come with the drill press stand? Cheers.
  13. Thanks Russ and E.J. I was leery of the fly fishing line myself, but am pleased with the way it turned out. The line isn't that easy to work with, however - very thin.
  14. The crowsfeet weren’t as hard as I thought. The hardest part was making the euphroes. I don’t have a power drill, other than my Dremel. I made the euphroes with my hand held drill. I used a 1/8 x 1/16 strip and used my xacto to make a score down the middle of the 1/8 side. The score helped keep the holes lined up, and just used my awl to mark where the holes should be. After the holes were drilled, I used a sanding stick to get the width and thickness down to where it should be. The crowsfeet line I used was that recommended by Antscherl. The line was fly fishing line with a weight of 6/0, and it’s very thin. It was hard to capture on camera.
  15. What kind of lathe are you using? It looks like it is more than just your dremmel, yet it can deal with small pieces of wood. Excellent work on the model.