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  1. Your work looks greag. What is a - "flex shaft with the small pen-sized head" on a Dremel? I saw Mike make belaying pins, I'm never able to get a proper round boxwood strip unless the original piece is square. Cheers.
  2. I corrected my error on my earlier entry. The red ensign was used by all civil and military ships not under the command of the Admiral-of-the-Blue or the Admiral-of-the-White.
  3. Richmond is correct. That Red Ensign doesn't have the 'red X' for Ireland. You want this one.
  4. I made more deck ‘furniture’. First is the bilge pumps. I used the pump kit from Syren’s Cheerful. I made the pumps shorter because I felt the resultant pump looked better on this boat. I added the other stairs for personnel coming aboard over the side. Also, I made the bits, including the main bit with the ship’s bell. The bell is the only item from the original kit that I’ve used. Neither the pumps nor the bits are glued on yet; so they may look akilter. I like the way the bow looks with its ‘side burns’. The transom will be next.
  5. I’ve resolved to add entries to this log more often. So, I made two changes to my Independence. I added the gunwale posts in the bow area and the anchor bumpers. (I don’t know if ‘anchor bumpers’ is the correct name, but it is descriptive.) This reminds me that I need to drill the holes for the anchor cables.
  6. I’m surprised at how long it’s been since my last entry. A death in the family, another surgical procedure and a great family reunion have happened, but I have been working on my model during a along these two months. I have to make entries more often. Anyway, this is where I am at present. I made the binnacle. I based my design on some models being built in my club and a few photos I found on the web. As my friend at the club said, “All binnacles were the same. Two compasses with a lantern in the middle.” I made the cap rails from a1/32 inch sheet and some strips. I finished planking the side and completed the cap rail all the way to the stern. Also, I made the rudder and attached it to the hull. And I added stairs from the water line up the hull and a ladder from the main deck to the quarter deck So I have some more deck furniture to make, and the transom and stem carvings, as well as the quarter badges to create.
  7. I really like your workmanship. I have a question - When blackening the gun barrels, how long do you leave the barrels in the acetone and muriatic acid? Don't want to make any mistakes. Thanks.
  8. Really like the wreath. Great carving; it would look good even without the pencil. Cheers
  9. Outstanding workmanship! Really good looking model. Cheers.

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