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  1. Hold Down Jigs

    Pat, If you're looking for more than just "hold-downs" look at the "third hand" tool that Ed Tosti got for Christmas a year or two ago. Titanium clips to hold pieces so you can silver solder. Ed's logs all have a wide array of tools he makes for his builds. Maury
  2. Hot air gun

    Greg, Using the heat gun will make Box more brittle so tight bends might be awkward. Depending on the temperature, it will also char the wood if you're not careful. By the way, you can use it for low temperature soldering as well. Maury
  3. Swan-Morton (non sterilized) carton of 100 will last a VERY long time. I've had no problems using them in an X-acto holder. If there is any question of sharpness after some usage, replace the blade. Maury
  4. Interesting. Soaking (in water?) seems to be an important part of the process. I tend to crush the ends of bamboo when drawing through a Byrnes draw plate. Maybe using a "parallel pliers" will help that. Maury
  5. Thimble vs Bullseye

    The use of bulleyes vs. deadeyes on shrouds is a subject of my current build. https://modelshipworld.com/index.php?/topic/13002-anchor-hoy-by-maurys-pof-harbor-craft-c-1825-148/&page=14 Have you run across any detail in the lashing of the bulleyes? Maury
  6. I tried adding pigment and it was never the same consistency. Basic food dyes work great. A little red and green makes dark brown. Maury
  7. Finished 004

    Beautiful! Maury
  8. longboat11

    Meredith, I love your treatment of the longboat. What color (mixture) red did you use? Maury
  9. IMG 4931

    Thanks Bob. It was an unexpected honor to have Chuck ask to use the pics. Maury

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