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  1. Finally found what I was looking for.The platform becomes a part of the ship instead of just sitting there. These images come from an old Musee de la Marine plan.
  2. The book's cover shows a large photo of the model.I don't think there is anything wrong with the grating. My point is that the platform is tapered toward the back to blend in with the hull instead of the rectangular shape shown on the plans. Henry
  3. Sorry to be a pest. In Froelich's book on page 121 here is also a good photo and description of this platform. Henry
  4. Hello Jeronimo, I have just looked at your beautiful and outstanding work and am somewhat torn to tell you that the large grating platform at the rear has the wrong shape! I saw the actual model close up when it was on tour in Quebec City a while back. The plans of the Musee de la Marine, while not nearly as good plans, show the right shape of the platform. Also Bernard Froelich states in his book The Art of Ship Modelling on page 280 near the bottom on the right side of the page " I must mention an error in the drawings of this platform." He goes on to describe the mistake. The sides of the platform should taper in the rear to follow the shape of the poop which should make for a much better looking model. I don 't understand why these plans were not corrected a long time ago! Sorry to point this out to you but I feel that if you wanted to, you could still correct the mistake Regards Henry
  5. Congratulations Dan on your perseverance. Amazing what can be done out of what is mostly paper. I especially enjoyed your step by step photos on some of the details. Am almost tempted to try to build a paper model myself . Again, a very nice build. Henry
  6. Hello Dan, Nice job on the 4 boats .I'd looked at papermodel kits before and never quite saw how they were supposed to come together. Really very nice. In case you're wondering (although you are probably not) how they got the inside boats into the water. These 2 boats were on rails and they slid forward and out from underneath the signal deck so the crane could pick them up. Henry
  7. Since you're working on the hangar I thought I'd send you a couple of fotos. Hope you don't have them already. Please note that the 10.5 AA and the rear rangefinder haven't been installed yet . Henry
  8. Thank you for the reply, sure looks good. Henry
  9. Hello Dan, I keep looking at the radar assembly on the main range finder. Pretty nice work and quite realistic. Did you solder parts of it or is it all glued together? Henry
  10. Hello Dan, Hate to drag this out. I was correct only if you're dealing with the ship's name. However, If you say the cruiser Prinz Eugen or the destroyer Z25 in other words if you mention the shiptype and the name, the article goes by the type of ship. der Kreuzer (cruiser), der Zerstoerer (desrtoyer) or das Schlachtschiff (battleship). then you would say das Schlachtschiff Bismarck or "it". Sorry for stretching this out, but I didn't want to someone to come in and tell me I was wrong. I will now shut up. Happy holydays. Henry
  11. Hello Dan, Just checked in on your nice build. Am especially impressed by the 20mm AA. Looking at the plans they are very small. One minor note which has nothing to do with the build. German ships are not a he. It is die (fem) Bismarck or die Prinz Eugen etc. I know because my native tongue is German. Henry
  12. As it turns out Bismarck originally had the catwalks and railing.These were removed at her one and only refit. So depending on the time frame either would be correct. Henry
  13. I guarantee you that there is no cat walk. The picture you took of the video is of the boat on top of the large hangar. You can see the funnel in front of it. This boat does have a catwalk with a railing. Just leave it as it is. I'll try to copy one of the fotos in the book and post it. Henry

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