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  1. Help with Rattlesnake wood

    I agree with Mr. Seiler. I can't imagine doing a scratch build without power tools. Cheers.
  2. Help with Rattlesnake wood

    I've never built a model from scratch, but there are a couple of sites that can supply you with different kinds of wood. One is Crown Timberyard, and also I've heard good things about "Wood Project Source". Both have links on the MSW home page. You can always send an email message to Chuck Passaro, he's really great with offering help. His handle is "Chuck". Have fun.
  3. Privateer Rattlesnake history

    I should add that there was at least one other privateer called the Rattlesnake during the American revolution. One other was reported in a Philiadelphia newspaper and that ship was run aground in 1779 or 1780 and burnt. The MS kit is based on the lines taken off the ship that was built in and captured off Boston as per the website above.
  4. Very Impressive! I'd like to come up and see it when you're done. Great work!. Cheers.
  5. WOW! Thanks guys. I like all of these suggestions; and will try them out. Thanks again.
  6. Tribarltron - I ordered this tool as well. I'll see which can handle the very small dowels I'm using. Thanks.
  7. Thanks Prowe. This tool is cheap enough so I will try it out. My only concern is that I want to find the center of very small (1/32 or 1/16) dowels. Thanks also to Thibarltron. I will research this tool.
  8. Is there a trick or jig that I can use to get the exact center of a dowel? Should be able to work with various sizes of dowels. Thanks.
  9. Great photos. Wish I was there. Do you have a source/book that contains how a gaff topsail was rigged (in detail) and how it was furled or brailed? Thanks.
  10. Augie Bruno

    I must join with the other MSW users to express my shock and sorrow upon hearing of the passage of my 'friend' Augie. He was always encouraging to us 'new guys' and his knowledge and advise were welcome and often sought after. And, his advice never felt like criticism. His posts gave the impression of a likable and encouraging person. He will be sorely missed.
  11. HMS Victory re-paint

    The article referenced by 'dafi', "http://seaphoenix.co...-victory-yellow", seems to resolve the use of red for the inner bulwarks. "Other evidence supporting the British the preference for light yellow comes from a letter to the Ordnance Board recalled in the Seaman’s Vade Mecum in 1798 which states:[25] ‘The Inner part of the side of His Majesty’s Ship under my command, being a light yellow I beg favour to have her gun carriages painted of that colour except the six aftermost which I wish to paint light grey. As you will readily feel the unpleasant contrast of red gun carriages with a pale yellow side’. This provides several key facts; 1. The practice of painting the inboard works of the bulwarks with red ochre was by this year (1798) already being superseded in preference for a far paler colour, in this case light yellow, simply for the utilitarian purpose of visually brightening up the decks upon which the seamen lived. 2. Gun carriages had, for the best part of century, been supplied to warships by the Ordnance Board already painted in red ochre. 3. The practice of repainting gun carriages issued from the Ordnance Board after embarkation with yellow was fast being adapted after pale yellow superseded red ochre for the inboard works. 4. The Commanding Officer originating this request suggested the application of light grey to the aftermost gun carriages as a brighter colour to enhance the brightness of the cabin areas with his ship; this again in the interest of utility." So the use of red is dependent on the when the ship was built/launched.
  12. HMS Victory re-paint

    This is a great discussion. So, just to expand it, I noted that there is no "blood" red anywhere on the Victory on a recent visit. Where did the idea that the gun decks were painted red come from? Were some ships painted red on their gun decks, or is this a "legend"?
  13. Robnbill, that is a truly beautiful case. What type of glass was used? What are the options as far as types of glass? Is plexiglas acceptable? My case would need to be 33" x 17" x 29". Thanks.
  14. Having put furled sails on my Fair American model, I thought I'd offer my two cents. I used the Amati sail cloth after putting it through the washing & drying cycle 2 or 3 times. I also cut the sails so that while the were the proper width, they were about 50% shorter. I eliminated the reef lines and bow lines. I used Peterseen's and Lees' books and learned a lot about the different lines and the location/position of the blocks to rig them. It was a great learning experience. You can refer to my build log for more details. Cheers.