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  1. NICE !!!!!!!!!! very wel done !! quite a accomplice, quite a jewel you have there !!! Well done !! For me still a long way to go, but now i have quite some reference to look at What will be your next project to come ? all the best Boris279
  2. Hi Mobbsie, I think you underestimate how strong silicon really is, I build my glass case 1.4m x 0.8m x 0.4m of 4mm double layer glass, all bonded with the silicon I mention before, and also I build 2 other glass display cases for my ships all bonded with silicon, all those cases are full glass with no frame or what so ever. And I build a fish tank for my daughter 1m x 0.6m x 0.3m of 7mm glass with no support and that thing till now never leaked one drip of water all bonded with marine silicon. It is not that i have any interest in the silicon industry what so ever, but i come from a 3th generation stonemason family company in the Netherlands , and in that industry we use it a lot, and therefore I know that that stuff is really strong, if you use it in the right way !! just my 2 cents Boris279
  3. Hi Mobbsie, I justed for my Glas display case a silicon used in the marine industry That stuff is really strong mutch better than the regular silicon kit. The brandname of the kit is "Boatlife" here is a link to there webside : You will Need to work very precise because after curing it's pretty difficult to remove the spilled dry silicon.
  4. Hope you're having a great birthday and many more to come !!! Martin
  5. Very Nice work your cannons, nice work !! But i have a little but...the rigging to move the cannons is it not a litle to much line, although i imagine my self the deck in a fight all the gun crews working around the canons, so then i think the long lines must be getting a chaos, Just how i see it, and perhaps i am, wrong just my thought, for the rest a very nice build !!! Martin
  6. Nice work in progress over there !!, copperplating looks really great, your "Aggy" starts to become a real gem. keep up the good work and picture coming !! Greetings , Martin
  7. Absolutely nice job going on there, follow your progress with great intest Looking foreward for some nice pictures again All the best
  8. Pierre, Have à save trip and good time Looking foreword at new pictures and updates of your build Greets Martin
  9. Hi Mobsie Thanks for the respond and tip, But I am aware of the angles, did of course a dry fit, of the decks and mast's , I prefer not to put the decks in place because I would like to work on the lower gun ports and thinking to place carriages on the lower gun deck. But anyway thanks for the tip and advice really appreciated. Greets Martin
  10. Your welcome !! You will see it works great Greets Martin
  11. Hello Pierre, I am using toothpicks to put my planking in place, first i drill a small hole with a dentist drill, than i tip the point of the toothpick in glue, hammer it in place , and cut the rest away with a sidecutpliers, this way let me work fast and the basic gets very strong, always put up my first planking like that. below a link of my old building log on a dutch side, there are some pic's so you can see greetz Martin
  12. Hello, Piere and Martin, and Mobsie thanks for the input The place and size of the gunports is indeed a litle tricky, did already some study on your build and the other "Aggie" building on this side . Indeed i start without the gundecks in place, they are already finished did the planking, cut in 2 parts, so that i can place them better back in place again, by working in this way i am able to work on the gunports of the lower gundeck, did some scratch building in the past and worked always in that way, try to build it most of the time "open" the building description is a guide on the "side" follow most of the time my "own" way Also i worked like this because at this point i am thinking to place gun carriages at the lower gundeck, when i place the deck, there is no choice for me left. below a few pic's with a dry fit of the deck and planking in progress. greetz Martin
  13. Today i started with the first planking, preparations are working fine for the rest not much to tell about, it is still a long way to go
  14. looks great !! For me still a long way to go before i will be there as on your pic.
  15. oops made a mistake, should now have pictures . only now the font size is nearly impossible for me to read ?? any body else the same problem ? Marrtin