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  1. Block Polishing Machi

    Roger, I think you can get much more aggressive on the paper grit...like maybe down to 120. As you said, experiment. Maury
  2. Another area of expertise... military miniatures . Maury
  3. General / organisation of wood

    Amazing carvings. Maury
  4. John, I think the "Artistic" brand wire is coated. You have to remove the coating before any attempt at blackening. Steel wool and a bath of Acetone usually works. (Be very careful with acetone...quite volatile). Maury
  5. Display case

    I started working on the display case for my Anchor Hoy. (The garage needed cleaning anyhow). This is the third case I've made using Wes Marden's "Build You Own Model Ship Case". The base is shown below. You will need a table saw and a miter box or"Chop box" shown in Pic. 2 below. I don't want to show too much detail (protecting his methods). You can buy his booklet at www.modelshipcases.com for about $12. I will touch up the vertical posts on the router and make it a bit more sophisticated and it's a good case design for a modest amount of money. The "Museum Glass" will cost 5x the wood. Maury
  6. There is a pdf to cad program (pdf2cad). I used the free trial about 2 -3 years ago and did not need to buy the full version. I assume it's still out there. Maury
  7. Flag Halliard rigging

    The next question on The Big Game Show is: "What is the eyebolt at the end of a gaff called?"
  8. Flag Halliard rigging

    Thanks all. Maury
  9. I need assistance on the rigging of a gaff flag halliard. Grice's drawing (see https://modelshipworld.com/index.php?/topic/13002-anchor-hoy-by-maurys-pof-harbor-craft-c-1825-148/) He shows a faint line from near the end of the gaff down to the deck area but it is not clear how it belays. There are lots of other lines missing from the drawing. Would a harbor craft even have a flag? If so, there would be a block at the end of the gaff with tails coming down to the deck somewhere. I've seen rigging plans where the tails of the halliard are tied off to cleats at the transom (two cleats, one to each side). I assume the flag would be attached to the halliard with a tail to bring it down. Also with this method, the halliard would have to be undone during a tack. Another way would be to have it cleated to a pin near the end of the boom. Solves the issue with tacking. would it have been a continuous loop? Thanks in advance for any comments. Maury
  10. Further research indicates a "Cat's Paw" knot is what I'm looking for. M
  11. What is a recommended knot or hitch for connecting a line to a hook? I am dealing with a block and tackle used to pull up a lost anchor. I know the hitch to use to connect the "leader" to the anchor cable. What knot or hitch would be used to connect the leader to the hook of the block? Maury
  12. Hold Down Jigs

    Pat, If you're looking for more than just "hold-downs" look at the "third hand" tool that Ed Tosti got for Christmas a year or two ago. Titanium clips to hold pieces so you can silver solder. Ed's logs all have a wide array of tools he makes for his builds. Maury

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